I was browsing looking for Hari Raya shots (hey, i am still in the raya mood..huhu), when i came across these pictures. Was asked to spice up the lobby, and hence so i did. Budget was tight, around rm3k. And it was to cover both area of the lobby (upper n lower part). Seemed the "do it yourself n hey gather all your friends around" method would be best to work with this kind of budget. Finally, at the end, we bought some things; asked some favors, customized and patched few things over here and there to finish the task. Went well it seemed. Wouldn't say it was great, but wasn't bad either. But along the way, came some nosy "i-know it-all" people expecting it to be some majestic rm20k makeover. Haha! I just said, "if you are having a budget for kancil, then i ll give you the best kancil a money can buy. Don't expect it to be a CLK. Mind you please." hehe.. You never know what will come out from the mouth of these type of people. But, hey, that s life- full of surprises. : )
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