Gosh!! it has been more than a week since my last post. Few things happened, but nothing fancy though. I was asked to judge a Handicraft competition that of BAKAT ATM year 2008 (with 3 others of course : my colleague, Incik Salikin - yup that famous fashion designer, and Prof Dr. Najib of Uitm). It was fun, the food was delicious and the hospitality was great too. They were really having great great fun time going berserk, in errr.. fun way when it was time to handout the prizes ( I guess they let themselves loose after all..ya la.. knowing how serious they must be during normal office hours :) ) Even I joined them screaming out loud though i had no idea who the winners were. I was going "Whoa.. yeahhhh huuuhu.." Yeah, just being a good sportsman i was. There were all 8 categories. Kudos to the organizer. The organizer was generous too giving all participants souveniers (plus monetory tokens). I made some calculations there while they were giving out prizes..err 8 x 8.. each received err RM.. 3rd 2nd 1st would receive.. therefore.. err by the end, i came up to a conclusion that.. lots of prizes and money were giving out, whoaho!! I was made to know that it had been 8 years since last they had anything like this. No wonder all the mad house running a muck here and there. Tee Hee. Lastly, all judges were giving.. errr some token as a sign of appreciation. Kaching!! kaching!! which led me to ordering Pizza Hut that night. Nyum nyum.

On a different note, how is your Page Rank doing? Up.. down..or remains the same. Mine just staying at 3. Cant say i am happy nor i am sad. But I am glad and happy that few of my blogger friends have theirs moving up one notch higher. Syabas! Ahli-ahli blogger. Teruskan usaha mu. Overall, i am happy as my technorati soars (Thanks Ginie), Alexa has gone to below that million
mark (used to be 2 million something ahak ahak) and PR remains. I realize now that blogger does offer in Malay (Bahasa Malaysia). Oh! i went to see Kak Ida Scrapper (this doesnt sound right - i mean the name..hmm) on Tuesday, finally ending the long waiting of wanted to give her the last of rattan frame. Check it out here.

As usual, i just do a bit of doodling in my spare time, extending to the next page of my previous doodling. Sorry about the quality. I just took using my camera handphone. Too lazy to use my digi cam. Btw, does anyone feel the heat lately? ssszzzzz.. The heat has somewhat become unbearable. Do drink plenty of plain water ya.

Whoaho! I was more than happy when I received Pupu ATC last tuesday. Previously, i informed Kak Aishah (my office clerk) that I was expecting packages.. I went on mumbling like.."Kak Aishah, nanti ada packaging simpankan yer.. ada dari Brunei, Indonesia, Kanada, Malaysia..dan Malaysia dan Malaysia..Malaysia..Malaysia" She was puzzled. When Pupu's arrived, she quickly rushed to me.. hehe..Yeah Pupu.. you are the first sender. Syabas ya!! One down, 14 more to go. I love her works. Awesome and creatilicious..as expected. Well, she has not only made 3 Atc but more like 3 sets of ATC. Each set comes with a personalised greeting card just for the lucky swapper, an ATC and a laminated gocco printed work of her which bears a mark of.... ahhhh i just let the lucky swapper read it later. I just post one set only..which i think is quite fair and more sexy that way.. haha.. keeping the adrenalin rush on, waiting for all to arrive. huhu..

That's it for now.. gosh.. the heat...

Heppy blogging and have a great day everyday..
Pecah kaca pecah gelas..sudah baca..sudi2kan lah membalas ya.
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  1. i can never be as rajin... ~sigh~

  2. Hello Rizal
    So sorry I haven't got the chance to do my trading card as I have promised! I got busy with new job and family visit! I will keep my promised but I will be late sending them out, I hope I get ok lah...
    keep in touch! Happy weekend!

  3. .....umpama panas terik seminggu...tiba2 hari ni hujan...cenggitu lah perasaan bila ada update dr restnrileks ni...hehe.

    ur doodle semakin cantik rizal...with the touch of colors...it's truely in its own class... keep up the good work! i'm sure by the end of this year u'll have a great collection of doodles.

    specialnya pupu punya atc.....mmg nakal taktik rizal ni bg tengok sikit2. hahaha. bikin hatiku jadi gundah....(sebab belum start buat ATC).. HAhahahaha.

