So..what did i do yesterday? Nothing much other than filling half of my day tidying up my office room. What a mess .. I often got remarks of "Hey ni ofis ker store kamdar?" Hehe. But the remarks were all true. However, it was a good exercise. Unclogging my room was somewhat a good therapy for me. It did clear my mind and helped me to stay focus on many things. It was also like looking back at 2007 as i shredded and dumped away many files. Came up too with few plans for this year direction as i put some rattan crafts on their supposed selves. Ohhhh man, while cleaning, i accidentally dropped a bowl of water on my carpet floor. Made such a big spot. Luckily it was filled with scented water. Phewww!!. So this morning, as i entered, i was greeted with a scent of refreshing citrus air.

-Later that evening -
Yes.. it was that special time again. My jogging time. For the past two days, i had been running at Tasik Perdana aka Lake Garden. This is my another therapy session and my sanctuary. -Well, A little bit about Tasik Perdana: Built around two lakes and sprawled over 200 acres, it provides a refreshing recreational spot with its pleasant surroundings for jog and "kaki jalan" lovers. Its easy, medium and hard trails cater to various joggers or walkers of all fitness levels. All you need to do is plan where you are going and the rest, as they say, just enjoy its lush surroundings. Tasek Perdana is surrounded by Orchid & Hibiscus Garden, Deer Park, Kl Butterfly Park and Kl Bird Park. And if you re lucky, there are monkeys watching you as you jog, hoping to get some free peanuts. - So how did i do? It wasn't that good. Probably I was a bit dehydrated in spite of cool weather. Ran for 28minutes (minus the warming up and cool down), covered 4km, burned 279cal at an average speed of 8km/h. The previous day, the stat was 36min, 4.93km,350cal,8km/h. Well, at least i was glad that i ran. I did some exercise didnt i? 20minit satu sessi 3 kali seminggu. Jangan katakan "tak nak tak nak.." Katakan "Nak.." Ohhh btw, if you are confusing with all these "tak nak tak nak" and "nak," i am just retyping that madam advertisement on tv which is now stuck in my head. :)

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  1. katakan "tak nak" pada rokok...hahahahah. Tu pun ayat iklan gak bukan ayat aku tu.

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    We need revolutionary minds to metamorphous a new era for rattan,,N it can start w U.....Gulp...bloop..the journey must begin, somehow...anyone out there !!!

  4. thank you "smt" for your interesting point of views. Hope u'll come back again later. :)

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