Giddiyap.. yee haaa. Hear it is again. Illustration Friday - Theme : Leap. First thing that struck my mind when i received the theme was Joy - Happi heppi joy joy. Hence, i call mine "Leap of Joy." Illustration is done using pen-ink and watercolor. I am not of a water colour person, but i have fun doing this. Have fun, enjoy and heppi blogging.
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  1. Fun and full of joy! Great illo, Rizal!

  2. thanks emila,

    glad that you like it..

  3. Love this! Leap of joy, I agree, such a fun illustration.

  4. hello sandra,

    yup, that would be just nice to start our monday work tomorrow.. just leap for joyful day.. :)

  5. Thats real fun to look. Great work! ;)

  6. thanks kristin,

    i had fun doing it, though it is not my usual style..


  7. like ur carector.. hip hip horeyyyy..... hihi

  8. thanks ida..

    ohhh yer ker.. does my character resemble in such a way? curious sungguh..hehehe

  9. What a fun illo! Really exciting to look at! I love it!

  10. Nice. I wish I can do the same too but my hands are justnot too good at all those art n crafts..

  11. hi michelle,

    thanks yaa.. i imagined all those things came to life while doing it..i was laughing myself. i am still trying to get use using water colours though..Glad that you love it. blush blush.. : )

    hi kbguy,

    who knows if you try doodling, you may end up with something interesting.. :)

    anyway, you are good at taking photos.. that's nice..

    heppi blogging ya, and keep taking those photos of good places in KB.

  12. something that really made me smile. funny. well done rizal! i can see u have ur own style.

  13. hello manggo..

    thanks yer, err i think the dotted and strong black ink outline? my style maybe..hehe.. well, i try to go on different styles, like for instance doing watercolours, perhaps it would look different. tapi jadi camtu jugak..haha..

    anyway, i like your works. You have certain styles and they are varied too..

    glad that it makes u smile.. : )

  14. Hahaha.. I love your illo!!! Its awesome. So happy2 mood! and i guess.. I'm hyperactive now and seeing your work!!

    Oh yeah.. thanx for leaving comment.

  15. Lovely, lively work that's full of joy!

  16. your works are so intricate---great details everywhere. that's your ultimate strength, i think! i like it.

  17. hello pupu,

    thanks ya..great to hear that you are on hyperactive mood. I am sure more creative juice will flow. hihi ;) I love your great details.

    Hello cathy,

    thanks.. love your beavers too..i am happy that you like it.. Yup.. let us have a joyful ride of life..

    Hello enigma,

    thanks for dropping by. Awhhh you make me blush.. (blush!blush!). There are lots of great illustrators out there, including you, which have inspired me. Thank goodness i ve found IF. Thanks again for liking it. I like yours too. :)

  18. What a happy leaping drawing, you have a unique style. Heeebat!

  19. A really fun piece with lots of interest and energy, great idea!

  20. Thanks bobo cat,

    hows bobocat? hope he/she is doing fine.. :) maybe my blackie can be friend to your bobo.

    Love ur style and your style is hebat too..

    heppi drawing and heppi blogging.. :)

  21. Hello Bee,

    thanks.. how are the birds? i hope they are safe and sound and have flown away from that cat. hihi.. :)

  22. Love this! Your style is really fun and exciting.

  23. hi suzy,

    thanks for dropping by..

    hope you have enjoyed your stay here..


  24. This is full of happy energy!!

  25. dude! gud artwerk there...
    masih draw secara manual and i salute you for that lah! how i wish tangan ni tak karat..


  26. i like it RIZAL
    this is a real leaping drawing
    good luck to you my friend
    and thank you for your lovely comment
    keep in touch

  27. Hello,
    thanks for your visit and comment in my blog. Nice stuff you have here too. And so many fans!

  28. hello studio lolo,
    thanks yaa..yup, i was in a heppi2 mood while doing my illo that day.. :)

    hallo madam roxy,
    hehe..thank mana tumpahnya kuah kalao tak ke nasi.. hihi.. oittt try laa tunjuk bakat terpendam tuu.. dulu tang belajar kan hang bukan main lagik.. lama tak tgk hang punyer artwork..hihi..

    hi lida,
    thanks, yup, i ll be keeping in touch.. love your distinctive style. Your works are great!!

    Helo jazmin,
    what a coincidence!! here, at my workplace, there is a person goes by jasmin too.
    Anyway, thanks ya.. heppi drawing..

  29. so much energy! nice. and thanks for the comment.

  30. Hello ramsey,

    thanks ya. have a great day ahead..


  31. Hello Mr.Rizal!

    exciting blog!!!

    from Tokyo

  32. Lovely - you should use watercolor more often!

  33. Oh sure sure Rizal! I don't mind. :D Its for everyone. :) I would love to know the rest of the story yah. :)) haha. Thanx. :))

  34. Oh, that's great, leaps of joy all around! Great idea, and the fun feeling expressed in your illustration is contagious (I'm smiling right now!)

    Guess what, my husband is going to Kuala Lumpur this October through his work. What a small world this is!

  35. This is so much fun. Great detail. It's giving me a lot of energy, looking at it and I really need energy right now. Thanks!

    Also thanks for stopping by my blog and for you nice and funny comments.

  36. i remembered e good old days when i was small... had a great time with frens.. it was so much fun.. just like wat ur pic says..

    nice pic rizal..

    p/s: kan best if i could turn bck time..!!

  37. Hi miho sakato,

    thanks for visiting. I am waiting for that sakato design sticker in my mail box now, and will definitelt post it here.. thanks..

    hi Miz K,

    thanks for the comment.. hmmm may be u r right.. i should use water colours more often..though i like to work best with pen-ink and colour pencils. :) In fact i just did my small piece of art, water colour and pen-ink

    Allo Pupu,

    thanks for the green light, btw i have emailed you.. hope you can see yours on my screen.. :)

    hey monica,

    I am glad that the artwork is contagious.. err in a positive way of course. :)
    Great to hear that your husband will be coming to Kuala Lumpur this October. You can ping me, if you like some information..

    anyway.."selamat datang ke" Kuala Lumpur :)

    Hey sketched out,

    :) Hope it does give you some energy. Speaking of that comment, yup i was surprised at first when the page downloaded, all i saw was this big fleshh..errrr.. :)

    hey Nikli,

    ohhhh if only i can turn back time. It was good years for me too. Now, i am just try to be as happy as i can..
    dont be despair i sensing one here?


  38. I can see smiles everywhere :D

  39. hey blue,,

    thanks.. hope the smiles remain..


  40. I like the black parts of the picture. It looks like the characters are literally ripped off the page! Very fun. :o)

  41. wow...

    can u do one for me...haha...

  42. hello lindsay,

    thank you for the nice comment..hmmm now you ve said it, yup, black seems to make the character pops out. :)

    allo bidarlah,

    glad that you like it.. :)
    making one for you? i dont do the same thing twice laa.. hihi. Other theme maybe.. hihi..

    allo shakti,

    welcome to rest`n'rileks. Hope you have enjoyed ur stay here. :)

  43. this is so funny!!! i love it!!! you've got a really cool style!!!

  44. hello kiki[hei],

    thank you.. i love all your sheep works too. your concepts with sheep are funny.. Make me smile.. :)


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