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Yeah, i know, restnrileks has been lagging lately. The truth is, I am having too much fun just restnrileksing nowadays. :) And in doing so, i ve been lagging in posting my ATC as well, dropping Entrecard, updating blog, err.. in fact everything that goes with blogging sphere.. hehe. Speaking of 2nd ATC Swap,-themed independence, I believe everybody has done a great job. Clap!! Clap!! Congrats!! Check out the first ATC (here) and the one that lead to 2nd ATC swap (here). I am still waiting for Megat's works to arrive though... Megat ohhh megat mana ATCs..?? Happily, one from Brunei and two from Indonesia had successfully arrived safe and sound. Without further a due, i am presenting the awesome works of those participated swappers.

First Group -
Antown of antownholic.com (Indonesia)
Fun Fliffy of digital scrapper
Johny of IKN student
Emila of Emila's Illustrated Blog
Bee aka Baizura of Prozak Nation
Second Group -
Pupu of Bubbly Pupu (Brunei)
Jay Jay of IKN Student
Ann of IKN Student
Amy of IKN Student
Third Group -
Kak Ida of Scrapping into beauty
Dee of Ikn Student
Ima of IKN student
Oni of Oni/Flickr (Indonesia) - ohh i cant seem to find his/ her work on Flickr
Me of restnrileks

While the 2nd ATC was in a midst of happening, one of my students too did some small works (ATC size) just for the sake of being happy ( I am sure on his part though) Yippie. Ohh, i almost forget, and here are Mango's. Pictures arent sharp enough (scanner wasnt working so i just took pics using point and shoot camera) Sorri ya manggo..
Last but not least,
Mango of Mangosteenskin ATC works

Produk kraf anyaman bakul rotan - oh! pasti pelik jika restnrileks tidak lagi paparkan kraf rotan.
On other note, here are pics or rattan crafts (Produk kraf anyaman rotan datang lagi!! hehe) I ve been lagging posting pics of rattan crafts too. Below are some preliminary rattan coiling works. These are just basic works (sort of warming up for students.. tee hee) before going to more complicated and tedious works on basketry (coiling technic)

Bakul kraf rotan anyaman teknik lingkaran - oh! yang ini semua lebih sukar dan perlukan kesabaran.
Now, these however are more refined works, basketry of course with black and natural colours. Various baskets or bowls with slight variations on patterns. Coiling method is somewhat tedious and requires a great level of patience. Hence, no wonder the pricey tag that comes with it. Shall i say, the creme de la creme among rattan weaving methods.. hehe. We hope to make new forms by making it asymmetrical balance in the future, which i am sure will be interesting and errr, more tedious. But, that is the best part, the effect of seeing a new design / form is..rewarding Whohoa!! :)

Well, last two groups of pixs are just works of weekly projects to stir creativity among students. Throw some creative ideas without the formality of design process. See how the products will turn out.

Well, till next time. In the meantime, happy ramadhan to all muslim bloggers, Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.. Happy blogging and have a great day everyday. I hope i wont be lagging more in updating restnrileks. hehe
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  1. wow rizal! all the cards are gorgeous!

    your student memang berbakat. sesetengahnya menampilkan idea yang menarik. ATC Oni pulak benar2 mencuri perhatian. Kelihatannya begitu detail dan very well done. I wish i could have closer and bigger view. saya suka juga ATC yang ada periuk kera tu...I like nepenthes! tapi saya kurang jelas lah ATC group ke-4 tu siapa yang buat? rizal or student rizal?

    cakap pasal lagging, you're not alone. I've tried to update my blog but somehow idea x dapat dikeluarkan. Semuanya tersekat, end up saya duduk merenung monitor macam bengong.

    tentang produk2 rotan tu...memang menarik. I like the basketry yg kaler hitam ngan natural tu. Lampu rotan pulak saya suka yang first two pictures. Ohya, haritu saya jalan2 kat Gaya St. ternampak bakul ribu2 yg guna coiling tech, tringat restnrileks!

  2. yay!!! first person being here..

    the ATCs are superb..semua nya chantek and creative...

    the rotan product...i suka the lampu gantung tue...mesti chantek letak kat rumah..

    the basket is suitable to use as a hamper basket for festive season...

  3. laa...i thought i were the first to comment here..


  4. Argh.. Damn.. I really regretted not sending you this ATC.. ish2..

  5. Hola handsome! I have a very special award for you, congrats!

  6. Thank you manggo,

    ohhh yang group ke empat tu dibuat oleh sorang jer student, dia tak join ATC pun. Dia buat suka2 jer kira macam bagi sokongan. Erti kata biasa, dia pun naik syeikh buat ATC sebab saiz kecik syok nak buat.

    tu laa, sama2 kita jugak lagging. nak nak bulan puasa ni kan manggo.

    nanti saya bagitau pelajar yang buat lampu rotan tu yang manggo suka. hihi.. kirim cam semangat sket nak buat.. ohh yang buat tuu budak sabah.. ATC dia pun ada.. yang "Jay jay of IKN student"

  7. mArvic,

    ohh tak pa cuba lagi.. hihi.. mungkin ada peluang baik boleh jadi yang pertama.

    Thank you.. thank you sebab suka lampu tu dan produk rotan tu..

  8. Salam blue,

    hihi.. tuu laaa, afsal tak nak join hari tu.. walhal hari tuuu tgh cam dah okay jer nak join.. sekali tarik diri pulak.. tak pa tak pa.. tunggu mana tahu ada 3rd swapper buleh join nanti.. hihihi.. selamat menyambut hari raya Aidil Fitri ya..

