Well, in few short hours time, we all be leaving 2007 and moving to 2008. No 2008 new resolutions as i believe goals should be achieved as planned. I just want to thank God for all the blessings and all the joyous rides that have been around all throughout 2007. Thank you too to all my friends, colleagues and people who have been helpful in lots of indescribable ways. Thank you too for standing on my side when knowing i might end up wrong (huhu..luckily that isnt the case.) I wish all the best to all people out there. May you all be blessed with the good things in life. Just do your best and leave to God to do the rest. Lets just treasuring simple pleasures of life as we move facing our life journey. :)
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  1. Happy new year Rizal!!
    Semoga tahun baru ni boleh luaskan lagi pengaruh group blog kita ni. Hidup penghulu!!!

  2. yeahhhh... nice la. heppy new year sifuuu.... all the best for " D elite blogger" kuikuikui

  3. thanks... all the same dengan korang jugak...yer yer..tahun depan luaskan pengaruh harapan agar lebih ramai terpengaruh..kekekeke...


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