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People write songs about singing in the rain, but in real life, when they get wet, they moan. People love to watch Indiana Jones wading kneed deep through snakes and spiders, but when their office air-conditioning fails, they explode. Perhaps, if we had less adventure on our video recorder, we would look for more adventure.

"Being Comfortable" is overrated. I am not talking about "money" comfortable but "situation" comfortable. Much of our stress is created by our addiction to comfort... "Planes should always be punctual, the workload should always be easy, the bank overdraft should be comfortable.." Too much comfort gets boring. Our brain seizes up. The less rules you make for how life ought to be, the easier it is for you to respond to whatever happens.

Something else about comfort. You will notice that, very often, courage is better rewarded than IQ - and this frustrates some people. Fred says " I am highly intelligent, I ve got two degrees - and i cant believe people get better jobs and make more money!" As a rule, rewards come when we risk our reputation or our money - or both.

Those are only slight fractions taken from Follow Your Heart written by Andrew Matthews. I have few collections of his works. His Works are enlightening, entertaining and brilliant at the same time. Great for your light reading, plus, his illos are witty and superb. Oh! you can get his books at most bookstores at a price roughly around rm40.00.. Now, I am sure you must be wondering since this is not my style of opening. Probably some of his "Life is Boring syndrome" still remain? haha.. Naaaah, I thought it would just be quite fun to simply start my post differently. Add some spice to it - Make it less boring. Oh? Btw, how s your weekend. Mine was and still is great. I simply restnrileks

Now, back to restnrileks,
Well, i am sure you ve heard doodle - Now, i presents you Wordle (found it thru doodleage). Yup! that is right, a combo of "word + doodle". "Wordle is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text." You should give this a try. I ve come up with mine after key-in restnrileks.blogspot.com - or, you can simply type in certain words. The java applet will then work it out for you (kinda like the one that make you a flower tree based on your site). You can customize it to your liking too. Check its gallery. Whoaho! i like mine after teaking it a bit here and there. Have fun!!

Doodlage is having a contest of doodling on CD. Doodlage, true to its name, is about "On a quest to elevate doodling to the status of an art form that it deserves! Notebook pages, sticky notes, scraps of paper… These treasures end up in garbage and vanish from the face of the Earth forever. Trashcan art salvage. Enjoy." Doodlage houses many great artists of different styles. Wow! What else can i say - superb. The contest idea seems fun. So, err restnrileks pun join la. Closing date will be on 12th August. I just did mine yesterday. I did my doodle on two blank Cds.. Only on the front part since my pen-ink wouldnt stick to those shiny glossy back surfaces. Added some colours using markers on some spots here and there. Well, they have this group on Flickr where you can upload your work. See here - Flickr : CDoodling Group.

Orait..Have fun, have a great day everyday,till next time,

Restnrileks says tata for now. haha.
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  1. Oh great! I went to both doodlage and wordle. I cannot believe myself when I saw they were doodling on shells and rocks! Hahaha.. seriously, that is amazing~

    Some of the CDs posted there were amazing too. But I am sure yours will give a good fight for the prize :D

    Lawa2.. Seriously :)

  2. Hi Rizal! Wah that wordle looks interesting and that flower tree u mentioned too he he..downloading Applet plugin now so I can see how mine looks like! Thanks for the link! :)

  3. wah,

    great.. cepatnya komen.. nii internet dah okay ka?

    Shells and rocks? i know, i ve seem many artists out there using other than just paper as their medium of expression. Just imagine!, arts on rocks? Cooooll!! a great way to bond with your child too (kalau buat sebagai aktiviti yang pupuk minat kanak2 laa kan..) and a good way too to sell as paper weight too. hehe.

    thanks... i am not hoping to win any prizes. Just being a good sportsperson i am. I had fun doing those. Really had fun, in front my tv (Oprah was on air, and Vera Wang was the guess.. interesting..)


  4. Mariuca,

    Hehe, i think i like the Wordle more that the "flower-style." Coz we can tweak the colours, fonts, styles and etc, so, jadi lebih our stail arrr kan.

    Jangan lupa post kat blog, nanti boleh tgk camner keluar nanti. huhu.

  5. Ohh!! This is really nice award Rizal! Lama dah tak masuk online kan. haha. I just updated my website just today. :) How's your day Rizal? Good?

  6. OMG!! i'm really amazed with ur doodle on cds. i can never do that!! be proud of ur style rizal!! will check doodlage soon!!

  7. As usual fantastic work. Thanks ever so much for hanging in there ith me while I have been going through some difficult times.

    I have a little something for you. http://shinade.blogspot.com/2008/08/everything-changes-thanks-everyone.html

    Just dropping in when I haven't been able to drop back has truly helped me through a tough time.

    And besides your blog rocks!!:-)))))

  8. hello pupu,

    wah dah update yer.. tak per, i think you are quite busy jugak akhir-akhir ini.

    i will rush to pupu ASAP. My day was great. Thank you. :)

  9. Thank You mango,

    ayat itu begitu bermakna. huhu. Wah makin sibuk menyiapkan segala tempahan yer.. :)..
    heppy blogging..

  10. Aloha Shinade,

    Thank you for that thoughtful award. I hope things are going to be okay over there.

    My blog rocks?!! Ackk!! blush blush..
    thank you thank you thank you :)))

  11. waooow, cdnya tampak keren sekali...
    oya mas rizal saya kirim email ke google mas rizal. nanti dicek ya...


  12. Orait mas,

    saya sudak check email saya... dah balas pun tadi.. :)

  13. Doodage is amazing! Now I am going to collect rocks and broken vases so that I could doodle on them!

  14. He he!!! I've been working on mine Rizal, not sure to do for Mariuca or MPG! Yours happenning gila la! :)

  15. Oh and thanks for having MPG here today, for sure I'll get some good clicks from RnR! ;)

  16. Ya lah Pak Rizal, I'm thinking untuk bahagi-bahagikan aja EC points tu...to those yang bagi komen..ok tak my cadangan.

  17. Love your CDoodles :)

    They are far better than mine.

  18. hey bee,

    that is a great idea.. boleh tambah koleksi.. btw your ATCs have arrived. they look great..


  19. Mariuca,

    i think pilih fonts and tukar layout, campur tweak some colour.. menarik.. do boths, musti interesting.. tuuu

    hope you get a good click :)

  20. Wah pak bono, tuu kira cadangan yang okay tuu..
    kira bagus jugak.. sebab "nawaitu" memang nak bagi 1000c kan? hehehehe..

    yuhuuu dapat free credit

  21. Hay Claire,

    thank you.. i think everyone has done a great job. :)

  22. pak rizal ..betul tu ..nawaitu nya udah ada..

  23. Hola Rizal! You’ve been tagged. Click here to have some FUN! :)

  24. alooo bro...lama x nampak..out of this world ke..ape2 pon stay relax ahhh...dun forget to have fun..there will be alwayz something for everybody ~~ merapu ikan kerapu dah saya ni.. huhu... tgh tekun nak menyiapkan ATC tuh..huhu gimme until the end of week yaaaaa thanks

  25. olla Mariuca,

    done your tag.. huhuhu

    Salam Fliffy,
    i am restnrileksing sampai termalas2 nak update blog.. hehehe..

    i am trying to have fun.. hihi.. thanks for the concern. :)

    owww yeahh... jangan lupa itu ATC - by next week, ini restnrileks akan jadi che gu untuk ingatkan anak murid dia.. hehehe



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