My sanctuary .. yup..true! true! different ppl have different ideas about sanctuary and this is one sanctuary..NOT THE SACTUARY though..lots of my friends cannot understand how i manage to go to Tasik Perdana aka Lake Garden almost on a daily basis..Even I, myself am surprised..yeah the running, the sweating, the heaving breathing are part of the package..but finally i began to understand that it is not about the benefit of jogging that i like..actually it is about me being there and being with myself.. i now understand that i have a better and clear perspectives about things that happen in my life while jogging there..plug my creative mp3 and puff puff puff there i go..thats the time when i contemplate thoroughly about my life..errrr..hey...i ve managed to shed off few pounds too..(should have looked at me a year ago mr plumy.. heh heh) still need to shed off few more pounds though..i have found my sanctuary and it aint far from where i live..hope you can find yours..

hmmmm...funny..the place looks quite in a picture.. not as i remember it.. to Titiwangsa..-hu hu
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