Moments Captured Using 5500 Sports.
yuuuu huuu.. it has been a while. This is my another "sanctuary" - Taman Tasek Titiwangsa. Still, Perdana offers a more challenging track with its up and down terrain. Yeah..I love my running time. It does clear my mind after all those puff-puff-yah-yah breathing for air hoping not to suffocate while maintaining your running pace. Keke. Aint many lot today, just typical Saturday morning here. Managed to finish my 4o min session. So, here is my result - Running time - 40Minutes. Distance - 5.5km Average Speed 8km/h Calories Burned - 383.
Aint that great but result isn't bad either. All thanks to my nokia sports. I wouldn't say that the result shown by my nokia sports is accurate but it does give you some indicators though. Come in handy for my usual running session. Bet there ll be a whole more lot here tomorrow. Akhir kata, majulah sukan untuk negara..huhu
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