It is indeed a good feeling to see what we are doing (Intitut Kraf Negara, namely rattan crafts) is being picked up by something or somebody else. I am not trying to change the rattan scene in Malaysia from A to Z in one night, but thru blogging, at least i can give my own personal small contribution here. People might not even realize about this blog existence, but hey rizal, that s okay. :) Haaaa..the rattan cupboard. That was my student's work who based his work on his beloved iconic cartoon character. Sponge bob. Do you see any resemblance? hehe..
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  1. Rat-san

    great idea blog.... fun to read
    cool mannnn

    Thank you

  2. thank you abang tam..greatly come and visit again...yeahh this is my only small contribution that i can do to change the rattan scene here in malaysia..


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