Once in a while, i do encounter some creative and crafty things such as these. A method of basketry can be turned into decorative items, suite perfectly for your home. A simple idea of using weaving structures (the bird nest like structure) can create wonders. You can it use for your garden wedding theme, incorporate to your arts n crafts theme display or simply use them as gifts and souvenirs bags for your guest. I bet by applying some strands of hot colors such as red or orange in the middle section would create a distinctive look. Hey, put some thoughts into it, i can see how this bird nest like structure can be turned into a floor lamp.

When speaking of rattan, i rarely see rattan furniture (in Malaysia of course) using fully "rotan sega" (small diameter canes somewhat in range of 10mm in dia.) You can use "rotan sega" in making your furniture, but constructing it is somewhat very technical, more if you are trying to use fewer materials. Unlike "rotan manau" which is thicker, "rotan sega" will require you to do more weaving in order to get that firm and strong structure, much like "twinning" instead of "stake and strand" method in basketry to get that firm structure. Same as when making a rattan ball (see picture below). But the outcome is always distinctive. Since you only use one material, and you keep that design principle of repetition, you ll get that simple clean cut without clutter style piece of work. And if keep producing the same style believing that it would work, you may end up famous like the furniture above. Above : Super Elastica. was first designed by Marco Zanuso Jr. and Giuseppe Roboni for Vittorio Bonacina. Founded in 1889, Bonacina to this day, remains a specialist, family-run manufacturer of rattan furniture-proof that with the application of carftsmanship, traditional methods and materials can stand the test of time.

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