Starting today, i am going to do a small feature of arts n crafts profiles from time to time. So, i am starting with Kak Farid.

Puan Faridah Salehan, also known as "Kak Farid" among friends and colleagues, is my mentor. Her passion towards crafts is clearly seen through her ideas and dedication. I can't thank her enough for always believing in me, when there are times too i am uncertain about myself. One thing for sure, she has her own ways with words. She too, has a way of seeing good things in people and turning them to potentials, even when others can only see the opposites. Years and years of servicing the crafts industry has made her somehow an expert on certain fields. Presenting papers on natural dyes, concept ideas and curriculum developer for "Sekolah Seni" and a judge in Piala Seri Endon are just a few to names things which are under her belt.

Of her many works, one particular that i really like is the batik mural. It is actually a collaborative work of her and her daughter (visual communications graduate). The idea is to take the essence of Malaysia traditional crafts-batik- and produce something artsy reflecting the creative thoughts of many here. It took 8 people to painstakingly produce the same exact copy-spot by spot-from the given artwork. By the time it was finished, i was in awe. The details were excellent. The artists who did the mural were indeed talented. Previously, colors used were range of lilac and purple, producing a softer and calming visual. But then, last Konvo (2007), we decided to recolor again making it more vibrant, energetic, bold and daring as shown here. Hopefully, the colors will stay the same. But then again, who knows. Maybe, this year or next year, something new will be added to compliment the batik mural. Ohh, click the pictures below if they are too small to see. : )

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  1. wow... go kak farid.. we all tunggu next person lak... :p

  2. yup yup..kalo nak mari sini.. nii tahun ni punyer hkk, ingat nak masukkan profile pengusaha laaa..

  3. halllloooo! hahaha.. tu la keja si suami. bila takde buat apa2, dok belek gambar anak pk nak buat apa...

    anyways, treima kasih sbb sudi membaca my blog yg ala ala je nih.. kalau sudi sila dtg lagi.. i'm gonna add u in my list to read evry morning... =D

    how's rakan iDe yg lelain..?
    eh, you dah kawen blom??


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