Point 1.
I ve been awarded by Shinade (she's an awesome great blogger). Thanks. Aaaooouuuwwwww - such a unique award i must say. According to her : "Now an award I designed for some very fine male bloggers out there." Oh! that is so sweet fo you. I am blushing here because of this - "Fine Male Bloggers" : ) Apparently, she hands out two awards : The Butterfly and the Wolf Award. It is always great to visit her's and i ensure you that you will always feel welcome there. So, i am passing this award to my awesome male blogger friends, who, for the past few months, have been such great supporters to restnrileks and run awesome blogs too. I am honored to pass this to :

Pak Bono of Bonoriau

BlueCrystalDude of Hot-Shit-From-Here

Si Pelukis of MegatEusofe

Creatif antown and his illos

Point 2.
For the past few days too, i ve made myself busy by doing some light sketches, trying to fill up my Sketch-Doodlelado-Design 2008 book . It is just a book which i pour my design ideas and illos into it. Normally, i would spent around 15-25 minutes per page generating ideas. Later on would i go into more details developing the ideas. On the left is a quick sketch(preliminary idea) of rattan floor lamp - taking cue from Helicornia. On the right is another quick idea of rattan basketry - coiling method - going for assymetrical form using four colours ( memang sengaja pilih warna yang bagi nampak aidilfitri sket, hehe). Well, here are previous posts of rattan basktery - coiling method - in case you miss them.
1st Coling Method.

2nd Coling Method.

3rd Coling Method.

Hope i would be able to take this project as intended. : )

Point 3.

We need friends for many reasons,all throughout the season.
We need friends to comfort us when we are sad,and to have fun with us when we are glad.
We need friends to give us good advice.
We need someone we can count on,and treat us nice.
We need friends to remember us
one we have passed sharing memories that will always last.

Pak Bono of Bonoriau has tagged me with this friendship poem. Thanks to Pak Bono for tagging me with this meaningful friendship poem. Spread the poem of friendship. So, i am spreading this great act of gesture to all my dedicated readers. It is my pleasure to pass this to these awesome people :
Mariuca, Blue, Leet, Shinade, Ida, Kak Ida, Kak Emila, Manggo, Pupu, Antown, Fliffy, Megat, Debbie, Roxychick, and Marvic.

I would like to pass this poem tooto all my new and silent readers. Should you have a blog, why not pick it up and spread this ARK - Act of Random Kindness : )

1. Everyday Life 2. Words of Love 3. Sheng's Simple Thoughts . . . 4. Pinay Mom Blogs 5. REALITIES 6. Glossa~licious 7. A Great Pleasure 8.The Spirit of Blogging 9. restnrileks

Point 4.

It feels like ages since I last did illo - even feels like decades when it comes to IF (Illustration Friday). My last submition was this and that was in July. Oh my! I am truly missing lots of themes. hehe. New theme is up (string), and hopefully, i ll pick up back my groove to do this theme. So, earlier today i had my illo done ( in conjunction to Hari Raya and that friendly poem)

The whole group is just happy to be celebrating Hari Raya; and being faithful to that poem friendship, they are just happy as the poem happily states. Well, look who are here. Front row - Miss Jhaleen - spotting a longer and new hair do : Che Dandan - Miss Jha'leen little sister : Miss Sureem - looking on a bright side these days ya : Abang Mat Pelas and Abang Mat Layur : Adik Sega and Adik Bucuk. The rest aren't able to come by. They just say "hi" to you people. Hehe.

Below are two illos previously done - A picture group and Miss Jha'leen (here and here). To see more of my illos or rattan crafts - do check them out by clicking my rotating labels on the right side bar. Thank you.

Till then, Happy reading, much thanks and Have a great day everyday.

p/s : My links are missing - I am not sure what has happened to rpc blogrolling - But i am going to give it some time, hoping that rpc site will be back up on the net. In the meantime, hope you can bear for a while. I ll set them back up again, manually, if things go terribly wrong.


Hoorah! Congrats Pak bOno for being the 1st commentator. :D clap2x!

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  1. Yes Yes 1st commenter deh!!!!

  2. Thank you Thank you Thank you for GREAT award. Thank also for Golden Top Dropper Award.

  3. Today EC really out of control..I'm really have BAD feeling..if Graham can't get what his target ..how can he manage EC??? and what will HAPPEN?????

