Hope i get your attention.. If the title does, then it's good to go.@nggaya

I am a bit tired. Wait, that would be an underestimate of the condition i am in now. I am exhausted. That feels right. Owh! i ve changed my advert form Advertlets to Nuffnang. So, I ll be more than happy if you could take that 3-question poll on the sidebar. Thanks!! I guess i need a bit of fresh air. I ve been serving Advertlets for quite some time and has had my fruitful shares, but it is time for me to move on. Let see how the pace is going to be with Nuffnang.

@nyerahNow going back to being exhausted. I am lately. Feels like my very essence is being sucked out of my life. Normally i would be saying like "I am tired of this..tired of that.." but i like to say that i am exhausted of theseeeee and thoooseeee. Now dont get me wrong. Life is indeed beautiful and i am grateful for whatever life throws at me. Some of my colleagues would probably say, "Zaman kemurungan tengah melanda " No..no.. i dont hate life. I love life. But life has become pretty much routine and i need some spices. Cant deny that a part of me has consistently asked me to let go of my current job, but, another part is very much happy clinging to it. I find myself more than often "sighhhh..."these days. Feels like being trapped in a vortex@damn. Pergi kerja, balik kerja, siap itu siapkan ini, drop entrecard, check blog, makan, tidur..bla bla bla.. the usual stuffs. I remember that i used to go out with my bro, out till 2-3 am in the morning, found ourselves cruising on Kl highway roads here and there, stopping at warung for mee mamak, nasi goreng kampung with telor mata or whatever we felt like eating. Life was much hectic back then, but.... It was quality time that i think i miss most, with everybody. Everything and everybody seems rushing on to something@tendang,from my perspectives at least. And it has been months since i last went out socially. I even got a nick name for being an "anti-social" lately. The one who-will-not-join-anything Ha Ha. Then the blogging thing.. I love blogging, but it has taken its toll too, especially with all those dropping and hopping that i do. It is true that they say, you gain something and you loose something. I want back the good feeling sipping a coffee and eating rm1 nasi lemak at my fav. warung. The soothing n calming effect of just resting. The tickles in my heart when just sitting down watching people at their natural state. Ohh my.. i do miss those simple2 pleasures in life. Shake yourself out Rizal!!. May be i just need a time out for a while to get back my vibe.
Now, i would like to hear what are your simple pleasures too. When things are a bit gloomy, things dont go your way, what do you do? What are your ways to cope with things? Please share with me, i might try and who knows i might love them too. Thanks.. thank you I say..
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  1. hye bro....

    Feel bored in life is normal...sometime we feel happy , sometime we feel sad, its depend to individual how they predict definition of bored..

    there is some tips to share with u..:

    1. defind ur NEED. what is the things or activity that u love to do..
    2. Try to get involve n gain more experience on that..
    3. Share with ur fren...
    4. it going to change your routine activity... its maybe simple but help...

    if i will suggest u..
    1. Publish ur creative writting or artwork...
    2. Create new hobby
    3. being a professional potographer...ahaks... thats all i don't have any idea.. if anything else i will write back to u.....

    If i, when i feel bored.. i'm drive alone n go anywhere until i'm tired...n also i love to shoppping... hehheheh

  2. Thanks to gave comment back in my site
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    ps : terima kasih :)

  3. Salam ida,

    Thanks for the advise. I guess i might try some of the things you recommend here.

    Create a new hobby? i cant even keep up with my current hobby and shopping? that means i need to arm myself with lots of money :) (hey you make me smile..) Well, whatever it is, i hope this feeling will eventually fade away. But knowing that it has been months i am like this.. i dont think it will in this near time.

    Thanks sis.. wish me the best of luck.. :)

    Apa khabar Leet?
    Thanks for dropping by, i ve added you too.
    The pleasure is all mine. Should you decide to have a different link name.. just hola me here at restnrileks.

    Selamat beristirehat ya..


  4. When things are a bit gloomy, I would write. Writing is a healing process for me.

    And yeah... I would also go to a place where I could watcth the sun sets. I love sunsets!

