To those who dont have any idea what is "Illustration Friday", here is a brief taken from the site.
[ Illustration Friday is a weekly creative outlet/participatory art exhibit for illustrators and artists of all skill levels. It was designed to challenge participants creatively. We believe that every person has a little creative bone in their body. Illustration Friday just gives a no-pressure, fun excuse to use it. No clients looking for a particular thing. No one judging the outcome of the work. It's a chance to experiment and explore and play with visual art. So welcome, novices and pros alike.-penelope dullaghan and brianna privett]

So, this week theme (8 - 14 February) is "choose". So there you go. I am doing this just for fun as the site says. Still, i don't think i am ready to upload my work there. I think i will give it a couple of try here first. Frankly, I would prefer not to have the "choose" word on my work, but to make it easier for my awesome readers, i opt em. Leaving just a "question mark" would be suffice too i guess. I use pen-ink and color pencils. So my awesome reader, please choose left or right and why do you choose the way you choose. Frankly, both have their pros and cons. hehe. Terima Kasih and thank you in advance.

Cheers and Hepi Blogging ya.
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  1. great works and great blog indeed!!! i wud choose the left one, yup with the more 'garang' colour... it wud be perfect on satin silk for my baju batik... right?

  2. I like left one. Warna lagi menarik. Mungkin the outline illustration tu yg kasi dia lagi cantik. Kalau belah kanan tu outline dia lagi lebar cam yg kiri tu mungkin cun gak. Huu rambang mata dah.. dua2 cantik.I choose left. :D

  3. huhuhu.. waaa weee.. i choose the left one... colour hot skit... Quality of line pun different tu yg lg menarik... right tu ok gak but too smooth .. seem like hambar.. hihi pandai je i krtitik ek.. but i like the left...

  4. bonoriau pilih yang kanan batik

  5. helo rush murad..

    thanks for dropping..harap2 rajin singgah selalu..

    Buat batik pun ok, tapi mungkin kena ubah sket design.. nanti terlalu overpowering.. proportion perletakan kat baju dan where to put kena just bring that "Wow factor"..ihik ihik

    hehe.. so since you choose left..

    these are my descriptive words based on my initial design plus my initial impression of you after visiting your site :
    "confident, bold, firm not in a monotonous boring way. Variety is the very stuffs of your life.."


  6. Helo syari, thanks for dropping by again..

    so pilih kanan jugak yer.. hehe, i stared with the intention nak persuade people pilih right, but then somehow, masa buat just tukar..lebih stress kat kiri pulak designnya. hehe.

    So.. dua-dua cantik dan still ter kekiri yer

    these are my descriptive words based on my initial design plus my initial impression of you after visiting your site :
    "Daring, confident, bold yet adventures. Focused. Creative and sensitive thoughts, humble, carefree and open."

    might be right might be wrong..hehe

  7. helo ida.. wawawa..

    manyak metul laa you komen.. ish nasib baik tak duduk dalam kelas you.. kalo tak mampuih sure asyik kena reject hehehe..

    oooo hambar yerr...kanan tuuu..bukan kalau ikut personaliti test.. ida masuk sebelah kanan kerr..

    okay lahhh, here it goes..

    these are my descriptive words based on my initial design plus my initial impression of you after visiting your site :
    "Bold, Daring but in a sweet and subtle way. Love Life. Passion. Focused and Determined. All these combined in your relax and happy mood style."

    might be right might be wrong..hehe

    RM5 please for consultation..hehe

  8. helo pak bono,

    thanks sebab sudi-sudi singgah yer..

    u love batik? ohh.. actually the art is simple to suggestion what it is.. though i have never intended it to be like a batik art..

    so..this is for you.. just for fun :

    these are my descriptive words based on my initial design plus my initial impression of you after visiting your site :
    "You are focused and determined. Serious. Confident. Open. Subtle. Polite. Sophisticated with a dash of sweet romantic style. A down to earth person.."

    might be right might be wrong..hehe

    heppi blogging ya pak bono.. and thanks for keep coming back

  9. i pick right...
    i just like the color combination.. dunt knw y..
    just rasa mcm tenang n cool je..
    p/s: i dont knw much abt art LOL

  10. hey it is okay nikli..thanks for dropping by again..

    art by itself is very subjective. There is no right and wrong way..merely just preferences. Design for masses, however require certain rules though.

    So, nikli, here goes my descriptive words based, enjoy ya :
    You are a nature person. Full of calming energy, embrace growth, warmth to people and loyal. Passionate about life. You like to keep you bold, strength, and sadness to yourself. Unleash them when only you feel you need to. :)

    hehe..err kena ke?

  11. wah, illo friday ya? i'm thinking to participate too but not ready yet. nice header. i can see u love abstract soooo much.

    for this illo, i choose the right one. the contrast color somehow correct the soft look. i like curls and smooths edges. more natural and close to life. the left side is like representing the sharp edges of architecture and machines around us these days. harsh!

