Lately, there has been something lurking on the net- from one blog to another. Nothing sinister enuff though..though i am hoping for some wicked gothic thing making into the Malaysian blogspehere scene. Hehe. I cant believe if you ve missed it. It is pretty much, side or middle part of your space. Stirring quite a commotion on most of your blog space. My imaginative friend – Mr Soo Maa Chor, however finds it quite irritating and annoying. “Sooo Keepohh” he said on one occasion. “Hellooo – must u be the only one - Mr. Soh Maa Chor?” i replied with a grin smile. It seems that this Mr. Soh Hem Sem knocks way down Mr. Soh Maa Chor egoistic feeling. Hehe..

Now, who the heck is this Mr. Soh Hem Sem? Check him out here at Cant believe that he has this cool super power man. Cool Super Duper Power of Hair Perfection. Yeah , just throw what you can imagine.. and still see how awesome his hair is. You just name it – the street..the hustle..the suave..the wacky wild..the sleek or should i say the “slick” hehe. Ohhh.. just go over there and check it out yourself. (“Ohhh yeahhh... just try doing that without “the strong wax,” “the extreme wax,” or “the reshaper gum..” – Mr. Soh Maa Chor screams from the back) “Woooiii – diammm boleh tak?” ehem..ehem.. sorry about that. Mr. Soh Maa Chor is making a tantrum. : ) If you are wondering, those three are not some magic potions brewed by some dark wizards okay... Hehe. These are brylcream hair wonders. Come in three choices. They are things that i am sure you will find handy going thru your daily lives. Believe me!!

Hey, do check it out there.. finally, there is something sinister and wicked – “The Grudge” ..oooooo weee I like this the best. :) Go and explore all the things they offer there. Push and try all the buttons yaa!! ;)

Ohhh, while you are there too, just check some videos of “Mr. Soh Hem Sem” wanna be. Nothing wicked though, but i bet that you will find some of them hillarious. Hehe. They did finally choose three winners.

So, there you have it, a tiny bit of Mr. Soh Hem Sem. Guess i am going to try on one of those three “brewed potions” later this evening. Look tempting!! Well, i leave you with my imaginative friend here – Mr. Soh Maa Chor – posing using those three “brewed potions” - So, who do you like best “ Mr. Soh Hem Sem or Mr. Soh Mar Chor? Hehe and dont forget to check out

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11 ulasan:

  1. eh, saya suka lukisan orang itu. mr. soh maa chor.

    lain dari lain-lain illo rizal sebelum ni.


    hm, apakah ini satu peraduan atau sort of pay per post?

  2. salam mango,

    hehe.. tuu kira quick sketches..

    memang lain sebab buat cepat.. kira sambil2 minum nescafe and buat..

    Mr.soh mar chor bukan dari kalangan group2 fantasi "abang n adik.." hehe PPP.. gulp gulp..

    Salam haziiq of BCD,
    where are you? tuuu tuuuu..cuba carik..hehehe

  3. i've to check that site!

    funny sketches, and i liked a lot the "forgotten" illo...specially the tress!

  4. I found you and mangosteenskin in twitter. heheh. I follow you and mangosteenskin. hehe..

  5. so funny sketches on that site..hahahaha

  6. thanks zari..

    glad that you like the forgotten illo.. yeah it has been a while.. thanks for coming back..

    halo pupu,

    rizal pun follow balik pupu kat twitter..huhu

    salam axim...

    aku paling suka yang ju on tuu..hehehehe

  7. huhuhuuuu... buatla style rambut pompuan lak.... patutnya u kena jd model tu... hihihi

  8. Mana boleh.. sebab tuu kan

    Mr. Soh Mar Chor.. Bukan Mr. Soh Pre Tee..


  9. aku suke yg pakai cermin mata tu
    rasanye lebih krg mcm aku kot
    kacak ke aku ni?
    hahahaha.... perasan LOL

  10. huhuhu.. apa pun boleh incik shahril..

    kao apa chiter sekarang?


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