"Pucuk" Series - Wood Carving Furniture

The whole series were designed under the "Hospitality Meets Crafts" Promotion. I wanted an image that wasnt too traditional, yet, would able to instill traditional feelings on the whole set.
My mind was positively clear on not having too many delicate "kerawangs" on one piece, for i could see that as a whole set, the "kerawang" would be too much. So, i did my own stylize motif, based on the malay floral motifs. After much changes, i managed to come up with something that i called "pucuk"; hence the "Pucuk" Series. I wanted something that would make them feel old n classic in a fresh way (yeahhh right..what was i thinking that time..fuhhh..) Then i remembered seeing many old cabinet and other old furnitures in houses that have this one feature ; a vertical design made by lining up a small square wood block with a small space next to each other-repeating them to cover a certain area. Some people called it the "Reban Ayam" style. Sheeessh! I am thinking now of buying back my small cabinet. Though i like my floor lamp, i dont need them my right now.

Anyway, enjoy the pixs :)
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