  4. Ha ha ha!!! I nampak dah si Bono ni pecahkan tembelang kita lol!!! :)

  5. Yay 2nd commenter, I pun nak tumpang glamour jgn mare! ;)

  6. Yay, tenkiu for the puisi persahabatan, Jean pun kasik jugak and Bono. Kena cepat-cepat buat nampaknye ni! :)

  7. Rizal, I dah add RnR to Mariuca's blogroll, nanti I add to MPG pulak ye! Happy weekend and selamat mengomen! :)

  8. Wah wah sama markah dengan Bono, mai tambah satu lagi komen! I dah drop EC kat sini, now nak tgk TV sat! :)

  9. Alamak lupa pulak nak ucapkan congratulasi for the wolf award! Enjoyzzz! I dapat Butterfly award yeeha! :)

  10. Eh lupa pulak nak cakap kat Bono! Bono, I'll add ur blog to my blogrolls tu later yeah? Now me wan to watch my soap opera mah! :)

  11. Eh I pun nak jawab kat sini la, Rizal, u dah nombor 3 tu kat Mariuca! Debbie datang terkejut beruk dia ha ha ha! :)

  12. Ok konpirm I nombor 1 kat RnR, catch me if u can Bono he he! :)

  13. whaoho! syabas pak bono..

    tahniah... yang pertama.. huhu. :)

    two thumbs up..

  14. Sama-sama

    ehh pak bono, kata secret society cam Da Vinci Code. hehehe.. "shhhhhssss..."

  15. Ye la Pak Bono,

    ni nak cuba drop EC pun tak boleh.. banyak sites tak boleh bukak. Semalam rpc hilang link.. ni dah boleh on.. tapi tak boleh masuk blog rolling nak add link. Adakah ini yang Graham maksudkan dia tak da cukup sumber yang samapai buatkan dia nak jual EC dulu tuu?

  16. GP, tu laa fasal,

    baru berangan nak cam secret society.. keke

  17. whoaho!

    2 pun cun apa.. cuba tgk apa yang jadik kat restnrileks sebab dapat no.2 kat GP sites..

    taksub tu.. ehhh ni berderet2 pun terbukti the power of being 2nd comentors.. hehe

  18. Sama-sama..

    okay arr tu, you dapat butterfly, restnrileks dapat wolf (mungkin sebab tu kot - wolf - tuu yang jadik lone ranger mengomen kat tanah jajahan mariucans pagi ni..) :D

  19. GP, haa ahh dah no.3, syok tuu.. perasan..

    heheh.. debbie musti terkejut.. pagi tadi dah laa dia berusaha sungguh tuuu...

    hehe.. syabas no. 1 kat restnrileks.. tahniah.. tahniah..

    pak bono.. apa lagi? kena kejar tuuu.. huhu..

    i think i can go to sleep smiling la - big grin - sebab secure my post being the top 3..



  20. Rizal you are just too kind. I was tagged by jean with this one too and Bono. I really should get them done.

    I also owe the another tag to Jean. but this is photo week end. She has been waiting for over a week now...I feel bad.

    I will try to get these done for Monday.

    I love the drawings. do you also make rattan or just design?
    happy Day my friend!!:-)

  21. Shinade,

    Apa Khabar? Terima Kasih kerana singgah ke restnrileks.

    Oh! Thanks for the award. Much happy about it.

    I am sure you are buzy and having much fun with all those photo hunting you are doing now.

    Thanks. Oh! i can only weave simple ones. My students have greater skills compared to me.

  22. Woowww...Marzie Mantap deh you...meluncur deras comment nys

  23. Today early round ...malam traffic jam so the system also problem...heee

  24. Rizal...I'm thinking what opportunity we can explore during down turn of world economi

  25. I belief in whatever situation it must be opportunity

  26. baru one day xdatang dah banyak komen dah.. haha..

    Thank God I am a male.. Hahaha.. Thanks for the award :D Wolf heh? Hurmm.. Perhaps there is an award for Alpha Dog out there too. Hoho..

    Wah.. Your Sketch book is amazing! I love to take a peek in yours. I used to have one (not about rattan of course :P ) during my PLKN period.. And it seems lost somewhere inside my house.. Huhu.. Never had any after that.. perhaps it's time to have it again? Perhaps.. Perhaps..

  27. Pak Bono,

    yeah la, marzie is trying her best to secure her post her. hihi.