  5. I am getting ready to send you the Independent / Independence Swap ATC.... can I get your addy?

  6. well, my husband once told me that internet can come between couples. i'm sure it's a kind of hint.

    it's hard to deny that 70% of my life nowadays is spend in front of the computer, carving or drawing. i talk lesser and seldom meet people. even when i'm working with presence of other people around, i somewhat have some sort of capsule-building-mechanisme. I'm alone in the capsule and forget the time.

    i'm still figuring out how to make my life in balance.

    recently i take one day off everything as I felt my spirit starts to get lower, went shopping and window-shopping with my best friend, and stuffed ourself with fastfood, chat and gossiping, and take time to listen to my friend's (boring) affection towards bollywood stars. we chat almost everyday through YM but it's completely different having the chance to be "real" again.

    take a break, rizal. that's all you need.

  7. thanks bee,

    hmmm, writing sounds fun. Sunset is even better.

    I ve mailed your my add. Wah cepat juga siap yerr.. peserta yang kedua nampaknya.. :)

    Salam mango,
    Yeah, what your hubby said makes sense.. not only to couples but to others as well..

    I agree, maybe i ve forgotten the fun part of being "real" again. The feeling of being in a "real" world is more dynamics compared to the one i am stuck now.

    May be, you r right. Just a break and enjoy the real world is all i need. To be able to feel alive again..

    Hay thanks mango :)

    Happy monday to you

  8. hey man, i read the comment you left on my blog and i thought there were a couple of awesome things mentioned there. thanks for sharing eh! and hey, you've got a pretty neat blog going here yourself :)

  9. Normally everyone has this kind of experience once in a while and the way I do to skip this bad time is just quiet and be alone for a while then most pleasurable for me is give something to my children to make them smile and happy!

    With that simple way I always gain my right direction back and move on with life. Cheers

  10. salam bro ~ chill out..hehe mcm mana.. yang paling penting tetapkan satu tujuan dlm hidup..utk diri sendiri dan utk org y kite paling sayang..kerana dgn kite x sedar memberi kpd yang disayangi akan menambah kegembiraan dlm hidup..saya pon sgtlah boring dgn keje..so bile dah ade hobi dpt channelkan kebosanan tp bile terlalu asyik dgn hobi pon bosan..mmg kena involve dgn kehidupan dan merasai kasih sayang...

  11. Hey MattiE,

    thanks for dropping by. I guess that post you put there, kinda allure people to give comments. hehe. Great job there..great comments there i see. :)

    Hey Bro,
    thanks.. i think this is the first time ever you r actually commenting on my blog. or maybe 2nd time.. (1st was that work space tagging) Appreciate your comment here..
    To be quiet and be alone.. agree.. just take a break i guess.

    thanks bro.

    Salam fliffy,
    thanks.. i agree.. i need to reconnect back to the real world..

    I should take a break.. and yet, i am still commenting, hoping and dropping.. (sort of like an addict now..) thanks, will put that in my mind.

  12. Hi Rizal! Simple pleasures I enjoy is having teh tarik at kopi tiam with hubby, or playing with our kitty cats lepas baru balik grooming... he he!

    I feel u Rizal! I pun boring jugak sometimes, and I'm so with u on the routine. Maybe u need to go for a vakasi! Apa kata?

  13. hehe.. playing with kitty lepas grooming..? yeah i know the feeling especially lepas mandikan dengan sympoo kucing yang wangi.. keke.. ohh gosh, my cat syampoo costs more than xl pantene syampoo.. hehe..

    yeah, i need a break.. thinking of going someplace in september la.. nothing fancy mcm kota kembang la kan.. tapi.. hmm weekend trip to mcm best jer.. ohh may be just do spontaneous main pergi jer kan..huhu..

    vakasi..will keep in my mind.. :)

  14. Saya juga sering mengalami hal seperti ini, Mas. Di saat yang penat kita butuh istirahat. Sejenak melupakan beban fikiran yang ada. Touring atau jalan-jalan ke desa mungkin bisa membantu...


  15. salam antown,

    mekasih yaa.. betul, bila kepenatan kita perlu berehat agar badan lebih bersedia kelak..


