The Award
Whoaho! I receive and award from May and Pupu at the same time. Both are creative bloggers whom i really admire they style of works. Thank you..thank you.. oh!.. hihi.. Check both of them out. The whole party is dancing their heart out upon receiving the news that Restnrileks has been awarded. Yeah.. cucuk langit beb.. Everybody dance now.. tet!! tet!! tetereeeett!! tet..

The rules of accepting are as follows:-

1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

So, I am passing this award to these wonderful, talented, creatilicious artsy crafty bloggers who happen to be known as..
1. Antown 2. Megat 3. Mangosteenskin 4. Emila 5. Debbie 6. Kak Ida 7. Fun Fliffy

Well, my package has finally arrived. Yup, the ATC that we do. Since this is an ATC of "3 of 3", so i receive Debbie, Kak Emila and Mangosteenskin cards. Whoaho! Simply Brilliant and love them all. They look awesome "up close and personal". I am glad that i took part, I can now savour my own moment with these marvelous cards. My preciousssss... my precioussss...

Went to MPH Jusco Maluri and bought myself three books ( This was around 9pm just now). They are Monologue A6 Skecth Book ( not for sketching though but will serve as my handy note book), You Can Draw (which i have long wanted since i read about it on Kak Emila's blog) and Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Hard Cover. Previously, i read the last chapter of HP on my lappy on e-book format which was killing me. Imagine, 2 straight days sitting on my chair trying to finish that 700+ pages in PDF format, fingers clicking on the mouse, click! click! click!. I even skipped quit a number of pages. You cant get the same feeling as actually holding a book. So, buying the last book has finally completed my collection. I think i am going to read it again, faithfully, haha. Now, i m waiting for three more movies to complete my DVD set Collection - Half Blood and Deathly Hollows which will be made into 2 movies. Yeahhhh i know, I am nuts about Harry Potter.. Expeccctoo Patranummm... hehe

Ohhh that small white book is a hand-made note book given by Kak Emila, embellished with her own design. I did some doodlings onto it-using black ink and red pen- apart from the ready made "I love doodling" word. Hehe. That just proves that "I love doodling.." Whoaho.. Mekasih Kak Emila.

Love this "You Can Draw" Book. Price at rm29.90 This book will serve as another handbook for beginner like me. Been hunting this book for months. Too lazy to go to Borders or other book stores, so my previous hunting was based on bookstores nearby. Once i saw one pak chik bought the last book previously at MPH Jusco, then i asked that pak chik "ohhhh pak chik beli untuk siapa?" hoping that he would put it back.. Arghhhh tak berjaya hamber berkias-kias denganya. Hehe. So, finally, I have it. hehe. So, if you are a beginner like me, go and hunt this book wokey. Tak rugi, macam-macam ada.. hehe..

Alrighty then, i stop here now..

Have a great day, spread love and heppi blogging ya.

Pecah kaca berderai gelas, sudah baca sudi2kanlan membalas.. tee hee..
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  1. I bought Harry Potter on the day it was released, even though I was in the middle of exam at that time. Hehe. I couldn't help it to read as fast as I could and with help of anticipation rush, I finished it in 2 days. Hehe. Quite an accomplishment for me since I was in the middle of exam.

    Wah.. Doodling book? Ada jual gak heh? menarik2.. Oh, and congrats on your award :)

  2. I know...
    I was glued to my lappy trying to finish that 700+ pages. Rushed to finish it too as my body couldn't stand being in its uncomfortable state. hehe

    Buku doodling tu Kak Emila yang bagi. Handmade note book.

    Ohhh thanks..

    Lambat tidur.. huhu

  3. haha! rizal, pakcik pun beginner jugalah. part ni buat saya geli hati sungguh, mengimaginekan rizal bertanya soalan bonus. Hahahahahahaha.

    Sungguh tidak adil rizal nih, adaka patut kata dalam YM saya x layak beli buku ni. Hahahahahaha.

  4. aha.. pak chik tuu tak letak..

    dia maklum dia beli untuk anak dia... soo rizal kalah kat kasih sayang pok cik kpd anak dia.. hehehe

    hehe..adil expert-rizalkan kan beginner..


  5. thanks for your comment in my blog. i consider myself as a newbie in blogosphere. still have to learn a lot of things especially from otai blogger like u.

    congrats on the award u'd received.


    syam @

  6. Salam Syam..

    thank you.. i am not an otai..hehe.. just a blogger like you too

    but given certain amount of times, i am sure you blog will soar too (based on looking at your blog..)

    thanks for commenting here.. hope you enjoy your stay at restnrileks.


