Yuuhuu..Alamak nak berkulat dah blog restnrileks ni. Sorry people. It has been a while. Currently i am swarmed with works. So, today, i ve decided to post something after being "nudged" by one of my fellow bloggers, asking me to update my post. The first one is a quick illo which i haven't got time to finish. It was supposed to be for last week IF theme - "worry". However, as i drew, i changed it to something else and therefore, passed last week theme. Hey!! I still manage to fulfill my weekly quota of one Illo per week right?. : ) So, here it goes : Miss Jha'leen is having fun dancing with other mythical creatures deep in the forest. She just goes to her favourite spot, far from the rest of the community, and dance all her way. No worries about having to be a ladylike fairy. Huhu.. Yeah you go girl!!

2nd is a collective pictures of another rattan crafts - Rattan Basketry Coiling Technique. Just few variations on different colours used. Idea development on form has not been carried out yet. Basically, these baskets still retain the basic form. Nevertheless, using colours and patterns do tell us how to improve and pay attention on certain areas. We also agree that certain types of dyes should only be used when applying coiling technique. So, in the future, we hope to come, at least "okay" when trials on forms take place. (Though we know making certain dynamic forms would not be easy as ais kacang.) Ohhh.. please do not pay attention on my working desk..yeah i know, it is a bit messy. Hehe.

3rd, is a sketch done by one of my final students (NorAmin), which i really hope will turn well as a product. "From concept to reality" as we always say. If not, then i guess we will have a good laugh then,haha. Alas, though we have counted every aspect in terms of design, there are always still possible unforeseen circumstances that may arise. (Harap2 idak la). This is a design of dining table of four - Modern Artistic Piece is the direction. The legs will be weaved using spiky technique (not shown in the picture). Single Weave (Anyam satu) will be on the back rest. The Seat and the table top will be weaved using various techniques to create certain pattern. Colour theme : Black and orange. Material used - Wood, Metal and Rattan. The design is somewhat difficult to construct since we have reduced the basic supports and replaced with certain ways of jointing. The illusion is to have it look not sturdy enough for its lack of supports (legs might wobble for chairs and table), yet, still sturdy. Hopefully, our calculations would be right. Kalau tak, habiss. I ll post the finish piece in three weeks time from today.

Ohhh..in answering few bloggers comments : -
Shinade - selamat berjaya bersama EC yer. I am still trying to keep up with the droppings. Slow connection has somehow made me not a successful dropper. hehe. I have yet to link you. :)
Phatelara - Udah update blog ni dan siap bersih2kan sawang kat blog ni lagi. Bau wangi tak sebab dah spray dengan ambi pure blog ni tadi.. hehe..
Bro Zubli - Sorry tersilap taip..bukan Rizal yang kena assess..tapi Rizal yang assess budak2.. Haha.. Result , Rizal pasti repeatkan 3 orang pelajar. Hehe.

So, there you have it. My quick three-type story for this post. Heppi blogging and have a great day everyday yaa..
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  1. Amboi, Miss Jha'leen..bukan main lagi ekk dengan pepokok kat hutan. =)

    Thanks for updating ler, Abg Rizal. =) Suka tgk kraf rotan dan illo sumer. Great job!

  2. Terima Kasih debbie..

    akhirnya, bersih jugak sawang2 kat blog tu. hehe..

    ehhhh tak tidur kerr..ni dah jam berapa? nii musti gi dancing2 ngan Miss Jha'leen yerr? ihik ihik ihik

  3. Hahaha..takla, kejap lagi nak tido. Sejuk2 ni best tido berbungkuskan selimut. =)

    Nak kasi ikan makan jap! :) Selamat hari minggu! (By the way, kat Sarawak 1 dan 2 Jun, Hari Gawai..saya tak balik..huhuhu)

  4. Selamat menyambut Hari Gawai yerr..

    Terima Kasih sebab bagi ikan rizal makan. rizal pun sendiri dah lupa nak bagi ikan tuu makan hehehehe..

  5. saya suka lengan baju miss jha'leen. dan elf dua ekor itu. hehe.

    teruskan berblog tentang rotan ya! keep up the good work!!

  6. Good idea la your student. i really want to see the result of the product. "the real one". hehehe

    i'm sleepy.. just got back from lunch. heavy lunch. haha

  7. salam tetap suka that coil..but not the color one..suka yg naturallll

  8. Hello rizal!

    Miss Jha'leen looks so happy...and the tree characters are very cute!

    your student's furniture design is great...hope the executed piece turns to be so good!

  9. salam manggo,

    thanks.. thanks for keep coming back here.. yeah i know that i havent been faithful during these few days since i am warmed with works.. but bear with me ya..

    p/s: miss Jha'leen says "hi.."

    Halo pupu,

    Well, i really really hope that the idea will be executed as what we intend it to be. Currently we are facing some problems in fabricating certain things in the design.. tak per laa..tgk camne.. i doubt it would be a sample.. more of a prototype.. hehehe

  10. salam arsaili,

    terima kasih kerana singgah.. tak pa kalau suka yang warna natural pun.. :)

    helo zari,

    Thanks. Miss Jha'leen says hi and "Apa Khabar?"

    Well, i hope so.. Hope everything turns out all right. :)

  11. Pak Rizal thanks kepada sokongan berterusan untuk bonoriau

  12. Aik, Rizal, aper cita? Manyak ngayam rotan ker. Alih-alih ternampak you kat Indonesia jer. Hehehehehe...

  13. Salam Rizal! Oh I like this one. Awak are a good artist.

    Saya have been out in the middle of nowhere on this journey in the truck.

    But, I am trying to get caught up today.

    Sailahlah forgive me for missing a couple of days.

    Teri8ma kasihh for this great share!:-)

  14. ishhhh nape nama dia MISS JHALEN.. tsk glamer la u .... kalo u nak i ada nama sesuai tuk princess u tu. hhehehhe

  15. helo pak bono,

    thanks to for keep supporting restnrileks ya. i ll try to keep up my support to you at maximum level.. :)

    salam bro zubir,

    agak sibuk akhir2 ni bro.. anyam rotam, bebel students yang naik merenyam, hehehe.. kursus lagi.. tuuu yang blog restnrileks nii nampak cam sunyi sepi. hihi

    haa ahh..lately jarang ada kat rumah..sayik tinjau2 ke luar negara kadang2 samapai gak ker indonesia sana tuu hehehe

    helo shinade,

    thanks for dripping by,
    that journey sounds like fun - you ve got things to experience, i am sure you will. :)

    Selemat Perjalanan yer.. (Safe Journey!)


    salam ida,

    Nama miss Jha'leen tuu yang glamour asal usul dari jalin satu-dua jalin tiga. hehe.. Abng rizal tau apa yang ida nak cakap.. hehehe.. cukup cukup..shhhh shhhh


  16. bakul rotan tuh looks awesome..!!

    Happy Sunday to you..
    today is June 22..

  17. Terima Kasih Nikli,

    Lama tak nampak! hehe

  18. bagus la design si kmbar(amin),dulu dia mule2 msyuk ikn cm terpksa je ambk kos rotan tp skang alhamdulillah power gak la design dia ek. apepun tahniah la kt si kmbr tu...drpd x senior dip 2005.


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