    Entrycard seems to be doing fun now.. so is rpc blogrolling. Syukur for that.

    When things get rough, the though gets going.
    I like your thoughts there. We must make the most of whatever situation thrown at us.


  28. Salam Blue,

    Yang jadi banyak tuu Pak Bon ngan Marzie tengah berentap. Huhu.

    Whoaho! Kalau ada Alpha Dog, kena carik tu.. untung2 mana tau laa kan sampai singgah ke tuan empunya blog. :)

    Thank you.. thank you.. (sketch)
    I have three styles when it comes to sketches - The quick style, the medium style and the clean cut str8 rigid style depending on the situations. I think it will be a great idea for you to start having a sketch book again. Just pour your ideas.. no writings of notes, just sketches, illos and design. Macam Kak Emila sekarang dgn "Moleskine Challenge.."

    I am thinking of getting a moleskine too later in the future.

    Feels "syiok" to have look at it later.


  29. I follow your google follower...MANTAP

  30. Rizal you should add RSS box deh

  31. Pak Bono,

    Thanks for following me. Pak Bono lagi mantap ehh :)

    Done adding RSS box. Did some changes with the dolly link. :)

  32. Rizal sorry bit awal. Just want to be the 1st to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Semuga Allah murah kan rizki dan sukses terus dalam hidup.

  33. Pak Bono, terima kasih.


    The funny thing is, I almost forget about it la..

    Terima Kasih Terima Kasih ya.


  34. I remember you did put your birthday date on one of the tagging and beside that reminder at Facebook deh!!!

  35. Congrats on the award! Kak emila pun dapat satu dari Jackie!

    Whoaaa! Nice doodles!!! Love it!! nanti kalau jumpa bila2, Rizal bawak buku tu ek. Nak tengok upclose! Nanti kak emila pun boleh bawak moleskine tunjuk kat rizal!

    Thanks for the tag! Nanti akak upkan soon as possible!

  36. Oh Pak Bono, I almost forget about that.. hehe..

    Malu deh..

    Kak Emila,
    Thanks - Whoaho! best2 Kak Emi pun dapat award juga. Butterfly?

    Mekasih tang doodles tu.. Inspired by konsep moleskin Kak Emi juga. Kak Emi, KL mana dapat buku tu? Borders dulu ada nampak, la ni bila dia dah jadi setingkat, tak nampak pulak ada jual di mana.

    Nanti, tak pe, boleh tukar2 tgk. Tapi malu sket, sebab tak grand cam Kak Emi. hehe

    Rizal ada buku sketch design, tapi tahun ni baru start buat buku yang campur2 ada illo sekali - inspirasi dari Kak Emi jugak.. post Kak Emi fasal "postcards from Malaysia" ingat? hehe

    Okay.. Happy Sunday

  37. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RIZAL YG COMEL ITU! BIG HUGS on your special day! :):):)

  38. Ohhhhhh patutla bangun pagi nak belanja kawan-kawan makan nasi lemak ye? :)

  39. Bono, mestila meluncur deras kalau nak kekal tops kat RnR! :)

  40. Eh besday apa plan? Ambik la gambar kek u and post it here! He he, Rizal is now only one yr younger than me yeeha! :)

  41. Rizal, I sibuk yest cause my baby Issy dah terbang balik to UK boo hoo hoo! :(

  42. Rizal u punya illos memang menarik, u are a great artist too! I langsung tak blh buat semua yg u buat kat sini! :)

  43. Ha ha ha Rizal, nanti bila I balas komen u, I oun akan wish u lagi sekali he he, so tiga tempat I wish u! Kat FB, kat RnR and later at my blog comment he he he! Kita pun nak secure posisi kat sini! ;)

  44. Ooooops oun=pun!

    Eh EC okay dah pukul 5am tadi, I terus drop but drop and run je, cause dah sleepy masa tu. Hopefully no problem la today, kalau tak leceh betul! ;)

  45. Ha ha Rizal I laju sebab connection I MANTAP hari ni, maklumlah besday u, so Streamyx pun behave today lol! ;)

  46. Ohhhhh lupa naka cakap, RnR is my first blog visit today, sebab u punya besday, so special treatment woo hoo! :)

  47. Hmmmmm last but not least, Happy Sunday to u! Best la birthday u fall on the last day u cuti! :)

    I pun back to work tomo ni, kena bukak balik semua fail mlm ni to update invoice and what not he he! :)

  48. Ohhhhh u bukan pakai streamyx ye? Streamyx ni buat hal jugak sometimes but today dia baik kat I! pasal besday u la, or not for sure I dah throw tantrum kalau tersekat-sekat mengomen kat sini lol!