  16. Exactly! I love it when the kids come home extra fluffy and wangi...then hug sorang-sorang, that is the best feeling he he! :)

    Oh yay! A spontaneous vakasi is always good! I pun tgh plan another vakasi ni, lokasi pun unsure like you. Whatever it is, a vacation is always a good way to refresh ur spirit, have fun! :)

  17. alahai, bertuah nyer kitty tu dapat tuan seperti u

  18. Hi rizal, when my brother told me that i has turned myself to anti-social months ago, I just smile and whatever it is. I just love being myself. But sometimes, I do go out with my girls once a while just to get the fresh air. In your case, I think u just need a break.

  19. It is the hot weather plus the 'money not enough' syndrome! Now cannot afford to minum kopi & makan nasi lemah! Aiyah! Life is getting very very hard!
    Wish u the best & have a very nice day!
    Tq very much for dropping on my site!

  20. @C.beautiful,
    itu kuching memang bertuah.. makan pun nak ayam goreng ajer.. hehe

  21. Hello Marvic,

    Wah, another you-must-not-join-anything blogger is on the street. :) I agree, nothing wrong by keeping just to yourself. But i agree to, i just need to take a break.

  22. Olla Mariuca,

    hehe.. itu bau yang wangi memang memikat.. err spray kitty ngan parfum ka? hehe

    Betul.. i just dont want to plan now. Sebab selalunya kalau plan memang tak jadi. Spontaneous can be good sometimes.. hehe.. I am looking forward this september.... tak sabar..

  23. hello Hor ny,
    haha.. your nick makes me smile.

    Life is always hard.. but life is wonderful too. Talking about the current situation of Malaysia, right now, i just have to bear..

    As many have said, i guess i just need to take a break.

    Hey, thanks for dropping by ya.. and thanks 4 the best wishes..

    you have a great day too ya.. with 7.1 system. hehe

  24. Hi Encik Anti Social! Hehe jangan marah! I totally understand your feeling. Been there. I hate the routine of bangun pagi, pergi kerja, balik kerja, tidur, bangun pagi pergi kerja, balik kerja, tidur...so I decided to leave the 9 to 5 and work from home. Oklah, boleh buat sesukahati, waktu kerja pun boleh tidur!!Haha!

  25. Happy wednesday..hope your today will be wonderful.

  26. rizal, come over and collect yr award
    -kak ida

  27. alright.. i will come over and check your blog.. ada award? best ni..

    thank you ya

  28. Olla Kak Emila,

    I envy you laa kak emila. In fact i envy people who can work from home. It is one of my dreams, but err mungkin kena tunggu lagi beberapa tahun lagi kot. huhuhu..

    Encik Anti-sosial? hehe.. cam cool jugak nama tu.. :)

    Salam Pak Bono,
    heppy friday ya pak bono..

  29. I am a bit more as a planner than I intended to. But then, it's not so bad either to be a planner. I plan my weekend carefully. Mostly my weekend goes to enjoying my time with my friends. Hanging out with them in kedai mamak, catching downloaded TV series or movies, chatting through out the dinner till supper, (gossiping always one of its spices) and sometimes online and blogging (one of the reason I missed out couple of your posts. hehe)

    After a long day of studying, I am more than exhausted. The mind is not strong as it once be. My physical being is doing fine though. Each day of having the same routine is not only tiring, it's boring too.

    If I had to choose, I will definitely work at my home. The comfort of doing anything and everything on your own schedule and time concern is very appealing. My dad is one of the work from home person. His business partner, a Hong Kong citizen but already stayed in Malaysia for quite sometimes, also wrote a book about how to work from your home.

    If I were you, I will spend more of my time with my 'real' friends, other than spending it here. "Blogging should be a job that you did when you are free" (someone from my readers advise me that - sorry, couldn't remember who that person was). Don't let your day become a routine, try to do at least one little thing that wasn't done a day before :D

  30. wah blue, hehe.. mini post ni.. boleh jadik guest speaker.. ni.. hehe.. amacam..

    what you say is true.. very much indeed. I indeed need to spend more time connecting with my "real" world.

    Ahhh, those zaman2 belajar, hanging out kat kedai mamak and such, was the things we used to do.. though i understand that working life is much different compared to b4, that doesnt mean that i have to make my life dull. thanks..

    heppy saturday..



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