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p/s: Untuk HKK kali ni, memang ada beberapa produk kraf anyaman rotan baru yang dikeluarkan. Frem gambar kraf rotan, mangkuk rotan gabungan bahan dan juga lampu gantung anyaman rotan (rattan lantern) antaranya. Sengaja tidak diletak mentol bagi mudah kerja-kerja pameran. Nanti terlalu banyak pulak wayar berselirat jadi serabut pulak. Sila datang ke Seri Cipta yer kalau nak lihat lebih lanjut. :)

Starting today, HKK-Hari Kraf Kebangsaan (National Craft Day) is officially on. Will be from 27 April - 7 Mac 2008 at Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay. I ve been busy lately setting up the whole floor for IKN due to HKK. The truth is, i am getting bored of being the person in charge of every IKN exhibition. Come on, there are almost other designers too. Anyway, i am going to hold my grunges for now. Well IKN is located at Seri Cipta if you visit Kompleks Kraf. So, do come and see some of the things that the students made. And see HKK too. There are hundreds and hundreds of crafts "pengusaha" from all over Malaysia - from Perlis to Sabah bahh.. - ranging from textiles to 3d products. It is a craft fair after all. I am sure there must be a thing or two that will capture your interest. Ohh, I ll be in Kompleks Kraf the whole this week and on 1.04.2008 too. I am going to edit this post, hopefully later by this evening showing more pictures of the whole Kompleks Kraf scene yaa.. Orait, that is it for now. Gotto rush, later.. and heppi blogging ya.. :)

I ll describe these two pictures above later. edited at 2.15pm 27.03.08

I did my browsing through out the whole area around 12.30am. They are hundreds of crafts varieties to choose from. Met and chatted with few crafts "pengusaha," and stopped for a while at the demonstration area to see the traditional way of making a kite. I still think last year demonstration area was excellent and way more colourful than this year. Too bad they have changed its location. If you are going to be there, just try to allocate at least 2 hours so that you can really look around. One hour is just enough for you to spend the area there more like the amazing race style. keke. I love some crafty stuffs from Sarawak and Sabah, and i guess, i will be coming back later around this week to get some nice stuffs there. They are few good rattan stuffs too - from DP design, Cane Furniture (which is in the buyer meets area) and Kak Hasnah (loved the handbags). I think last year layout was better than this year, and that doesnt mean that this year HKK is a bit dull. Well, at its 6th birtday, HKK should be able to handle itself very well.

Well, if you are into arts, there is also this artist colony's area. Lots of nice illos are sold there by talented local artists. It is more like what you get at Central Market. I happen to get a chance to meet Nora Tamby (doing her batik illos. Love em) and Abang Zaki (illustrators.) I have known Nora since my time in RnD and Abang Zaki just this afternoon :) . Abang Zaki works are truly beautiful. Excellent i must say. Love the work that he is working on. Both of them are such nice chaps you know. You can commissioned them to do your art works too. If not, why dont you find something that would suit your budget. There are small artworks if you like. Postcards would do nice to your home decor. I think i ll do a proper interview next time since i was in a hurry when i met them. Ohh, do visit their galeri at Galeri melor if you happen to go HKK in Artist Colony area. Both of them are sharing the same wakaf (Galeri melor)- Kompleks Kraf Seksyen 63, Jalan Conlay, Kuala Lumpur.

Ohhh my, I just received a sms notifying me about HKK launching by PM tomorrow. Never thought Kraftangan Malaysia would promote via sms this year. I guess changing the date has taken its toll and I am sure PR is now having a Kaput time. hehe. Sory yaa Wanie, jgn marah if you happen to read this.

Here is the rattan set which i like - from cane furniture in Buyers Meet section.

Some of my colleagues. = )

Well, i think this is the first post ever that i have used multiple pictures. Anyway, once again, do drop by to HKK. Do show your support of our Malaysia Crafts yaa by buying crafty items there. It is only once in a year that you can have them all in one place. You never know what is in store until you visit. Dont worry about food. There are multiple food stalls there. Ohh..You still have to pay though. Ohh, try to avoid tomorrow morning (28.03.2008) around 10.30 since PM is coming too but if you like all the glitters and hype associated launching ceremonies, then, be there at that time. :P I on the other hand, have been made compulsory to be there. Hehe. I am sure the traffic is going to worsen. Well even today by evening, traffic is quite bad.

Well, I am off now. Maybe will be back later. Heppi Blogging and Have a great day. (urrghhhh i need my rest.) :)
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  1. waaaah....mesti best HKK tu.

    Only last night i went to ATC site, after reading kak emila's latest post. I think we should try joining ATC too rizal and make ourself busier.

  2. hello mango,

    yeah, i ve visited ATC before. I did thought of joining ATC too. It does look fun. Aiyaaarghh..then i ll be crying laa as i am shuffling many jobs rite now... huhuhuhu..

    it looks fun to join ATC.. now tak tahu pipit punyer event nak join ker tak? :)

  3. Yay!! Nanti saya drop by this weekend! See you there!

  4. Eh, come la join the ATC fun! You and Manggis will get to collect original arts from all around the world!!

  5. hehe.. kak emila, if you want to drop by weekend.. just give me a call.. sebab i wont be there during weekend. cuma sampai besok then sambung balik 01.04.08 on tuesday.

