a hot saturday afternoon near the KLCC main entrance..i have no idea as what i am to write down here. Seems my mind aint ready for all these blog stuffs you know..but then again, for starter, let just give it a shoot..well typical saturday afternoon at KLCC; a melting pot-that's how i see it. People,people, people and more people just keep pouring at this place. You name it, and you can see a whole range of them..put their best clothes on and walking in style--"according to them.." as for me, i am trying to shelter my self from this hot malaysian sun. Not that i hate it..sometimes i do love a sunny day, but today is not the day. just looking at people passing thru while waiting 4 my brother finishing his kebab..yupp.. eating his kebab on stairs linking to the ground level of KLCC mall..(that is after me and him were warned by the security guard..me for smoking and he for eating his kebab to0 near..--- nyeh nyeh nyeh..) so here i am..out on the ground..shooting pixs and just watching ppl nearby...opppps time to get back in..gotto rush to TGV..next time..next time maybe..
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