Well, my pet peeve has something to do with my cat aka Blakie. Have you ever noticed how male cats would come home roaring (meow like roar) at the top of their lungs. I just cant stand it. It is this piercing-roaring-meowing such a disturbance of peace. I would go like.. "ughhh he s home." My blakie would not stop his meow roaring until he finds me. The longer i get to him, the louder he gets. You can even hear his voice from 2-3 houses away. Typical. Well, this "piercing-roaring-meowing" sound would eventually settle to a sweet purrr..purr purrrrfect tone once i pet him. I guess he just need his daily dose of "love and pamper." Anyway, i just did a quick sketch to this week theme.-pen-ink and pencil-. Hepi blogging and have a great day ahead. : )
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  1. wooohooo! yes! the first one to comment!

    mungkin kalau kena translate, c blackie tu kata "rizaaaalll! oh rizalll! Saya dah balik!".

    hehe, nice submission for IF. U're so talented. i feel like reading comic. hehe.I'm stuck halfway with mine.

  2. hoho... thanks for being the 1st commentor..setelah lama menunggu..huhu..

    haha.. maybe i should do give away randomly on first commentor next time.

    quick sketch onlylah..too busy lately ..cant afford to spend time doing all those details as usual. hehe

    talented? haha.. thanks.. but i think you are talented too. I would have never dared to start my illo have i not found ur site mentioning nak start buat illo semula. I think masa tikus tuu kot..

    i am waiting for yours.. hehe =)

  3. Great fun! Really like these sketches, lots of energy and expression.

  4. hello bee,

    thanks for dropping by. Hepi blogging and hepi drawing

  5. Hahaha.. i don't like cats but got so many cats at home. How eh? My sisters love cats. me? i keep on running waya from them. I hated it. Ughh. But when they are babies, i like. ;) Hehehe.. Love your illos rizal. ;)

  6. Great sketch Rizal!! Blackie boleh kawan dgn kucing mak saya, Tiger! Mereka boleh berlawan siapa yg paling terer mengiau kuat2! Hehe

  7. how come you are afraid of cats pupu? hehehe... i have yet to see your illo.. just get back from work. too tired.. :)

    hello dot..

    thanks for dropping by yaa...heppi blogging.

  8. Hello kak emila,

    thanks for dropping by. Ayoyo, i think they can be together. Nanti jadi super roaring duo. Tiger n Blakie.. hehehehe

  9. this reminds me of a friend's pet peeve, her english isn't very good so instead of speaking slower, people always speak louder and louder to her. she laughs and tells them she's not deaf. maybe blackie thinks the louder he talks the more you'll understand him, hee, hee.

  10. Meow meow everywhere, Blackie wanted to conquer the world. Bobo can't meow loud, she's too ladies.

    This is a funny one, love it.

  11. Hi erin,

    poor friend.. it is either they speak louder and louder or in my friend's case, they speak slower and one by one stressing out each word. :) I guess blakie is just making his point clear. haha

    hi bobo,

    wow.. such a finess. lady-like cat. hehehe. Blakie on the other hand, such a rough naughty2 but when with me..manja-manja you know. :)

  12. meoww.........

    eh, if u r away, who will take care of ur blackie.. nanti, dia gonna miss u tau.. merajuk plak..

  13. my adik will look after him lorrr...hehehehe



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