Since the end of the year is coming around, so i thought of posting the works done by students. Yup.. the results of bending, burning, coloring, etc, etc of rattan. So here they are. Rattan products of Institut Kraf Negara. Posted here are just few of the many works done in 2007. A better improvement i must say if compare to last year overall performance. I love few of them which frankly, i think quite good. It is a good feeling to see people at least stop, pick up some things and try on some furnitures. At least, these rattan products do give people sort of a feeling. Be it in a good way or the other way. Hehe. An interaction that is. I like the outcomes of "material manipulation techniques" between rattan and other materials. A fresh style is indeed. Hopefully, 2008 would be a better year than this year.
-Gambar produk kraf rotan di dalam sebahagian kecil galeri seni kraf Institut Kraf Negara.
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