Indonesia does have a variety of crafts. Yeahhh.. due to the fact that it has 200+million people. So, it offers more styles. I am impressed that the people do love and respect their crafts. Its yearly event - Inacraft - proves how varied their products(crafts) and how passionate their people are. "Blok M", even showcases different decorative and functional crafts covering an area bigger than KLCC's Isetan or Parkson given in one floor. I love how they use and maximize their bamboo and rattan to the fullest potentials. Very creative indeed. I am not trying to put down the Malaysian rattan and bamboo crafts here, but just merely stating the fact. It is indeed still a long way for the rattan and bamboo crafts here in Malaysia to go. When i was there, i did manage to capture few shoots secretly, using my hp camera, pretending i was smsing. Haha, but all in good faiths.
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