Thank You Emila for this creative "let us spread the love" award. I have become a fan of Emila site lately. She does an amazing work on her varied illustrations. One of her work is here too - the "I am Proud All Malaysia Blogger." Well, she creates another creative work that is the "I love You This Much Award"-with an intention to spread out love to other bloggers. And so there it is (pic above-the red cartoon), but then i just add some doodling of my own and some words, mix them all together using Adobe Illustrator. Ohh, if you are wondering what doodling is about, just continue reading below. Back to love award, I am happy to present Emila award to these people. The honored ones are ida, dbab, roxychicks, abah, didi, bidarlah, bali, abnerd, ourelog, mangosteenskin and ruanmt. Well, dont worry yaa.. this is not another tag homework. Just feels like passing the award. huhu. Anyway, if you feel like passing it along, please give credit to Emila for her creative work yaa. You can do this by following these :
1.You can just copy the award and paste it in your editor box or you can download them into your computer and later upload in your blog.
If you get tagged (and want to play along), write a post with links to blogs that you love,
3. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

Now!! Lets doodle but not about rattan crafts yaa... I stumble upon chrysalis site mentioning about doodling - doing it the..Zentagle way. I like her doodle. Looks cool in its own way. There are few things which i like on her site, that i might give it a try one or two. According to Zentangle site - "We wondered if it was possible to create a simple system so others could enjoy a similar experience. And so began our journey towards discovering this simple and elegant system we call Zentangle." Never have thought that you can doodle yourself into something cool. Zentangle- i assume the word is a combination of two words - Zen and tangle. Zen yourself, like meditating through tangle-like-scribbling or repetitive drawings. You can buy your own starter Kit from Zentangle if you choose to explore your inner creative and critical self. :) Well, it seems that ordering would be too hassle for me, and second, things provided inside the kit are basically things that i always have with me. So, I thought earlier " Why don't i try and see how it goes?"

Taa raaa!!..... so here is my doodle. Hey, i strongly recommend that you should try this on your spare time.
I name mine "CHAOS in Orderly Fashion." I did this yesterday armed with a mug of caffein @ coffee. It took me 30 minutes to fully draw all the repetitive design/ pattern ( if you like to call it). I said to myself, "no matter how it goes, you must not erase but keep on going." No doubt i was really into it. I was focus and in a strange way, it was like some sort of meditating-freeing yourself from your surround world, just concentrating on task at hand. It did help me to stay focus and channel out what was inside me. The drawing was quick, but that black scribbling took me hours to finish. Patient was the key word. I did it section by section, admiring each time i completed one section :) sweat sweat. I decided to use only ink pen for this purpose doodling on my sketch book. So, here it is at last. Doodling is a great way to get creative. Make a few of them and you can frame and hang em on the wall. If you find this to be a bit challenging, I would recommend doing it on a smaller scale - like 10cm x 10cm. Yeahhh.. give it a try and see how it goes. You might end up with a surprise. As for me, where does it lead from here? hehe (evil grin), One thing for sure,
tomorrow, 13 students of mine will be getting the same task as i had before. Well, hopefully there will be a second part in which i ll post their zen-like-doodling. Cheers and hepi blogging yaa. Oh btw, do post and let me know if you happen to do this.
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  1. wow nice la... mcm nak try.. but if i free la..

  2. Huhu. Ida,u should try this. Mungkin boleh masukkan style tenun,mcm corak bunga tabur. Meditating bila buat. Heh.

  3. tu la intresting gak kan buat motif songket...

  4. Doddle pun cantik, I like the 2nd the best!

  5. aloha ida,
    ..hehe..try laa buat doodle style tenun..huhu..tak cuba tak tahu..ehhh suba check Emila Yusof site. Cool.

    Hello Emila,
    Thanks for the link, ni saya tgh nak link balik. Yang pertama tu ambil dari site Chrysalis-not mine, tapi yang kedua tuu memang buat sendiri. Glad that you like it. :)

  6. Hi my friend
    These day i have some works to do
    So, i don't have much time to read
    I thinks your pictures made a strong impression on the reader
    I really like it.
    Keep up your good work
    Have a nice day

  7. So cool! Love your work too! Thanks for passing the awards! Love is in the air!

  8. hey ruanmt, How is everything over there in Vietnam?
    thanks for visiting though. It has been a while since i last heard from you. I thought of tagging you earlier, but then, i wouldn't want to see your site mixed up with some personal stuffs. :) Glad that you like it. Cheers and hepi blogging ya. ohh.. i am passing you the award too.

    aloha emila, (macam hawaii pulak)
    thanks ya
    Still, i cant do cartoons. but what i can do is, pass the "love is in the air.." thing :)
    Hepi blogging ya..

  9. hei...thanks for the shoutout and luv award. so did not prepare a speech...

    well...i wanna thank...U and everyone ;)

    and will check out the doodle later.

  10. hey bidarlah..

    no problem, the pleasure is all mine (such a short speech..!!) ;)

  11. uhuhuhuu.. macam flickr la pulok..

    love the award! thanks bro...
    ala2 next top mods ke? hehehe..


  12. hey roxychick..

    u are welcome..

    haa ah.. ala2 top model but then, kira kategori mommy laaa.. huhuhu

  13. pak rizal u doing well...keep up with good job

  14. terima kasih pak bono..

    heppi blogging and have a great cheerful day yaaa..

  15. pak rizal terima kasih ...bonoriau sudah masukan new code untuk blogcatalog...bisa tengok kan...bonoriau sedang build up BONORIAU sebagai tag ..insyallah dalam 1 tahun pasti bisa POWER

  16. sama-sama

    saya harap visi pak bono itu akan bisa menjadi yaaa nanti.


  17. hi, dude you are a awesome artist. how you manage a time to do lots of stuffs? great work.

  18. Hey, thanks sameer,

    Right now, my schedule is somewhat very tight. I am juggling my tasks simultaneously now :) Fuhh.. Office works, blog works and my social life. hehe..

    Anyway, cheers ya and heppi blogging.

  19. w0w.. This is nice.. and you done it in 30 minutes?? I am not sure I have enough talent or time to do it expertly like you, but I will keep it in mind.

    Unrelated Comments:

    I never know or lazy enough to discover many interesting Malaysian blog here in the net. (my readers are largely from USA and Asia especially Philippine) Thanks for promoting those interesting blogs for us. Well, I definitely digging in Emila's Illustrated Blog and Monday Artday for now. Thanks to you :DD

  20. hey blue..thanks

    you should give it a try and see how it ends up, might be something to your liking, who knows. Just keep on doodling without using a ruler and eraser.


    yeah, i love Emila's works and now i am stalking a new one.. mangosteenskin..hehe.. When ever i go for blog surfing, i just stick to my zero expectation, see what those blogs have to offer. Doesnt matter from which country they are. Much easier that way. There are many good malaysian blogs too by the way. :)


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