Tuan - tuan, puan-puan dan cik - cik.. Harap Maklum yea..huhu.

The quick illo here says it all..

In the meantime, heppi blogging and have a wonderful day everyday yaa..

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18 ulasan:

  1. Have a nice journey Rizal....

  2. selamat pergi & selamat pulang bro....

    jangan lupe cari awek kadazan dusun yg lawa2 ye....

  3. huhu.. u baru nak pegi.. i dah selamat balik .... jgn lupa ole2 tau...

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  6. Have fun :)!

  7. have a nice journey, after your retuning we can see here more interesting post, :) enjoy it

  8. bes nyer g sabah! never been there before :)

  9. Hola Rizal! Would u like to join us? We still have space for 9 more! :)

  10. thank you ida
    thank you shahril
    thank you ida..
    hello j
    thank you nicole
    thank you sameer
    thank you blue
    thank you maurica..

    i had a great time there. hope i ll be there again next time.

    hope you all have had a great blogging time.. :)

  11. Hola Rizal! Great, everything looks good here, so you're good to go. Your site has been approved and WELCOME to the Red Hot Drops! :)

  12. salam hows ur sabah trip?

  13. helo mariuca,

    thanks for adding me..glad that you invited me..otherwise i would have never known..

    aloha arsaili,

    sabah trip was great.. how was your day? :)

  14. sabah n sarawak..
    never been there before...

    hope u had a great time time ye..

  15. I've read Manggis' post that she met you! Cool! Hope you have a great time there!

    Now, where this week's illo, am waiting!

  16. wah wah tak ketinggalan juga RED HOT DROPS

  17. helo nikli..

    you should try to go to sabah n sarawak.. kalau ada peluang laa..

    see how the cultures are different than us.

    pergi laaa..ada mcam2 kat sana..huhuhu..

  18. helo kak emila,

    yup, i am back from sabah..
    will put my gear and start back my illo.. huhu.. ohhh i realize that i have missed 2 Illos.. tak per tak per..this week.. mula start semula..huhu

    helo pak bono,
    yup, i ve just joined red hot drops.
    Invited by mariuca..huhu..
    it is a great tool i think..

    heppi blogging and have a great weekend ya..


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