  9. Olla oh! the beautiful lagi chic Mariuca,

    thank you itu award.. terasa honored sekali.. menerima anugerah dari julung2 seorang yang glamour di dunia blogsphere ini.. whoaho!

  10. ooh...nanti balik sabah suruh JJ bukak kedai rotanlah...senang sikit org kat sini nak cari rekaan2 rotan yg fresh. hehe.

    ohya, kalau scanner rizal x berfungsi, nanti sy email gambar dua lagi ATC yg rizal snap guna P&S tu. orait?

  11. hehe..

    nanti rizal pesan kat JJ. :)

    Oh, susah-susahkan manggo ajer.. huhu

  12. i love all the art craft
    really look cool
    especially the lamp shades

  13. Rizal I join twitter from your site deh. You are the 1st I follow and my 1st follower..:):) ..but then never tweet..heee

  14. Ha ha, tak kan I lupa kat u Rizal! Eh I laik the very this pink bakul, cun melecun! U still restnrileksing ka? ;)

  15. salam rizal..
    ohh malu sungguh
    nampak bebenor fliffy tuh budak amatur
    sape ntah org nye...hehehehe

    tapi that's me ~!

    i am a simple art person lor..
    masih byk mintak tunjuk ajar dr kamu2...
    hehehe...hrp dpt join lagi kalau ade jemputan

    anyway thanks for doing the entry for us..
    selamat menyempurnakan ramadhan al mubarak
    and lastly...
    selamat merayakan hari kemenangan idul fitri
    semoga kita dipertemukan di Ramadhan thn depan


  16. Yeeeha! I dah jadi Top Commenter u Rizal! Bono, don topple me okay? ;)

    Happy weekend! :D

  17. Rizal how are you? How fever nya udah ok

  18. Marzie..emmm only few comment different deh

  19. allo paperclip,

    thanks, bila lagi nak buat art masuk blog pulak.. huhuhu

  20. pak bono, lepas ni boleh laa tweet tweet dah kan? heheh

    mariuca, dah kurang restnrileksing sket dah.. tapi baru nak masuk gear dua.. hihihi

  21. salam fun,

    takpa, hasil kerja tu lawa juga. Yang penting kerja tu dibuat sendiri dan dengan penuh "passionate" @ semangat kan?

    nant ada jemputan, tgk2 la, mungkin ada orang lain pula yang jadi "host"

    ohhh selamat menyambut hari raya dan maaf zahir dan batin ya..

  22. Mariuca,

    yeehaaa.. syabas dah jadi top commentator. Wah ini lady memang fierce, semua blog dia concquer.. huhuhu..

    Pak Bono,
    Demam, alhamdulilah, sudah baik.. terima kasih sebab tanya khbar berita, huhu.. pak bono pun buleh topple balik ni :)

  23. Wow Rizal....really fantastic!! Thanks ever so much for dropping by.

    It's very hard to get back into the swing of blogging....but I am trying and people like you make it so easy.

    I would like to invite you to check out a new and free site directory. I hope you can find the time to check it out.

    Terima kasih!!


  24. Wah! Bila megat punya nak sampai?

    Cantiknya bakul2 tu! Good job!

  25. Shinade..

    yahoo.. glad that you are getting back on. I think, most of us would help each other too when any of us trying to be away from blogsphere.

    Done checking that slogbite.. sounds cool..

    Terima Kasih di atas pelawaan ye.

  26. Kak emi,

    Megat baru jer sampai semalam..

    tapi rizal tak sempat nak edit post...

    huhuhu.. dolie tu ngan gambar feature letak atas bawah cam kena pulak kak emi.. cool

  27. Alamak Bono wants to topple me now he he, kena bekerja lagi keras nampaknye kat RnR! ;)

  28. Rizal, u ada FB ke? Add me la..under Marzie! :D

  29. haha..

    mariuca, you ni memang kerja keras la.. Ha ah, ada facebook.. oh ada juga ka.. orait nanti rizal add Marzie .. rizal dah ada juga Kak Emi..

  30. mas rizal, namaku kok berubah sih? mohon diganti ya. bukan "antwon" tapi "antown".
    Negaranya bukan "Inodnesia" tapi "Indonesia".

    mohon dikoreksi ya? mekasih

    salam kreatif!!

  31. Town,

    udah dibetulkan. Maaf yer, tak perasan sebelum ni.. Mekasih maklumkan

    salam kreatif, salam ramadhan dan selamat hari raya juga.. :)

  32. Rizal! Dolly u sebiji mcm u la, comel gitu he he! :)

  33. hehehe..

    tu larr fasal, lepas tuu dok letak kat atas gambar rizal. Lagi senang orang nak bandingkan.. hehe..

    happy blogging ya..

  34. woow mantap dolly nya..look real deh

  35. hehe..mekasih pak bono..mekasih

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  37. Rizal, Keep up the good effort in teaching a traditional craft becoming relevant with the times. Hope I can learn more about these efforts.

  38. Thanks bro,

    Salam Aidilfitri to you too..

    Well, it is hard to change the public perception when it comes to rattan craft (kraf makcik2 orang kg), and i dont blame them either. I take that as a motivating factor. Hopefully, these younger generations will pick up the pace and change the whole scenario. Though i am sure that changes will take place 3-10 years from now. : )


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