    Ah dah berapa ye komen I kat sini? mari I refresh sat! ;)

  49. Rizal, I dah click on ur dolly to subscribe yeeha! :)

  50. And ... and... of coz GP has to be here on ur besday so am back on ur PW double yeeha!! :):):)

  51. Eh tadi I kata last but not least, but still mengomening here it seems lol! :)

  52. Alamak terlupa la pulak, u kan coffee lover, here's a special b'day coffee just for u, enjoyzzz! :)

  53. Okies, kita tunggu Bono pulak, come and get me Bono he he he! ;)

  54. Oh lagi satu, today I drop my EC here first too, org lain will take a back seat to the birthday boy! :):):)

  55. Alamak mcm byk je nak cakap hari ni ha ha... lupa nak kata...u, Emila and my B semua Librans! GROUP HUG he he! :):):)

  56. Ah cepat ke tak cepat I hari ni? kalau tak menang kat Emila's this month, dunno what to say la lolz! :)

  57. Oh I saw the post Bono did for u, cause I kan subscribe to Bono's blog, dapat baca post dia from my email, but blm visit Bono lagi...yelah sibuk mengomen kat RnR dulu! :)

  58. Ah tu la Rizal! I pun ROFL kat sini, sebab reply ur comment here ha ha! Nanti I reply jugak kat Mariuca, sabar ye! Ada post baru nak buat sat! :)

  59. Happy Birthday my dear friend!! I just found out!!Drop by if you get a chance!!:-))

  60. Hi Rizal and everyone!

    A very happy bday to Abg Rozal ! :):) Many happy returns of the day and may all your wishes come true! :)

    Dah lamak tak tengok Miss Jhaleen. Dah ada hairstyle baru lagi tu!

  61. Alamak! Salah eja la, Abg Rizal..hehehe *blush*

  62. I read on Bono's Blog that you are Birth Day yesterday
    Success For YOu

  63. Debbie....hehe akak pun selalu tersilap taip!

  64. woweee...saya paling suka tengok sketch2 tu...I like your design sketches rizal. kalau rizal selalu post design sketches dan cara2 mendesign, mcm ni boleh jugak saya belajar buat design nih.

    about your colorful illo tu...as usual, memang cun. memang kagum dengan kebolehan rizal melukis detail yg begitu banyak.

    thanks for the poem rizal. I will keep in mind to post it in my blog next time.

    komen terakhir utk pos ni ialah...jeng jeng jeng!!! saya nyanyikan lagu:

    selamat hari jadi...selamat hari jadi...selamat hari jadi rizal...selamat hari jadi....

  65. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Rizal,
    Happy Birthday to you.

    Shinade sent me. :)

  66. Alamak, banyaknya, where do i start? whoaho!!

  67. Marzie,

    Thank you3x! oH! Bukan Merayu, Hanya Terharu!! (baca dalam bentuk Nyanyi) hehe.

    Ni reply, restnrileks cantum semua jadi satu ya. Dah tak tahu mana satu nak jawab.. Panjangnya. Mekasih Juga sebab sokong restnrileks.

    Eh ni walaupun komen balas jadi satu, tak bermakna segala komen GP tak bernilai. In fact, mcm iklan Mastercard -PRICELESS.. whoa ho!!

    - Marzie, Hooga Hugs Back To You.. huhu..
    - Oh! one year younger ka? huhu. still young..
    - Tak da plan - i am postponing this celebration to 3 weeks atau sebulan lepas ni, lepas tuu baru betul2 nak enjoy. Adalah sebabnya, hihi..
    - You are a wondeful great blogger, and i made glad to know you, but above all, YOU RE FIEEERRCEEE woman.. hehehe..
    - Thank you sebab RnR jadi yang pertama..
    - Besok kerja, alamak kena tukar strategi ni kat tanah jajahan Mariucans.. :)
    -Masih Guna STP, terima kasih sebab subscribe :) ..
    - Whoaho!! Librans rule, Wah ni Pak bOno nak kena kejar balik ni. hehe :)
    - Jemput minu kopi (ni dah malam waktu reply ni)
    - haha, mekasih kat post Pak bOno tu, mana2 pergi ada jerr u ni. two thumbs up! ho ho ho (macam santa claus pulak)..
    - Ha Ha, pagi tadi membalas reply kat sana-sini, alih2 debbie potong.. cis!! hehe..

