I went to PWTC this afternoon for two reasons - 1st - the Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair and 2nd to see Kak Emila herself. KLIBF - at its 27th year, was crowded on thing for sure (gambar atas). Packed and jammed with people of all ages. I could hardly move. I was in a hurry and i was there to do a quick recce. Saw few stalls selling ice-creams here and there. Yum! Yummy!. Thought of buying one too. Been a while since i ve had ice-cream. Books, books and more books were on display. What else would you expect on an international book fair. I would have gone nuts if not for the crowded people, just seeing these vast array of books ( yeah, i love them).

KLIBF is on from 4-13 April. So, go there and see for yourself. Fancy yourself for novel cinta? Plenty for you. Not your cup of tea? Dont worry, I am sure you ll find something and i am sure too you ll feel tired when you get back home. I was so damn tired and felt a bit dehydrated by the time i got home. Thought the weather had something to do with this. There are actually four main halls. Go and visit each of them. But i think the best way to see, is on weekdays. You can really really see and take your time appreciating what KLIBF has to offer. On the ground floor, Pekomik welcomes you with its own exhibition. Acronym for Persatuan Pengiat Komik Malaysia, it houses various works of talented illustrators on different medium and theme (gambar bawah).

But, I like this the best (-gambar atas-Sebab children's art kot!). Out of a handful great works, only one panel displays children's art. So i guess that was why i was drawn to it. Pekomik even has this long white cotton banner around the exhibition area, displaying numerous artist sketch style works. Interesting!!. See for yourself the different styles.
WiraBukit Booth

After having a quick look here and there, i moved to Hall 2 to meet up with Kak Emila. Ohh, she ll be there everyday until 10 April. Go and visit WiraBukit, lot 2088 inside Hall 2. And if you are lucky, Pak Samad might be there as well. Pak Samad was there today. Few people were taking pictures with Pak Samad. I really like what they do with their booth. It looks creamy fresh, simple, mcm ada a bit dash of sophistication. Ni bukan mengampu yer. Since friends and families were there too, they made the booth mcm happy2 jer - welcoming leisure style. There were books on tables, spread and displayed nicely - not simply packed berlambak on shelves. Tu yang bagi nice warm feelings kot. I looked around and finally grabbed three books for my anak buah. Tapikan, sekarang ni Pak Ucu dia tgh baca dulu laaa.-Bendera Di Atas Bukit. I managed to catch a glimpse of some art on wooden frames - awesome!!

Balik kat chiter Kak Emila. I met her in flesh. Haha, agak terkujat la. I do not expect to meet any blogger in reality when i first started blogging. But, hey, blogging opens up doors to many things i say. She suggested me taking picture with Pak Samad. Alamak malu la.. hehe.. Terima Kasih yerr Kak Emila. So, having kept the picture rattan frame for so long, finally dapat jugak la bagi. And the best part too, Kak Emila handed me her handmade notebooks - few lots of them- Dalam hati.. i was like, "alamak segannya..sambil nyanyi Ku malu tapi mahu" Thank you.. Thank You Kak Emila. They are wonderful. Now it is like.. "My preciouss...preciouss!!" I really didnt expect to receive something, as i had this one thing in my mind.go to pwtc.recce.see Kak Emila.then off to see my father.How i come to meet up with her? Long story. To make it short..here is a brief. It was when i posted my rattan picture frames that i received her comment stating that she would like to buy. Alas, those were not for sale. I was surprised by the fact that someone would be interested in buying one, (yerr laaa..dok rotan lama sgt,err tak la lama sgt pun, tak dpt bayang ada orang minat..) that i decided to gift one for free. I asked one of my student to make another one just for Kak Emila with bits and bytes of changing here and there. So, thats it. I think from time to time, i might do give-away to0 (of course rattan stuff la), but not by mentioning it on my post. Kira macam cabutan bertuah rahsia. huhu..
So, here are the stuffs from Wirabukit. Those three books which Pak Ucu dia kena habiskan dulu baru bagik anak buah and few handmade notebooks made by saper lagi, Kak Emila - Emila Illustrated Blog. Huhu. I just shot two notebooks jer. Check out the red circle.

Now i am getting worried my post is getting longer and longer :) I should refrain myself from writing long post. It has indeed been a hatrick - three in a row. =P Orait, hepi sunday, hepi blogging, do fuel my blog (comment maksudnya).. who knows you might get something from me. My second give-away is out and should reach that particular blogger in few weeks time. Now, my third give-away? wait and see. :)
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  1. Wah panjangnya Rizal tulis! Thank you for promoting Wirabukit. Glad you like my handmade blank books. I love the frame set - it's beautiful!! And thank you for the goodies as well! I'll blog about it soon! Stay tune!

  2. haha..kak emila..tuu laaa..terpanjang pulak tulis.. ni memang kena ikat tangan lepas nii dari tulis panjang2.

    More than heppy for that blank books. Thank you.. besok kena panggil budak tuuu and bagi some kat dia. as for me, i keep some too..hehe

    love that "I love doodling".. nak guna untuk inspirational doodling book..hu hu

    hehe..will check kak emila site soon..and again and again..


  3. pasti ada jutaan buku kan ...memang mantap ...I'm really love book

  4. memang jutaan pak bono.. mantap sekali..

    udah sampai bingung dibuatnya.. nasib ajer uangnya tidak dibawa banyak..


  5. wowww kak emila sgt kreatif n rajin giteww.. i masih ternanti2 frame rotan pak rizal yg cantik itewww,.. (agak-agak bila la dia nak pas ke bilik depan).. heheh

  6. wah wah wah..ingat dah lupa...

    ni nampoknyer kena tempah second batch frame kayu tuuu
    kalo nak frame tuuu.. abang rizal buleh bagi tapi tak dak rotan.. ida buleh letak gambo hubby lepas tuuu tatap laaa puas-puas yerrr...


  7. Abah pergi KLIBF tu hari jumaat. Itupun dah ramai manusia. Dalam memilih2 buku untuk ofis, sempat juga sambar 2,3 buku untuk koleksi peribadi.

    Harap rizal sihat hari ni insyaAllah.

  8. Terima Kasih abah,

    lama tak dgr chiter? sihat? bertamboh2 sihat..semenjak smoothie tidak lagik termasuk dalam diet..


    have fun abah dengan orang baru dalam keluarga yerr..

  9. Salam..

    Wahh suka dgn artwork NurAzmi tu ya.. hehe.. artis Mambo Di Kuale.. patut dia bertugas setiap hari.. tp menghilangkan diri.. hahaha.. kepenatanlah tu..

    ok.. kipidap yo gud wek..

  10. terima kasih oraet.com

    kerana sudi singgah..hihihi..musykil nii macammana buleh sampai ke sini tuan empunyer hehe..

    apa2pun, nice work..

    orait bro, i ll kipidap the gud wek :)

  11. salam.. sori bra.. dah kat sebulan baru nak balas..

    hehe.. tersinggah sini tu hari ikut rombongan bas dr emilayusof.com aaa. hehee.. selamat berjuang..


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