    If weekend, just give me a call sebab my house is quite near dgn Kompleks kraf. Dalam 5-10minit boleh sampai..hihi..

    speaking of atc, tuu laaa, cepat sungguh mango ni bertindak, semenjak kata nak berjinak2 dgn dunia ilustrasi ni.. boom badeboom ba bommm lajunyer dia.. hihihi..

    i will, i will after settling few things first. :) thanks for the encouragement.

  6. waahh ini kalau bisa lawat pasti mantap sihh

  7. halo pak bono..

    waduh mantap aja kapal terbang..lantas dari riau ayuhh ke mari terus ke Kuala Lumpur.


    p/s : I really love INACRAFT. It is damn good.. :)

  8. menarik sungguh artist colony itu...hehe, macam memangil-manggil.

  9. hehehehe

    memanggil sayup dari jauh yerrr..hihihi...

  10. if not mistaken i've been there 2@3 times but didn't visit the kompleks. just pegi makan je kat kafeteria.

    lor ingat bro rizal ade kat sana on weekend boleh jumpe. kalau nak jumpe 1/4/08 ari keja susah la skit. hehehe....

  11. ohhh yer ker? ni musti pergi makan time lunch kot? sebab kalo lunch memang banyak orang luar makan situ.

    tak pe laa, datang jerr hari weekend ni. Kalo tak pernah rasa HKK, just pergi kunjung la. Hari biasa kompleks kraf tuu biasa jer..

    kalo datang jgn lupa naik kat seri cipta yer.. atas laman wau (area yang ada banyak lampu tanglung tuu.. huhu

    have a great weekend.

    p/s : weekend masa bermanje2 ngan blakie ..kekekeke

  12. You're a terrific artist and writer. Good luck on the shows. I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I'll be back for sure.

  13. It means now days you are busy in exhibition, and meets lots of people there some of them are already in pic humm………. Enjoy and have a nice day

  14. hello morning artist,

    thanks for dropping by, i love your watercolour works. Glad that you enjoy your stay. do come again ya..

    heppi blogging and drawing.. :)

    hey sameer,

    i was busiest at ith most on the weekdays. Now i can just relax. maybe i ll be going there again this weekend.. but i am not sure though.. how things are looking in nepal?

  15. mmm tahun ni tak dapat join display la... bz ngan cenderahati... apapun good job a.rizal.. cun banget... tp yg tak syok nape gambo i ter miss ni takde lm blog u.. hukhukhuk...:P

    sekarang sangat penat.. kaki rasa nak tercabut.. balik ptg dr conlay jln jam nak sampai umah... nasib baik hari lain buat pagi...huhu

  16. huhu ida..,

    gambar ida termiss sebab ida asyik takda..camner abang rizal nak shoot.hehe =P

    tak perr laaa, settle satu banyak lagi benda nak kena settle. Nak set up tuu pun mcm2 isu kecoh..

  17. tu laa,.. aritu bz tah mana2 peginyerrr

  18. ha blakie tu siapa ye...
    hahaha ptg tadi plan nak pi sana malam tapi tetiba cancel.
    may be tengok la besok kalau ade masa nak pi sana....

  19. helo shahril,

    blakie tuuu kucing jantan rizal yang samseng tapi manje gedik2 bila jumper tuan dia. hehe

    tak per, datanglah ke HKK. masinh ada sampai 7 hb April.

    datnag jangan tak datang.. (sambil nyanyi..)


  20. nak mintak jin tolong teleport kan kompleks kraf tuh pindah ke JB sini bole..?? haa, kan dah terpengaruh ngan aksi film Jumper.. suruh dia letak kat kawasan danga bay.. senang skit aku nak pi.. hiks...

  21. Nikli,

    we did try previously to transport the whole complex to danga bay. We did try to bend the space. Un fortunately, there were few vortex that could jeopardize the whole operations. In addition, we detected lots of voids in the channels - thus further dangering the attempt. We decided to the the usual methods by lorries but then, we were sure we would be having nightmares on logistics and costs.

    so, finally, we decided HKK would remain here.. in Kompleks Kraf.

    hehehe.. =P

  22. I love your "eating place"! I must insist my future dining room should be painted and decorate just like this. No kidding man.. haha

  23. then, you should give it a try.. hehehe... :)

  24. Hi, great write-up! I made a link to this, hope you don't mind.. thanks!

  25. helo alam kraf..

    no problem.. it is an honor to be linkback. Terima kasih

  26. wah...brahim apa citer..jadi pengarah sudah eksen ye skarang,bila mau turun london ni?kecek cik lah suh bawak oi..miss u all..

    ps: brahim begitu rilex nampak?

  27. huhu..mcm dekat jerr bunyi london tuuu..hehehe tak perr, tak dapat pergi london..abang rizal just carik almond london jerr laaa..hehe

    cik brahim memang camtu..haha..orang siap bagik nama blog orang kat dia..tak tahu laaa kalo dia bukak..hehe

    p/s : dia nampak rilex---camtu laaa dia...


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