Well, i was in Sabah from 29.04.08 - 2.05.08 for my "lawatan kerja sambil melancong" buleh? hehe. This was my third trip to Sabah. I was in Kota Kinabalu, Tawau and Semporna to be exact. It was a scorching hot on the day we arrived at KKIA, but then thunderstom took over the next day. Knowing that i would be in KK, i took the liberty of bringing my ATC to pass them to mangosteenskin. Yaa..the ATC Swap Thingy. Heck, i did my first layer colouring on 8.00 am that morning and finished all three on the plane. Haha. The passenger next to me was curiously looking most of the time while I tried to finish my ATC. Even skipped my meal (but still took the food la) .

So, on the first day, i finally met, that creative Sabahan blogger known as Mangosteenskin. Mango n hubby picked me and my colleague - Linda. We had a great time. Both of them were very warm and made us felt very welcoming there. Got a bit of history here and there, especially more details on Pulau Gaya. Mango's Hubby used to work in tourism industry, and that would explain the excellent PR. Clap! clap! They even drove us around the whole KK and got a chance to see the KK Times Square. Up close and personal. Had our dinner - On Mango's hubby treat ( thanks again) - at Jesselton. Nice surroundings in spite of few unexpected things. I guess we all now learn something there. hehe. :) I guess, we have made ourselves (me and Linda) new Sabahan friends. You rock (Manggo and Hubby) huhu.

Now, when going for a trip, be it for business or pleasure, one cannot avoid the experiences of "makan-makan." Oh my, such experiences!!. From the delicious cheap seafood, spicy mouth watering tomyam, sweet and tender payau (deer) soup, heavy sup banjo to drinks like refreshing Ginseng Flower Tea. I think i put some weight now after eating all those great food. Haha. But, it would be a sin if you didnt try any of that. And please, dont even think of diet if you are on a trip. That would be just soooo wroooonggg.. unspeakabale!! hehe You can always do your workouts later once you get back home. Even though it was a business trip. "Makan-makan" was having the same weigh ratio. Haha.

Manggo and hubby treated us again for another great breakfast. Ayoyo, i was sweating all the time from eating that hot n spicy food. Keke. Then, off to market.. Hubby even belanja us some ikan kering (thanks again Hubby). Later, Mango accompanied me and Linda to Pasar Filipin. Well, as expected, Linda was rambang mata looking at all those stuffs. Yeah i just call them stuffs. Haha. She ended up buying quite some items. Heck! and she did bargain, bargain and bargain. She was good. Haha. Ohhh, swarovski dear?

Well, here is a picture of Kota Kinabalu -A glimpse from signal hill. We walked on the whole town to experience what it had to offer on the first day we arrived there, at night though. Pasar malam, shops, bars, watching people semua kami tgk dan redah..haha. Well, i like the fact that you can experience a bit of this and that on the town itself, and all on walking distance. I am pretty much sure that KK can offer something for you on all these three things - see, hear and taste. :)

Well, here are some pictures of things happened during our visit there. I think few will just do fine.

Last but not least, the Peak a Boo story. Haha. This was something i must say. On my second night, i experienced what we all would say as "entity" in my hotel room. Huhu.. While watching tv, i thought i noticed a black figure just poking out from the dress sliding cupboard. It was like a three second peek-a-boo movement - from in-out and in again. I just ignored it thinking it might be my black t shirt hanging in that cupboard. Then, there it was again for 2nd time (three-five minutes later). Mannn, i got this rush of heartbeat but i stayed calm, ignoring, just kept my eyes on the TV. Kept saying to myself it was my black tshirt. Now, the third time, that black thing was coming out even further. It was like this figure of a thing from side view - pochong like style but was fully black. Ohhhh mak kao apocot!!! Tak sanggup den. I quickly rushed to that cupboard and closed that thing immediately. I had this chill feeling on my neck. I kept walking back and forth in my room and every time i walked to that cupboard, i got this chilled feeling and tremendous goosebumps on my neck. At the same time, i was having a terrible stomach ache. Damn! damn! Now, kept saying to myself, "ni kalau masuk tandas..keluar2 tandas mender tuu tercegat depan tandas..mau aku jerit satu floor.." Lastly, i called Linda and asked her to stay in my room while i took a quick shower and a **** haha. Luckily nothing happened for the rest of the night. I did want to change to another room actually. Haha. What an experience!!