    Fuhhh!!.. rasa menjawab ni semua dalam satu nafas aja.. hehehe..

    Happy Sunday dan Happy bekerja semula.. whoaho!

  68. Thanks Shinade,

    for the birthday wish, and for mentioning in your post. Malu deh. hihi..

    Hooga Hugs

    Happy Sunday. :)

  69. Olla Debbie, my pesaing kat tanah jajahan Mariucans.. hehe..

    Terima Kasih.. terima kasih.. hehe..

    Miss Jha'leen tgh sibuk buat kek kat dapur dan kopi.. hehe..

    hehe, salah eja.. tak pa..

    Happy Sunday.. Happy Blogging Ya :)

  70. The Success,

    Thanks ya.. as we say it here, in Malaysia
    "Terima Kasih.."

    I wish you all the best too. Happy Success :)

  71. kak Emi,

    terima kasih.. terima kasih..

    hehe.. rizal pun ada tersilap juga hantar komen balas -"happy sunday" walhal masa tu hari sabtu.. tuu bukan salah taip, tapi salah fikir.


  72. Salam Mango,

    Lama tak nampak, harap2 mangosteenskin tak lama yer berhibernasi.. hihi (jgn mare..)

    InsyaALLAH, nanti rizal post beberapa lakaran yang berkaitan dengan rekaan. Tapi biasa-biasa aja lakaran tu. Ada lagi pereka yang hebat2 kat luar sana. Malu pulak nak tunjuk. Ada masa nanti rizal letak lakaran dan produk yang siap jugak ya.

    Frankly, i like your whimsical style. Membuatkan restnrileks terawang-awang bila melihatnya. :) Serious.. Syok Bijaksana!! (taknak kata Syok Giler!!)

    Terima Kasih untuk nyanyian tu, merdu sekali. Kalah rasanya Stacy ni. :D

  73. Olla Sandee,

    thanks for the wish..

    Beautiful voice. Love it :)

    I would like to sing a song too

    Terima Kasih Sandee
    Terima Kasih Sandeeee
    Oh Terima Kasih Wahai Sandeee
    Terima Kasih Sandee.

    Terima Kasih = Thank You

    Wahai = Dear


  74. wah saya dapat tags lagi. Padahal sebelumnya saya mengira dapat yang wolf award. heheh...

    gak masalah, makasih ya!!!

  75. oya mau nanya nih, friendship poem itu diberikan kepada berapa orang lagi ya??? balas di blog saya mas yaa..

    selamat ulang tahun ya mas Rizal. happy birtday to you. semoga makin sukses dan makin jaya dengan usahanya... , saya baru tahu nih dari blognya pak bono

  76. Town,

    saya terlupa la. BAru perasan. Ampun2x! hehe.
    Nanti ambil juga wolf award ya.

    Poem tu boleh beri kepada seramai yang boleh. :)

    Mekasih ya Town. Ya semoga sama-sama kita semua semakin sukses dan berjaya.

    Tu dia, pak bono siap buat special dedication. :D

  77. Hallo Rizal!

    Saya pun nak mengucapkan selamat harijadi :D Moga panjang umur dan ceria slalu!

  78. A little bird told me it's your birthday. :)

    Happy birthday Rizal!!

  79. Rizal, saya kasi butterfly award and coffee kat awak. Ambik kat ramblings yer! :)

  80. Hi Rizal,
    1) happy birthday, wish all your dreams come true
    2) congrats with the award, I think you deserved it... Your blog & arts are pretty cool
    3) thank you for thanking me :-)
    4) wow... What a list of comments you received...

  81. Wah byknye komen here Rizal!

    Bono, mestilah laju dan deras kalau nak tops kat RnR! nama blog je restnrileks, tapi pengomen mana blh rileks he he! :)

  82. Good Morning Rizal,
    Just popping over to see if you had a good birthday!!
    Happy day:-)

  83. Wah Rizal dah jawab komen kat sini ye? It's okay kalau nak postpone celebrasi besday tu, sama mcm I la, tunggu masa sesuai baru beli hadiah laptop pinky ha ha ha! :)

  84. How was ur first day back at work selepas sekian lama bercuti sakan? Mesti rasa malas nak buat apa-apa lol! :)

  85. Oh Rizal,
    I hope you saw your Happy Birthday. I am still getting used to my new layout and coding in it.

    I think you dropped in right when I had made a mistake and deleted some stuff.

