Moments captured using NOKIA 5500
Masjid India is one of the place that u must visit if u really wanna feel the Ramadhan atmosphere. As usual, colourful scenes dominate the atmosphere. Various goods and people too with all shapes n sizes flock to this famous site. Not to mention the screaming of the sellers, hoping to catch visitors buying their stuffs. Be prepare to squeeze yourself coz some places are quite tight like morning rush hours. The best way to enjoy is, just go with the flow and let all your senses experience what it has to offer. I ve been faithfully going to this place year after year and still, it has not failed to surprise me in many ways it can. Do not come here on the night b4 Aidilfitri coz the traffic (people) is even worst. The crowd might be unbearable to some. Still, Hari Raya would not be the same without visiting to Masjid India
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