  12. hello mango,

    thanks. I agree with you.. its is like yin and yang, but instead of completing each other, both of them are representing the far side of the world. It is like "i choose this lifestyle and mine in better". hehe.. when in fact, both are beautiful in their own ways. But i guess, the most beautiful one is when you have both ways in you life.. Then it will be like "you complete me--hehe jerry mcguire?"

    so here it goes:

    "tranquility with a punch is your style. Embrace nature, embrace creativity and empower em with your own style. Sensitive, delicate, varied, tangle.. all in a harmoniou way with some minor hiccups along the way. Choices and Options."


  13. Salam Rizal,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day.

    Something fascinate me most about blogging is we can find lots of talented people; Illustators, painters, poets, singers, designers, cartoonists and many many more..

    ..and here i am in this lovely blog of yours - full of beautiful illustrations!

  14. I love the color of right one. I usually like modern stuff. But I don't thing the left one has the right color for me. Yeah.. Kinda like too garang. hehe.. Well, after all, you will never go wrong with the traditional :D


  15. rizal, thanks for the comment.. and i hv to agree with all those words.. a few things yg buat i quite shock sbb mgkin btol but i just didnt realiz it before..

    i just like ths entry very much..
    bole ke kalau i just nak share this entry at my own blog..?

    plz let me know..

  16. Beautiful! Glad you joined IF! You should submit your link and thumbnail you know!

  17. Salam Abang Jas,

    Wah pedang samurai tuuu... aiyork..hati2..

    thank you.. I believe that abang jas is a talented cartoonist too. Humor in its own way. Hot and spicy i must say. Ohh..abang jas didnt choose..

    :) do drop by again ya..

  18. Hey BCD aka HSFT, thanks for dropping by..

    my..ohh my.. I am quite surprised. I thought you would go for left..knowing your title and how articulate you are.Huhu. I sense someone is touching with his feminine side...nothing bad though..

    so, here are my descriptive words just for you..

    Articuate, adventures, bold, daring in playful but not in an arrogant manner. Hot and spicy on the outer skin, sweet and humble on the inner flesh. Love life, embrace life, seek fun, enjoyable to be with. Calming at rest.


  19. Ola Nikli,

    No problem at all if you want to link to this entry on your site. Hamba terharu. I am honored. Thank you to you then i must say.

    But this time, tak da descriptive words lagi.. talian hayat yang anda gunakan tadi telah habis. hihi..

    heppi blogging ya..cheers.

  20. Emila,

    Thanks for the support. Yeah, i have signed up woth IF.

    Alamak.. too soon laa..risau..hehe.. tak pe tak per.. thanks for the encouragement though..will do it someday

    well, i guess, we ll just wait and see.. me or mango?.. who will post first?


  21. again great work and talent. I prefer for right one because it looks natural and it gives relax for mind........

  22. it looks like colour of life (good & bad) & i prefer the right one coz the colours combination buat mata terasa sejuk memandang....

  23. hoho rizal, ajak belumba yer. aku belum prepare apa2 lagi nih.

  24. dua2 pon best..
    belahkiri tu, keras sket la.. cam hutan batu konkrit.
    belah kana tu, soft, mcm belaina kasih seorang ibu..


    anta jela dua2...

  25. hey sameer, hey shahril, hey roxychicks.. thanks for dropping by.

    Sorry for the late reply.. I wish i had repied them sooner but i had to attend some workshop.

    so, care to know what are my descriptive words? so here they are :

    sameer : right right..hmmm..a melting pot of things i sense in you (please read like Yoda. :) that doesnt mean that you just simply mix them all. You mix them all properly, accordingly and delicately. You take time to appreciate things in life. simple things in life do give you satisfaction and you enjoy them. Subtle yet strong.

    shahril : yup..color of life..jalinan lengguk2 tu sbenarnya cabaran dan objektif kehidupan. kita.. your choice of a livelier subtle colours means you love to live a meaningful life. Quality not the quantity is the keyword here. Subtle-not too complacent or too laid back though. Love n appreciate finer things in life (simple life pleasures.) Minimizing irritation, aggression, avoiding confrontation are what u do best. U cant help but to alleviate sense of love and protection. A melting pot and unselfish in love? :)

  26. alamak mango... hang dah menang dulu laaa..masuk illo friday.. ishhh tak leh jadi ni...kena fikir fikir fikir..

  27. good day madam roxychicks..

    madam..bila nak buat illos.. hang kan kreatif.. musti boleh punyer..hubby you kan kreatif jugak..apa lagik..jom laaa buat illos friday..hehehe.. kasi meriah dunia art, crafts, design malaysia ni

    okayla...che' pun tak nak cakap panjang2..

    this is for you..

    madam - inspite of your hectic active chic life, deep down your are very down to earth person. Infected people with your own warmth and openness. You digest life and focuses on your stability and growth. happiness, energy, optimism, love, adventure, compassion, balance, calm and rest, fun, sunshine, yet sweet, delicate and soft are words best to describe you. Though chic you are in nature, you always have your special ways in embracing people and your surroundings making them feel good. :)

    terima kasih...huhu


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