Well, this is my IF for this week - "forgotten." Hey..Group photo.. Snap shot time!! : ) The whole group decides to take a group photo as a remembrance, of how they have come to terms of respecting and understanding each other, in spite of their obvious differences. They seem happy and in much fun, after knowing and living together. They believe that event like this, should not be "forgotten," for it serves as a proof that we can learn to live together, if we choose to, and thus make this world a better place. Pen-ink, water colour and colour pencils. Hope you enjoy it.

Have fun, Happi blogging and have a great day everyday.
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  1. hahahaha. funny. belum baca lagi saya dah ketawa tgk illo tu.

    good job rizal! and very good take on the theme too. u're right, photos are very precious coz they connect us to smthing that has passed or gone in our life. a way to keep memories.

  2. salam mango,

    hehe.. well, rasa seronok pula manggo dah ketawa walaupun belum baca. Semua tuu tgh sedia "posing" nak bergambar tuu.. abang ngan adik yang tukang susun posisi..hehe

    i agree, a way to keep memories so that we can cling to em. Most important they wont get lost or be forgotten.. hehehe :)

  3. Hi,fantastic illo!
    Could you tell me how can I find these three little rabbit?
    I really love these funny guy!!!

  4. Nice colors and characters. Awesome work as always.

  5. Hi Rizal. Happy blogging to you? Were you the one who made the graphics. If you do, then I would like to say that you did a very great job.

  6. hi there rizal, long time didn't drop by here. Have a great week ahead ye!

  7. simply gorgeous Rizal !!!

  8. Nice one Rizal....
    I love photos too...mmmm yela kan because Im a scrapper...lol...

  9. such a good story.
    Your illo sure detail and fancy!
    Love the colors!

  10. Hi Rizal! Wow! This is wonderful! Love all your unique creatures!

  11. helo parisa,
    these three little rabbit? hihi
    i love those funny guys too. :)

    Helo ammon,
    thank you.

    Helo chiz,
    Happi blogging to you too. :) Yup, i did the graphics. Thank you.

    Helo syari,
    Thank you for dropping by. You have a great day everyday too yaa :)

    Helo Kak ida,
    i love taking photos. A great way to remember great events. :)

    Helo May,
    Terima Kasih sebab sudi singgah. :) Glad that you like the colours.

    Helo Kak Emila,
    Thank you. They all say "hi..." and love to visit your creations one of these days.. hehe :)

  12. saya semakin tertarik untuk ikutan di illustration friday. tapi apakah saya sanggup ya?

  13. Like your IFs. Wish I could be as imaginative to come out frequently with something like that. Need a theme for my upcoming monthly bead project.

    From your blog, think we have much in common :)

  14. salam sdr, apa kabar..happy blogging too

  15. huhuuuuu so many characters in ur illo but so intresting composition....hehehheh

  16. @antown -

    ayuh mari join IF. Saya mula2 dulu begitu juga. Lama2 cuba.. boleh. Bagus sebab kita boleh lihat hasil2 para illustrator yang lain di luar sana..

    ayohhhh..mari join yok..!!

    salam Kak Norzihan,
    Terima Kasih kak Zihan..terima kasih sudi singgah. I like what you do too. I think they are great.. :)

    Salam BCD,
    Hehehe..memang meriah meriah... cuba dimeriahkan..

    Salam Arsaili,
    Selamat kunjung kembali.. saya okay okay jerr. Terima kasih sebab sudi kunjung lagi. :)

    Salam Ida,
    Thank you thank you.. i think this is the first comment ever without that harsh critique from you. hehehe :P

  17. wahhhhh i bg harsh critic ke??? hehehhe tak perasan lak.. khek kehekhe

  18. As usual nice work. how u mate it's long time......knoc knoc.

  19. hey sameer,

    thanks for dropping by, yeah it has been a while..

    pretty much exhausted from over swarming of works lately.. :)

    how are you?

  20. hi there..
    lama tak datang sini..

    but, ur blog is still unforgettable..kene kah theme with my comment.. hahahaa...

  21. Terima Kasih Nikli,

    Harap2 blog ni wont be "forgotten" laa kan..


    Per2pun, mekasih beb still ambik masa datang sini..

    selamat hari ahad..huhu

  22. teringat kenangan tangkap gambar reramai masa skolah dulu...

    bnayak kenangan tidak dapat dilupakan :)

    adakah aku melupakan mereka
    adakah mereka melupai aku

  23. hmmmm...apakah jawapan yang sebenarnya?

    yang pasti, gambar satu cara untuk kita tidak melupakan saat itu.. huhu

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