Have a good weekend yer all. 2008 has kicked off in its own surprising way in my life. Initially, i thought it was going to be a smooth ride. Boy was i wrong. For the past two weeks, I have been in a midst of uncertainty about lots of things, especially life. Everything seems to be fallen perfectly apart. Ideas and principles are shaken. Happiness seems to be sucked out of my life in spite of many good things. I seem to be losing my "simple pleasures of life." Disasters seem to be in every corner and stare right in my face. Life seems to be a series of painful experiences. But wait a minute..we do need some painful experiences in order to improve ourselves. As we get better the game gets bigger and tougher. That is one way to look at it. These problems that present themselves are hopefully signs for us to learn, adapt and make new changes. As creatures of habit, we may have been doing the same thing for way too long. When ignoring the life signals for too long, they smack at you hard,really really hard. It is time to grow. Growth is most painful when we resist. For instance, why do some people start talking again to God? When life is falling apart. When life hangs on his/her throat. So, it seems we learn our biggest lesson when things are too hot for us too handle. Ahhhh.. everything seems very clear now. Cloudy skies seem to give ways to bright shiny days. (Smile) One thing for sure, i am going to enjoy my usual simple pleasures of life over the weekend. A trip to a movie with friends... hmmm.. I wonder how good is that "Cloverfield" movie. Time to check it out i guess. :)
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  1. Don't worry rizal bro, that's the life.“To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it.” surprise for you check here http://ourelog.blogspot.com/
    today..... do you found it? e....r t..n d......g a_ E......d and smile and be happy........

  2. hey thanks sameer. Things are looking brighter on this side now. I agree with you on that quote. Hey, I am going to do a quick shopping at mph to find something to feed my thoughts. hehe. Anyway, i still couldnt finf that "surprise thing" hahaha..eventhough i scan and search every inch of you site pixels..hehehe..boy,that was hard..fuhh..hehe

  3. alamak... nice foto la... yang ni paling suka tengok... good job.

  4. Hi my friend
    After reading this post, I know state of your mind. Don't worry about that, around u still has more friends as me. Now you can sharing your trouble with us.
    Always beside you
    Have a nice day :D

  5. aikk idaa.,
    hehe.. tuu yang buat paling cepat rasanya..paling simple paling sempoi.. kekeke.. so camner outing mingguan..ok dah semua.. harap semuanya okay.. jumper minggu nii kat tempat kerja yerr.. huhuhu..

  6. hey ruanmt,

    thanks for your concern. Glad to know you as a friend. After doing some mind shifting, i am back to my regular usual gear - being myself again, but still, having my usual weekend holiday, makes me kinda lazy to get back to work tomorrow. haha..
    have a great week ya..

  7. Hope things go well for you too :)

    I used to be hooked on Diablo 2 as well. I quit when I started to realize it was no longer about having fun, but hoarding items and stuff. My brother went sort of crazy doing that and then he quit too.

    God is a really strange concept. It's like this giant force that can mean anything to anyone, and is different for each person. But really it all depends on how much you want to give of yourself faith-wise. It's hard to explain. :P

  8. Rileks bro, rileks. Movie dah tgk, buku pun dah baca, sure dah ok kan skarang nih?

    Semalam tgk berita, kraf rotan dah sampai Paris. Teringat lak kat kawan yg sorang ni, mungkin satu hari karya2 seni rotan mr. rizal akan ke New York atau Paris juga, insyaAllah.

  9. hey c-squared,

    yeah, that was true with Diablo2. I too was hooked on collecting stuffs hoping to get some special socketed items. hehe.

    God is what or how you want to believe it is. It does take in different formats to other people. :)

  10. hehe.. tgh me"rilekskan" otak.. Buang yang keruh..ambil yang jernih (sambil menyanyi..)

    Rasanya kraf rotan yang kat paris too Puan Hasnah dari HM Kraf. Tapi tak pasti laaa pulak. InsyaALLAH kalo ada rezeki dan peluang, tapi tak target besar2, bukan untuk kita tapi untuk students laa.. hepi Monday..

  11. Memang HM Kraf pun yg ditunjukkan semalam.

    BTW, how was Cloverfield??

  12. oooo mcm tu.. cloverfield tak jadi tgk lepas baca sinopsis dan reviews.. Memang betul kena tgk dulu baru tau..tapi buat masa sekarang, cloverfield simpan dulu.. huhu

  13. in every disaster there is an opportunity. there are always two sides of a coin. :) take care!

  14. hey espresso,

    yeah i do agree.. it s how you look at it, either half empty or half full. Thanks ya. Have a great week ahead. :)


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