    Anyway belated or not ...it is up there. I added it for you yesterday.

    When was your birthday?

  86. Rizal lupa nak cakap Emila is gonna sponsor 3 RSS dollies for my Top 3 Mariucans woo hoo! Debbie sponsor EC credits, best kan Mariucans I ni? :):):)

  87. Hello Nesa,

    Thanks for the birthday wish.

    Samalah, restnrileks pun nak ucapkan semoga Nesa Panjang umur dan dimurahkan rezeki juga.

    Selamat Hari Isnin. :)

  88. Rizal, Debbie cakap dia kasi chance kat semua Librans this month, tu yg dia stop mengomen at Mariuca, so u can catch up ha ha! ;)

  89. Thank You

    ECL, thanks for dropping by at restnrileks,

    Now, i am following you using that tweet tweet bird too :)

  90. Debbie, mekasih mekasih..

    dah amik pun, tinggal tunggu masa jer nak maklum di restnrileks. :)

  91. Hi Leet,

    1. Thanks for the wish, i hope you dreams come true too.

    2. Thank you, thank you. You have a distinctive artistic style too and i can never drwa potrait. :)

    3. List of comments, even i am still surprised.. hihi.

  92. Marzie, thanks to you and Pak bOno,

    terus mencecah berlambak komen kat sini.. Takut jugak tuu..

    wah memang deras laju mengomen nampaknya marzie,


  93. Shinade,

    selamat malam isnin,

    I had a simple but great celebration. A surprise birthday cake by my students..


  94. Kena postpone dulu Marzie, nanti baru syok celebrate, ni tgh sibuk2 ni rugi, kelam kabut tak feel..

    Marzie, your presie menang kat rnr dulu , bukan tak bagi, tapi saja tangguh dulu..

    selain tu ada la surprise lain lagi.. ingat nak post sekali ngan ATC, maaf banyak2 sebab melampau lama lewat..

  95. Oh shinade,

    my birthday was on 12th October actually. :)

  96. Marzie,

    WAH!! yer ker, Kak Emi nak taja macam tu,

    taksub taksub.. memang hebat la You Punya Mauricans..

    Eh, camner kenal Kak Emi, ex-colleague ka?

    Oh baik hatinya debbie, err atau dia rasa segan silu sebab dah potong LJ?


  97. Hi Rizal, Happy Belated Birthday!!! ;-)

  98. Monica.

    Thanks for the wish.

    Happy Tuesday and happy blogging. :)

  99. rizal,
    Wow, you are a great artist. The drawings are unique thatI really enjoy it, you have surely put a lot of hardwork. An beautiful award you derserve it, wonderful rattan Sketch, Friendship Poem that tell us the true friendship and Illos.Wish you successful in lauching your Sketch-Doodlelado-Design 2008 book. you have so many ideas.
    Wish you, rizal, happy birthday and everyday.

  100. Hey Rizal,

    I came over here from LJ's, Marzie's and Bonoriau's. :) Couldn't help but check out your blog. Btw, I love the illo that you did. Thanks for sharing.. I always admire people who draw well.. for me, drawing = stick man. LOL!

    p/s: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. and also Happy Belated Birthday. Saw the shoutout from Bonoriau's. :) Take care!

  101. Salam Tuesday...woow your comments fantastic udah touch more 100 deh

  102. Yesterday I only manage to drop less then 30 EC ..connection not good

  103. Congrats Rizal on the award!! I think it's really cool that Jackie did a special award for the guy bloggers :)

    Secondly.. you do good work here too.. like I keep saying to Emila and GP.. I can't draw to save my life so I am at awe with those that can :)

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting over at my blog ya.. I will definitely be back here again :)

  104. waoW!! fantastis...
    komentarnya sampai angka 100 lebih..

    salam kreatif!

  105. Olla coolingstar9,

    Thanks. Great artist? Blush blush.. nahhh i am just ordinary, nothing great. Nevertheless Thank you..thank you..

    Thanks for the wish.

    Oh, i am not launching anybook. Actually, it is just a sketch book that i simply name as mentioned above. I call it the "Sketch-Doodlelado-Design 2008 book" hehe.