All i can say, Sabah trip was great. Met my blogger friend and met new friend - Manggo and hubby. Tasted that delicious food. Saw people. Understood and respected those cultures. And Played Peek - A - Boo. Haha. In terms of ranking(my personal ranking though) - Sabah is definitely in no.1 (no.2 is Langkawi) of all states that i have visited in Malaysia.

Well, i guess now it is back to usual stuffs. Oh my, i have missed two weeks of Illos - Primitive and Wrinkle. "Seed" I am on and ready to go. Have a great weekend and hepi blogging yaa.
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  1. Wahhhhh..makan2! Seronok giler yer Rizal kat KK?

    Apa la yang dok main peek-a-boo tu agaknya? Ish if I were to see that, tak tau lah mcm mana.

    Anyway, selamat kembali dari cuti+kerja yang mengenyangkan! Your ATCs look lovely. =)=)

  2. ha ah..dok terlebih makan-makan dah ni..ayoyo kena makan phytofiber nak betulkan perut yang terlebih makan..hihi

    ntah laa..heran jugak..tapi memang cuak masa tuu..

    thank you for that ATC..tunggu masa nak bertukar2 swap jerr..huhu

    kalau tahun depan rizal ker sarawak..buleh laa jumper debbie..hihi

  3. firstly, thank u for that well-elaborated part of mangosteenskin n hubby. Dan letak gambar muka kembang semangkuk tu. Hehe. Now u even get urself a "Sweet Memory Hotel" in Sabah. Huhu. Rizal lemah semangat koooott..

    eh, no story abt the interviews ka incik rizall?

    I'm happy to meet u guys. panjang umur, murah rezki, kita jumpa lagi!

  4. haha..lemah semangat..tak jugak..tapi memang tak suka nampak mender2 camtu..sebab selalu sgt buleh nampak.. kat genting nampak..trengganu nampak..seremban nampak..sedangkan orang lain tak nampak..tak besh oooo..haha

    stroy interview tak masuk..kang panjang pulak post..hehehe..chiter dlam nii just yang pleasure part jerr..business kena edit..hehe

    yeah.. memang happy jumper manggo n hubby.. panjang umur murah rezeki kita jumper lagi..huhu

  5. salam....

    u one lucky lad... went on a vacation and blessed with a 'visit' huhuhu

    there are extremely sensitive people who were blessed to sense or even see a glimpse of the supernatural entity....

    lucky lad... huhuhu

  6. salam kembali wahai "anak pak aziz"

    some ppl would say as a bless

    which ever it is.. memang tarak gemar itu benda datang mengejut2.. sebab pastinya terkejut hahaha..

    unless they present themselves mcm fairy2 mcm lord of the rings too tak per jugak..huhu.. i hate when it comes in Ju-On style you know..haha

    anyway selmat bersinggah dan bagi komen..rajin2 lerr lompat ke sini..

  7. uhuuuu.. abg rizal bestnyerr g sabah.. dapat jumpa fren blogger lg... shoppping2 lagik.. sungguh ku menjeles...

    tp teramat la takutt kalo ida yg ternampak peek a boo tu.. mau terjerit2 rasanya.. huhu.. kalo nak kesana harus ida pegi ada teman sebilik... takottttt...

  8. wahhh pic bos pun terenterframe.. sonoknya makan2 sana.. jumpa mango lg gitew... nampak trip yg sonok..

  9. haa ahhhh, makan makan jerr kat sana

    seronak laa jugak..lawat sana sini..pegi makan...tgk budaya..tgk perangai..tgk tempat...

    tak syok nyer kena peekaboo jerr ngan abobooo..hahahaha..

    hehehe bos pun terenterprem..siap amikkan gambar kami sekali..hehehehe

  10. Kalau tahun depan Rizal ke Sarawak, blm tentu saya ada kat sana. Markas saya kat KL ni hehehe..=)

    Kena cari blogger yang memang dok kat sana la nih..=)

  11. Wah bestnya dapat jumpa Manggis! Tapi part dekat hotel tu menyeramkan eee! Takut! Kalau saya dah lari tumpang bilik Linda! Tapi Rizal tak bolehlah share dengan Linda hehe!

