Mari mari semua senyum senyum gembira yer..

I have a friend who thinks his life is miserable.
He keeps telling me how this is not fair, that is not right, they shouldn’t have done this, things should have been like this, and the list goes on and on. Frankly, I think he is very talented at what he does-as a designer that is. Sadly, he thinks too much on the darker side more than to see what the opportunity awaits. He chooses to be miserable for sure. It is true that they say – Happy is how you make up your mind- and that fact still remains. You choose how you want to react to life events. But being Happy is not easy. It requires strength, determination and focus. Stray a bit and you will fall back into those miserable pitfalls. Do not let people or things stray you away from your happiness. You should be responsible on your own “Happy”. No one can control your thoughts but you, yourself. I sometimes wonder how we can only remember compliments from people for few minutes, but we manage to cling for days, weeks, months or even years insults thrown at us. Stop letting ourselves be the garbage collectors. We need to flush out all these garbage from our thinking system if we want to choose the “Happy” life. If others see a dirty window, then make yourself see an intricate beautiful window of life. See life as your painting canvas and you decide how it is going to end. Simply put, let s be HAPPY.

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  1. you are right rizal i am agree with your thoughts. Life can give you a hundred reasons to cry, But you can give life a thousand reasons to smile. be happy every time..... keep it up dude.......

    Oh thanks for adding my site in your blog actually today i am quite busy in my collage and just now i get a time to check the blog. anyway thanks for it.....

  2. No pblem about that listing. The pleasure is all mine. Yeah,it is understandable that we,not the full time bloggers,cnt be "on" all the time. We have other thngs to do too. We need to be in happy mode more often to value life. Even at times, when life throws challenging trials.

  3. yeahhh.. i'm also happy go lucky but sometimes like crazy if so many think to do... hehhehe...

  4. Yeah, i know , you are such a wonderful bubbly person eventhough sometimes u do have life problem testing u. U have been such a great friend to me all this time. Let us be happy from nowadays onwards yaa. Yeee haaarrr.

  5. Life is neither hard nor easy - depends on how you view everything that come into your life. The best rule I always use - uncomplicate the overcomplicated issues, make the complicated issue less complicated. Once it becomes less complicated, tackle them in a positive way. InsyaAllah, there will be more happy days in our 365 days a year.

  6. I thinks people we all should be more acceptance to any circumstances and more into ourself, realizing that we will never get everything we ask for, so the best is make the best out of the worst, and life is to short to worry, even though worry is still needed in order to make us aware... cheers

  7. hey abah..

    yeah nothing else to say. I do agree with you. It is like weaving rattan too. Lost your way and you need to untangle em and step back few steps.

    Hey bali,

    Love this part "realizing that we will never get everything we ask for,".. yes, just work hard and leave life to do the rest. I like to apply "zero expectations" after working my way, leaving to life to works its way.


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