This is my third cat. First was Uji - a male white cat which we lost while bringing him to a pet clinic. I was crying for days. Heck i was 10 years old that time. Second were Didi and Comel - both died in 2003. Didi (the mother) died in front of me, and i stayed watching till her last breath. Comel, however died while i was out out in Langkawi. Never did see the grave and asked how did she die. Just received a sms text from my sis. Died at the age of 18 and 17 years old both of them. Such a life. Growing up together with lots of memories- from primary, secondary, college and to work life. Sob...sob..!! Now blakie comes in my life. Such a "manja" cat. Blakie, you do make my life happier when all things go wrong in my life. huhu. I am not going to wonder how long his life is going to be. The most important is to cherish every day i m with him. Haha.. mcm kekasih pulak..
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