This post is going to deviate from my usual rants of arts & crafts and rattan stuffs. It is about design. Trained as an industrial designer, i cannot help myself when i see a good product ; artistically done. Here is a series of wave done by my friend, Didi, who specializes in ceramic arts. I did ask him what it is all about (thanks to ym for this, -bridging the gap from Malaysia to Japan is just a nick of a time.) So, here are the brief descriptions after that small talk. Technically, it is an art form project created by using mold making technique, which is a challenge. Art form ceramics are mostly tied to studio works rather than the above mentioned, which explain the freedom in exploring forms related to one's creativity. As the name implies, "Wave", is a journey taken by us in experiencing life from birth to death. The work intends to capture the essence of our life experiences. Essences of our life choices, trials and tribulations, sweet and sour, success and fames are all represented through waves like forms creating a simple fluid rhythmic design. These rhythmic forms are movements portraying us, humans as one dynamic entity. Simplex (simple excellent) is one word that is in my mind right now. Frankly, I am having problems in choosing - to choose those beautifully artistic works or those two Korean girls :P? So, how do you feel about his works? Love to hear yours. Have a great day and hepi blogging ya.
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  1. Hi ya...

    definitely the two Korean girls...simplex! (simple but complex??)

  2. some of them look like sago maggot, rizal...err...i dnt mean the korean girls!

    thanks for sharing the wave design info!

  3. helo sharifah,

    hi ya..thanks for dropping by..

    simplex = simple complex..

    that is one way to look at it too..

  4. helo mango,

    a maggot.. hehe.. the terms "dont hate me coz i am beautiful" would best suit the sago maggot.

    having a writer's, i thought of posting the wave thingy..


  5. hi dd...

  6. hi dd..
    wahh..interesting work..
    so apa seterusnya....ehe dah alang2 ko dah kat saner...bole la ko risik2 metal culture design tuk aku ek...bole wat research.....

  7. hi nampak simple & teknik glaze yang kau apply pun nampak halus. good luck

    aku Nak Tanye.. konsep ape yang kau gune untuk projek kau nih

  8. well, definitely have the curve.. I meant the girls (opst!) and the ceramic arts too.. lol

  9. wah! penuh traffic kat blog penghulu ajer ni...singgah2 laa ke blog aku tu

  10. alo eji..

    wah wah..pandai ko nak buat research pakar kat japang pulak yerr..hehe..

    takkan tak cukup ngan maghribi..tak per tahun depan memang aku target paris..hihi..


  11. jan...mekasih sudi singgah..

    terimakasih... terima kasih..

    hehehe..kerahan tenaga maaaa..jgn mare

  12. hey blue,

    thanks for dropping by.. well i agree, they have curves..which create waves..err..i meant the works too..


    alor didi..hehe..nenanti aku suruh depa pegi kat tempat ko..tuuu laa lama sgt sunyi masa tuu..


  13. hello emila,

    glad that you like the wave series..


  14. wow this is awesome.. :'P I like interior things but sadly the price is not to friendly hehehe

  15. Selamat pagi Gina,

    yup, i like interior stuffs of all platforms. But what i like most is crafty things that if choose wisely, you can have a great interior.

    p/s : love those crafty in inacrafts. just make me go nuts.. :D


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