Wedding Dais

i was flipping thru my old files, when i found this. To be frank, i hate anything that has to do with wedding-in terms of design. "Pelamin" " Bunga Telur.." n such. They require small-small attention to details, which i dont find them enjoyable. Back to the dais, it wasnt easy to do the design. Time was ticking by (this was last year), and i had not come up with any ideas (due to the part i hate wedding ceremony.) Hahaha. My collegues, however, found this time of the year, fun...colourful momments... and the ooohh n ahhh that came with the package. Back to my sketches. Initially, i had in mind something that i liked. Then, reality striked me! i couldnt find anybody who was willing to do batik design as i wanted, and if i could find any, i would risk the part where the rose batik might not turned out as i expected. I was thinking of doing a pink contemporary batik design and a wooden carved dias. Next thing next, all i knew, i was sitting up in front of my computer, thinking hard.. and.... finally came up with what you see. Few days la8er, off to Pahang with my measuremnts. And 3 weeks la8er..ta da.. and began my task of those small-small details doing all those boxes with ribbons n such. i didnt mind designing the boxes as compliments, but i hated doing the minor2 details, which were important too. Unfortunately, my design, i had to finished em.

Thinking back now, i would do few changes or just slight changes to do the dais. I would not do the chair as i had did b4. The boxes? Fine with me. Giving me chances to mix materials, like wood and iron.

So, do i like to do design on wedding theme..? the answer is still NO!

anyway, enjoy :)

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