I was out of ideas really. But then, some people might say.. "How come you are out of ideas? There are many things around you that you can use for ideas." Yeah..yeah..okay. Maybe i have too many things to do now. Well, if my goal is to have at least 100 posts by the end of this year, i should post something then. My new goal too is to post my own artsy crafty work every week starting this week (though it may turn out to be a crap haha, and thanks to Emila and Mangosteenskin for inspiring me yaa.) So, here it is, my homework done for this week. The idea is actually taken from Mangoosteenskin's Taun Tikus art work. But then, i just mix them all up with my own cartoon (yeah..do you see those rats), some vector works (i realize the oranges are too vector) and a scanned picture of bamboo. Hehe, a rat cartoon is a must since we are all still in this festive CNY season. Ohh, my own wicker basket is almost done (yeah that weekly therapy session) - but nothing fancy though. I am sure i cant even beat my students if skills are compared - 1 to 10, i would give myself a 2. hehehe. Hopefully i would be able to post em in few days time. Well, i leave it all to you. Cheers and Hepi Blogging Yaa..

p/s : and thanks to all my awesome readers and commenters
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  1. Haha.. nice giler your latest artwork. Mangosteenskin blog seems nice too. hehe

    Eh, rizal, you put a wrong http address in my shout out box. It becomes http://restnrileks.blogstop.com/

    haha.. and my suck college internet policy block it and says it is an advertising site. LOL..

  2. I forgot to give you 6 for your artwork since I haven't seen any of your students'. LOL

  3. hey blue, thank you..
    glad you like it..

    ohh yer kerr..silap address yer..advertising site..hehe

    kalo artwork..i think i can pukul them la.. haaa but kalo craft skill works, they surely kan pukul me balik..keke..

    6 -oho..nak tgk my students.. buleh buleh.. i ll guess either monday or tuesday ill be posting their pixs not the works..keke..They are all naughty but nice kinda like sugar n spice..haha

  4. hi rizal, thanks for dropping by my blog and the comment. :) You're an artist too! Nice artwork. Drop by again at my blog. Happy blogging to you too!

  5. terima kasih syari..

    thanks for visiting my site. hope you find something to your liking here.

    will check yours from time to time ya..
    thank you

  6. Hehe comel ya amat tikus tu! Good for you! If you post for Illo Friday every week, you should reach your 100th post sooner than you think!

  7. helo emila,

    thanks ya, ha ah, tikus2 ni semua memang bermaharajelela semenyak cuti CNY ni..ihik2!

    thanks for your support.. bagus jugak kalo buat Illos. friday. tak pe buat untuk suka2, senang kira seminggu sure dah ada post-tapi bertambah hectic laaa kerjaku jawabnyer..hehe

  8. dear rizal..
    i dont know much about art.. but i do luv all ur artworks...
    n this one pretty cool beb..
    sure, i akan drop-by lagik to ur site.. nice works and hv a good time..

  9. hey nikli,

    thanks for the comment. Glad you like it.

    I was about to comment on your pengkalan balak..sekali refresh hilang daaa.. terkejut..padam ka?

    Hope you come again.. i will visit yours too..

    cheers and heppi blogging ya

  10. hahha... cutelerr tikus2 tu... very nice lerrr.. i bg 4 suku bintang ... heheh.. u ni artisan illustrator la... hihi

  11. rizal, i dapat ur comment abt pengkalan balak.. and u r the 1st person who gave a comment..i just love watching sunset.. so, u pegi bcuti..? hepi holiday yaa...

  12. huyyo,creativelisme..hahaha nice beb,somewhere everywhere anytimes sometimes u r always in ur star

  13. oic. u chegu ? mjst b an art teacher. bila nak ajar buat ratan product dsb kat site u ? I m interested to learn as hobby..

  14. hehehe mekasih ida..

    wow..4 suku bintang..hehe bolej ajer..dari dapat 2.. orang memberi..kita terima ajerrr lah..huhuhu..mekasih

  15. hey nikli..

    thanks for dropping by again..tak da pergi cuti. Dok rumah ajer sepanjang hari tuuu...melepak jerr betul2 "restnrileks" hihi..

    Ahoi gambrelq!

    wah gumbira aku bila kawan aku sorang ni dok akhirnye tandang rumah aku. Jemput2 sudi2 laa datang lagi yer. Nanti aku hidang kopi.. hihi.

    Hello KBguy..

    Thanks for dropping by. Chegu? Sort of.. a mix of two jobs actually. Hihi. Well, frankly, i do think about posting on how to make simple rattan crafts. But then, i need to do some illustrations on how to do them. Tunjuk gambar tak clear payah. Ilustration tuu masalahnya yang tak larat.hehe Tak pa laa.. thanks ya.. i guess.. sometime around next week, i start showing the basic on how to do a rattan butterfly - as bookmark or card holder. Wish me good luck (fuhh need to run to do the illustration then..)

  16. macamana aku boleh x perasan kau buat illo tikus-tikusan nih? mesti x gobek blog kau betul2. nice work rizal. tikus kau nakal macam mickey mouse. thanks for the credit! hehe.

  17. hehe.. tu laaa,

    tikus2 tuuu memang bermaharajalela betui masa tu..

    nakai nakai betul pulak tuu..

    nak nak si che diva che'ti yang very demanding atas oren tu.. hahaha..


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