  7. Congrats Rizal and I see u have Manggis, Debbie and Emila all there on your llist, my fave bunch of creative bloggers YAY! :)

  8. Terima kasih nama blog saya sudah terpilih. Senang rasanya mendapat penghargaan yang menurut saya cukup luar biasa ini...

    Tetap berkarya!!

  9. thanks rizal for picking me,,
    ni 1st time dpt award
    speech ni panjang nanti rosak mic
    so i make it short,, wuuuuuuuuuuuu huuuuuuuuuu !! (jumping around) thanks again.. love reading ur entry.. very sincere and fun ~~

  10. congrats dapat awards ... semuga terus bersemangat blogging.

  11. Olla Kak Mariuca,

    Thank You. Memang Syok dapat hasil kerja tangan dari ketiga-tiga kreatig bloggers ni. They are my fav. bunch too.

    And thanks too for dropping comment here, especially from "power blogger" like you. Whoaho!

    Mas Antown,
    The Pleasure is all mine :). Teruskan berkarya yeah.. ohh yeahhh.

    Salam Fun Fliffy,
    No problem. You are most welcome.
    Keep on rocking your blog with that creative digital scrapping of yours ya. Whee haa!!

    Salam Pak Bono,
    Pergi travel ke? Bonotravel nampak sunyi akhir2 ni. Thank You, yup memang bersemangat ni nak teruskan "blog" huhu

  12. oh no, I just give you another award hehehe!

  13. Hehe..

    Eugenia, Thank you..thank you..

    I guess i have to buy a new shelf to put all those awards yaaa..


  14. Thanks a lot for giving your nice comment in my blog. Congratulation too for the ATC that you just received, they are all so cute too :)

  15. Wah so nice the ATCs la. :D hehehe.
    Unlucky of me.. my ATCs didn't arrived at Mangosteenskin. And the worst of all is .. i forgot when i sent the ATCs. *slap my forehead*

    "You can Draw" book is good. I did see the books somewhere at the bookshop. :D

  16. Helo rkdsgn88,

    Thanks for commenting here.. As we say in Malaysia "Terima Kasih" :)

    Love all your ACEO.. I think naming it ACEO does sound cool. huhu.. :)

    Olla Pupu,
    Ya ya ALL the ATC's are wonderlicious (suka-suka rizal jerr sekarang main gabung-gabung ayat..hehe)

    Sorry to hear that your ATCs have lost. Tak per laa..

    Care to join 2nd ATC which i ll be hosting. Probably during this week i ll post. :)

    Hehe.. you can draw is quite cheap. good reference for me to create all those weird illos.. haha

    heppi blogging

  17. Hi Rizal, tahniah, tumpang suka, happy doodling and blogging....

  18. Salam Kak Zihan,

    thank you..

    Happy doodling and blogging tuu kat kak zihan


  19. tq Rizal.

    Kak ida dah collect award ni, esok publish post kat blog.
    Ireen ada byk buku2 lukisan ni mostly beli masa warehouse sale.

  20. tq Kak Ida for collecting that award..

    Wah, i am sure Ireen must be creative since she has got herself those kind of books. Let alone her mum is a power creative blogger. huhu

    Have a great day.. ohh thanks for commenting.

  21. Eh? Hairan bin Ajaib! Saya ingatkan dah komen di sini *garuk kapala*

    Anyway, thanks for the award, Rizal!! Yehaa, tambahl lagi award saya! Eh cantiklah Rizal doodle kat buku tu!

    Bestkan buku you can draw tu? Anak2 buah Kak Emila pun dok guna buku tu as reference nak melukis.

  22. Hehe..

    Kak emila.. Kak emila memang dah komen sebelum ni, tapi bukan kat sini.. rasanya komen "Buku tuu bestkan Rizal.." kat shoutbox kak Emila yang rizal tinggalkan ari tu..

    tuuu yang rasa cam confused kot.. hehe

  23. Rizal, thanks for the award. Guess what? I gave it back to you because you're my fave creative blogger! :)

  24. Thanks debbie...

    i am honored...


    ehhh tak join ka second swap.. :)

  25. wahhh bestnya ada buku drawing tu kan.. patutla incik rizal ni ideanya mudah bercambah-cambah... good luck bro.....


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