Moments Captured Using Nokia Sports n N80.
I was at Sony (Berjaya Times Square) searching for my new earphone when i noticed there is a square rattan product used for stuffing their rm39.00 earphones. I was indeed surprised to see that rattan basket, not that it had any significant in terms of design or weaving techniques, but d
ue to the fact that Sony (bling..bling stylo techno lifestyle) and the basket (rattan crafts mostly associated with "projek orang2 kampung..") were together. I believed some people had actually just grabbed whatever they can to stuff that earphones. It could be any containers instead of rattan though. Anyway, it suited perfectly well for that rattan container to fit on the counter. I had my mind wondered then, what if it were replaced with other container made of rattan. Something that would compliment the Sony Lifestyle. (See the above pictures) Would it be good? Would people just pass by or would ppl stop at least to have a glimpse of it? A change in colour might be a good direction. I paste 3 pictures of rattan products aka containers down here too. Might need some changes in terms of forms, but i like to see more such styles than the typical rattan square@round@oval baskets.

This was during my "rattan arts n crafts playtime..-(2 pixs above)" moment. Huhu Such a long time ago. Currently, I am busy with other non crafty design stuffs. Still i manage to fork out some design using rotan manau and laminated wood. It is still on its infancy stage though (tung tang tung can be heard from the workshop.) Hope it would turn to something. Crossing my fingers here..sweat..sweat..
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