As mentioned earlier, i had said that these illos would eventually land on somebody else sites : ). The reason is, i would like to say "thank you" to sites that have inspired me in many ways ; be these for their creative illustrations, amazing site contents, life experiences or maybe, just simply by the way they have reacted to restnrileks. : )

So, whithout further a due,
I would like to pass this "award" to (in no order of importance yaa) : -
Thank you, thank you..terima kasih.. Sorry, such a short speech.

secangkir kopi

1. if you like to play along, please link back to this post so others can find the original meme.

I ve received this peace tag from mango.
So, i am passing this to few of you in good spirit of love, peace and global unity. The peace illo was originally created by zahri. So, if you receive this.. and would like to tag others too, please :

1. take some minutes to meditate about love and peace, pray for countries that are facing troubles, for those people you love and those you don’t.
2. Write a post with links to blogs that you think would like to participate
3. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme.

I would like to pass along these to : roxychick . ida . secangkir kopi . nikli . blue . pupu . abah . dbub.
[Please share if you like / Sila Kongsi jika sudi : ) ]

13 ulasan:

  1. Thank you Rizal! I'm so honoured, the award is so beautiful!

  2. I m just inspired to have known your site. Thank you..


  3. oh rizal! this is so sweet. i feel so honoured. your blog is inspiring too! and u have been such a supportive blogger friend to me. all the best to u, rizal!

  4. helo mango,

    the pleasure is mine. U have been such a supportive blogger friend too.
    Hope all the best for all of us ya. May the best of life b with us..


  5. eh inchik rizal...

    thank you so much..
    i feel so honoured..
    have a great day..

    yea, hope all the best for all of us.. Aminn..

  6. alo nikli..


    hope all the best for all of us..

  7. Seyesly my the best award ever! love it!!!!

    Sorry for missing out this day.. will be back, alive soon :D

    (i almost miss out my name :)

  8. laa..
    susah2 je bagi award lagi.. =D
    pastu kena tag lak tu.. hehehe..

    insya Allah i'll do the meme. banyak benda nak ckp nih.. (after the election lak tu kan..) but not sure bila bole buat sbb tgh byk keja nak siapkan.


  9. hey blue,

    glad that you like it, i am honored to give you that award.. huhu..

    Alo roxy,

    tak susah bagi award tu..nak2 dalam dunia digital ni kan..hehehehe..

    yer laaaa, lepas pru12 ni, mcm menarik nampaknya..hehehe..

    take your time kalo nak buat meme tuu..hehehe

  10. hello rizal! it's always a pleasure to visit your blog! thank you for the award, it's an honor and i will post it asap!

  11. helo zari,

    it is a pleasure too to visit your blog. Love your style and werks. :)

  12. thank u bro... sory lambat skit nampak u punya tag ni...but lom de kesempatan lg.. appreciate ur award ni... i award u dgn "moooooo mug" hehehhe

  13. huhuhuhu

    thank you tang moooooo mug tuuu..

    moooo mugg tuuu dah pun masuk internet heheheh... tapi kat site di brunei laaa yerrr

    kekeke :P


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