  12. wah.. bes nyer dapat g sabah.. cam bes jek sabah.. tp tak taw ar pesal tak terjejak2 kaki lg kat sana. huhuu

    Wah kedua sbb siap jumpe Mangosteenskin. hehe.. cute nyer dia dgn suami dia.. hahaha..

    wah yang ketiga, weh dah siap dah tag tuh.. hakhakhak.. ntah pape.. sorry sbb cam agak mengarut jek.. still kepenatan drive balik dr KL ari nih.. (kul 4.23pm sampai, g carik gambar, mengedit gamba dan everything in between, kul 2.15am baru siap.. adeh.. sok kene bangun kul 6am plak tuh.. nak antar my mum g keje.. (duk umah cuti jadik driver sepenuh masa.. huhuu)

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  14. Seed IF... I;m waiting for it... i wanna see!!! hehaha.. ohh.. HI RIZALL! Long tym ekk i haven't visited you here. *gimme high 5*

  15. atuttttttttttttttttttttttt
    ader momok !!!!

    but gempaks larrr
    me pun meremang bulu roma bila baca
    dah la duk umah sorang2 selalu
    but thanks god
    x-pernah jumpa apa2 lagi
    cuma 2 malam lepas
    around 4 pagi
    masa me perg dapur ( my house at second floor )
    nampak ader sesusuk lembaga itam arang lintas kat coridor bawah

    antuuuuuuuuuuuuuu arang kayu bakauuuuu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ( pengsan sat )

  16. aloha phatelara,

    ohhh markasnyerr kat kl rupanyerrr.camtu.huhu. ingatkan markasnya kat sarawak..hehe

    aloha kak emila,

    haaa ahh seronok dapat jumpa manggo.
    tang hantu tuuu...uikss tak leh nak cakap apa..tuu yang minta linda teman kejap sementara quick shower ngan panggilan alam..hahahaha..lepas tuu dia balik bilik dia semula..kekekeke

    aloha bluecrystaldude,

    wah first time reply bm panjang-panjang..i thought u kinda having difficulties conversing in BM, haha..gurau gurau jgn marah.
    i like that tag..hehehe..musti buat dgn penuh semangat..siap ada ais kacang dgn lebih satu gambar..tapi memang kira reminiscences laa kann..ehhh you should tag another 5 you know, and make the list grows longer n longer..hehehe

    aloha ladyjava,

    considered it done..errr ada freebies free java coffee kerr kat your blog? tee heee

    aloha pupu,

    lama tak singgah..kan ku siapkan illo ku mlm nii..huhuhu..yeah..here is your 5.. eiii its monday..jgn lupa -
    tra cha cha.. tra cha cha chaaa.. =)

    aloha megat,

    huhu..momoks - jgn pandang belakang yerr..just pandang depan..wow..hantu arang...memang selalu kelibat-kelibat camni present diri dia dalam bentuk hitam and such... i think dual parallel world.. and some ppl say it takes a lot of energy for them to present themselves to us too..tak tahu laa betul kerr tak.. tu sebab kalo orang kena rasuk both parties pun penat..

    ehh megat..any chance seeing you join sekali IF - illustration friday.. jom join jom

    wah wah, penat nii taip laju laju dalam satu nafas nii balas (konon laaa..heheehhe)

  17. Seronoknya kalau trip macam ni selalu. Sure enjoy habis.

    Malang sekali, trip abah selalunya, tak se'happening' macam trip rizal.Lusa terpaksa ke KK sekali lagi, and I can imagine that it end up like my previous trips - kerja, kerja, kerja.

    Peek-a-boo?? Nanti boleh la bagi skrip kat David Teoh, suruh dia buat citer peek-a-boo lak bro. Ekekkeke.

    Take care.

  18. kira alhamdulilah abah..

    sekali sekala kan...buat penghibur hati..

    wah abah pun nak ke sabah jugak..baguih laa.. jgn lupa konsep work n play yerr..tapi jgn pulak amik konsep rest n rileks.. hehehe

    dok mana? nanti rizal suruh itu "peek - a - boo" kasi jengah sama abah okay..

    huhu.. selamat ke kk

  19. had a great time kat sana nampak.. :)
    my good fren will fly to KK this coming June.. n i mungkin ke sana this November, just a cuti cuti trip.. never been there before..
    n tambah excited bila dapat baca this kinda entry.. lagi teringin nak pegi..

    n tht peekaboo things, mm itu mungkin cara utk "dia" nak welcoming u kott.. saja laa tuh nak memain ngan org baru gamaknya..

    "dia" tak ikut balik ke.. oppsss..

  20. yup nikli..

    i had a great time. Great to hear that you will be there in November. Have a great trip ya.. huhu..

    try la.. just dont have any expectations.. try dgn zero expectation then you will experience that place better..

    ewah ewah..suka nampak tang peekaboo.. nanti aku hantar kat blog hang buleh? kekeke.. =)


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