I have become an avid fan of the pasar malam aka the night market lately, mostly to get my source of cheap veggies. Jusco.. too far, Tesco..even further..kedai runcit...not enuf variety.. so hence, the pasar malam. Lately, my search would be on tomatoes, carrots, kacang botol, cucumbers and salad. I have grown to love eating salad on a daily basis (dinner) to help stimulate my bowel movement in the morning. Catch the drift? I even buy "tempoyak" to mix with my salad. Yeah the Malaysian style... Mix some tempoyak with some good chili sauce..and there you go.. such sweet, spicy, tangy taste all together. Crunchy thing and Protein substances are a must in my salad. Be it some tuna, chicken or beef plus some hard biscuits or nuts. I love the Malaysian salads like ulam raja n such.. but they are difficult to get on your normal night market. Since, making salad is fast n cheap, hey i finally might be getting my daily ration of veggies supply enuff. Next, filling the daily quota of drinking more then 8 glass of water daily. Sweet sweet..
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