"Night market..of course..its the time when i do my quick hunting (mostly food)..from "rojak," to "nasi goreng ayam" kawah style.. love the air..love the atmosphere..and love the scene...as what we in malaysia would like to say.. "cuci mata.." Prices are cheap here. Goods sold are reasonable in quality..Here, you get to see all the range of things that you need and probably things that you do not necessarily need too.. ..but hey..its worth every penny you pay. That s the thing i like about night market. Dont expect KLCC quality like goods here. You wont find them. Shopping here is simple. You get what you see, as simple as that. As for those who are looking for a more distinctive item, your neighbourhood night market probably would not be able to fullfil yer need. So, off you go to those more famous and bigger night markets (Hey, i ve heard that there is a new night market opened from 12.00am to 4.00am-Cool..) Anyway, whether you r looking for something small or something flashy, i am sure you ll find it at your favourite nigh market. Opps..it s saturday night..better off to one of these with my friends now. La8er.."----------but of course..this was all typed previously..and today is another new day..
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  1. huwaaa...pasar mlm on wednesday nite..!:)

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