  4. @roxychick,

    But you are rajin too.. syabas.. hope things go great this saturday ya..

    Dont worry. The dateline is not over yet. It is understandable too that most people are tied up to other things in their life as well. Will wait for the rest of the ATCs b4 i am making a another post. huhu. heppy weekend to you too may.

    wah mango, teruja betul baca komen yang umpama macam hari hujan setelah lama panas terik. hehe.

    Doodle.. thanks mango. Rizal suka buat doodle lepas tu diwarnakan dengan water colour.. cepat dan menarik nampak..huhu

    Haha..a'aah terkejut sebab Pupu hantar

  5. Sori mango..last comment tak habis..hehe

    a'aahh terkejut sebab pupu hantar dalam bentuk "package" ATC dia. beruntung tuu siapa yang dapat. huhu

  6. Wah Rizal jadi judge, congrats for being chosen, that must mean something! :)

    My PR pun same je, no changes for the past two rounds. :)

  7. Biasa ajerr jadi judge tuu..


    Yer laa Pr tak naik2, tapi at least your technorati bum ba da bing da BOOM! meletup2 naik .. huhuhu banyak backlinks lagi tuu.. :)

    My pr used to be 0 to 2 and 3 and now remains dalam 7 bulan ni. PR4, ayoooo tuu kena jadi full time blogger.


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  9. waaaa best tu.. jd judgea... congrats... bila dah jd judges ni takleh masuk competiton tau.. nti u menang.. hehhehehe.... ooo itewww doodling kat note book tu yerrkk.. cantiks....

  10. Pak Rizal thanks for the comments and please read my reply...heeee.

  11. hello Leet,

    thanks for dropping by. Have checked you site. Pretty impressive i must say. Wish i can draw like you. Alrite, i will give you an olla from time to time. :)

    Aloha Ida,
    kekeke.. ehhh kalu ada hadiah gak.. mustilah nak masuk.. nak sambar jugak hadiah itew kan? hehe.. hows life? hope semuanya okay arrr..

    Pak Bono,

    thanks for the comments.. sudah baca dan sudah reply juga.. tee hee.. :)

  12. wahaha.. I'm the first one!! Wehwuuu.. haha. I was worried you know. Luckily, they arrived safely at your place. hahaha. I bet your office clerk, pening2 lalat. did she know that you are doin' this swapping ATC? haha. :D

    Hows your weekend? Good? My orientation week.. aiyo.. letih lerrr.. but fun! :D

  13. @Pupu.

    Tak pe, semuanya dah selamat sampai. Hehe.. Lucily i ve told her b4 that i was expecting packages. keke. That's why she rushed to me when the package arrived.

    Weekend? As usual.. pretty much routine.. :)

    Glad to hear that you had fun. huhu.

  14. You know, actually, my technorati has been dwelling for the past weeks. It goes from 700 plus to just 400 plus. haha.. What the hell is happening? Please someone clear up the air for me... (not that I really care about the rank - what the purposes of it actually? hehe)

    And I haven't done my ATC yet. Damn.. Hope I could managed to do it..

    Finally I could comment your blog. I don't like to comment people if I do not have any new post. Hehe. Kesian plak orang datang nnt tak taw nak komen ape..

  15. hey blue,

    that's funny.. up and down.. cant be that 300+ just suddenly decided to ditch your link, couldnt they? Tak per tak per..

    tak your time about the atc thing. I havent started mine too.

    wahhh.. i am sure you have a new post huh. Funny thing.. i keep seeing new alert next to your link, but when i go there.. there is no new post.. something wrong with blogrolling?

  16. Rizal!!! Saya belum start buat ATC lagi! Sekarang juga saya buat!

  17. Kak emila, rizal pun belum buat juga.. hehe.. ni nak restnrileks beberapa hari kejap.. otak bengap dah tahap cipan dah ni.. :)


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