    Have a great day and many best of things be with yer always ya. :)

    Happy wednesday :)

  106. Olla shemah,

    Thanks.. Any Marzie's, Pak bOno's and LJ's friends are friends to restnrileks too. :)

    Thanks for the birthday wish. And Selamat ahri Raya Aidilfitri dan Maaf Zahir Batin juga.

    kirim salam sama Buddi :)

  107. Pak bOno, thanks to you and Marzie,

    terima kasih2, otherwise i might not have gotten such number of comments..

    restnrileks semalam pun rehat sebab penat. Awal lagi sudah tidur :)

  108. Salam LJ,

    Terima Kasih-terima Kasih.. :)

    yeah, it 's true. Seldom that i see awards for male bloggers. Wolf award? i think it suit great for male bloggers. hihi.

    I ll be coming to yours too.. huhu..


  109. Town, mekasih town..

    Ni cecah 100+ sebab Birthday celebration dan juga pertolongan great bloggers dari Pak bOno dan Marzie and her awesome gangs laa kan..


    salam kreatif juga :)

  110. Nighty night Rizal. I have been up as long as I can at this stretch. And I feel bad about EC because I upgraded to firefox3 and it won't load our list.

    And I am too slow also to do everyone one by one.

    I am just trying my best...I hope I get something figured out soon.

    have a good day:-))

  111. Alhamdulillah I manage to transfer my domain from yahoo to godaddy

  112. wooww laju benar Mazie sih ..udah ningali Pak bono jauh sekali deh

  113. Rizal ...I'm really wondering how Marzie can do GREAT thing at many weblog...really have to learn the way she manage

  114. thank you also to Rizal..I kenal ramai new blogger friends from YOU.

  115. Wah wah wah ratusan komen kat sini ye Rizal? Syabas, keep it up and have a great day at work today! :):):)

  116. Ni drop Mariuca EC dulu today, I'll be back with MPG later! :)

  117. Wow, your post is great Rizal.
    So many things in just a post, you must be busy then...

  118. Nighty nite shinade,

    I slept quite early yesterday, somewtime around 9PM, and this morning, boy, did i feel great


    I am using Firefox 3. But all seem well. sorry to hear that shinade :)

    Have a great day.

    Shinade, why dont you put your list on rpc blogrolling, that way you can see who has updated his/her blog :)

  119. Syabas pak bOno,

    baguslah guna GoDaddy.. murah jer kan domain untuk setahun. and you will retain all the key-word search kat yahoo atau google sebab bawah google jugak kan?

    Oh! Pak bOno pun laju yer kat Emila's

    I am amazed with this fierce @ Marzie woman la

    Sama-sama thanks Pak bOno, dapat kita kenal crowd yang berbeza dan bertukar-tukar juga :)

  120. Thanks for coming by Marzie,

    thanks to you semangat yang tak putus asa.. menolong menceriakan suasana restnrileks..

    silakan-silakan mengomen kat rumah orang lain..

    p/s : memang macam raya meriah sana sini komen - kira kunjung mengunjungi :)

  121. Wah, Bono 1st commenter! Syabas :D

    112 comments??!! Astaga... banyanknyerrr...

    Tahniah dapat banyak award. Simpan bebaik ya :) Cantik your illo, kemas.

    Selamat Hari Rabu!

  122. Thansk yoon see..

    i ve got to combine few things in a post, since i am not sure what topic my readers will go for..


    2nd, kadang2 tak da idea atau sibuk, tu yang tak dapat buat blogging tu.. jadi combinekan beberapa post itu :)

  123. For the record, your "sketches" are way better than any final drawing or rendering I could ever do.

    You've got some skillz, Rizal. ;)

  124. Rizal wooow I can't follow at Mariuca..you are so fast deh

  125. Thank you for your GREAT comment at bonoriau

  126. This posting is record for the total comment already touch more then 125 ...CONGRATS men

  127. Your twitter follower also very good deh...congrats

  128. Hey Rizal,
    What are you up to? I hope you are doodling for tomorrow!!:-))

  129. Thank you Grandy,

    Pak bOno, thanks to your great comments here at rnr. 125.. i must cherish this, coz i dont think i am going to get this number again.. lol

    Olla shinade.. just trying to figure what to put for my next post. :)

  130. thank you for the friendship poem rizal.. :D


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