Moments Captured Using Nokia Sports.
I am at Guoman Port Dickson.. time now is
1.05am - 19.12.2007. One thing for sure, it is not easy to write something at this wee hours of morning. I arrived here on Monday expecting things to be running like usual, but instead, been occupying myself with taking pictures of rattan products. Guoman does indeed provide you with an excellent atmosphere from hospitality to facilities. But, hey.. what else would you expect from a 5-star-hotel..?? I like the fact that they are using rattan widely as functional products and also as decorative items in their hotel. Some are quite traditional in style and some are contemporary in design...and some are down right basic in forms and shapes. Hence, creating such a welcoming, modern soothing traditional feelings. Since, i am finding myself hard to complete my writings now..i am going to left you to enjoy the pixs above.. do enjoy.. cheers
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