This is going to be a long post with lots of pics. Thanks for being patient with restnrileks : )


It has been a busy week for restnrileks, at least as a blogger.
First, i received this awesome award from Mariuca, awesomely named as the Uber award.
Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:

~ inspires you
~ makes you smile and laugh
~ or maybe gives amazing information
~ a great read
~ has an amazing design
~ and any other reasons you can think of that makes them
uber amazing!

The rules of this award are:

* Put the logo on your blog or post.
* Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
* Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
* Share the love and link to this post and to the person you received your award from.
Thank you Marzie. So, in keeping up with the spirit, i like to pass this award to these uber bloggers too :) (Oh, Marzie, I am passing this uber award back to you too : )

Pak bOno - for his amazing support to restnrileks, and consistently produces great thoughtful posts

Kak Emila - for her amazing inspiring creatilicious works

Manggo - for her persistence, inspiring artsy crafty thoughts

Antown - for his tremendous efforts on arts and ideas

Ida - for being my great friend and keep supporting each other

Blue - for his witty, fun, pleasant and great posts

Shinade - for her wonderful, warm, welcoming feelings that i get from her comments and visiting too.

Fliffy - for her amazing digital scrapping works : )

Debbie - for her restless craft pursue and funny ramblings.

Oh, please inform me should i miss anyone here too.

Second, i also received these two awards from Debbie, the owner of Phat Ramblings and Craft Swap. Thank you debbie for being thoughtful. I like to pass these two awards to all my readers too, especially if you are addicted to coffee. Hehe.

On another point, i would like to say thanks to all who had wished me "Happy Birthday" - Thank you and much appreciated. It was a blast receiving all these birthday and well wishes. Great thanks to Pak bOno who came up with a special dedication to me, on his post. I would like to say thanks too to Shinade for having a special birthday wish on her blog. Terima Kasih Shinade. Marzie, thanks to you and your great awesome mariucans who had taken some time to send me wishes. At the end, i think i ve made myself some new blogger friends in the midst of this on-going birthday wishes that were flying here and there during that time.

I really had a great time and still am having. : ) Whoaho!!


In addition to Mango's request, somebody was asking to see some of my design sketches. I had a second thought about this, since I am sure there are lots of other great designers out there. Frankly, i dont see myself as designers or am not much comfortable with the title itself. I just like to see myself as someone who likes to create - and of course, at the end, the products created might not be as expected, but that is a great learning experience.

Thru the advent of technology, designing has become somewhat easy. But, the importance of making drawings, as a mean of communication, is still required - my 2 cents. I believe that designers should be able to draw and convey the ideas and concepts intended. The degree of sketches in designing varies, depending on which level and to whom are you presenting them. Preliminary ideas, Idea Development, and Refining would still require you to draw. At the end, 3D softwares would make your design looks cool, but ahhh.. you can always find somebody else to do this for you. But to come up with a concept and communicate it on paper thru drawings, you must have that skill. Though i ve seen some people ( designers) who draw poorly, but manage to execute the ideas well, I just like it better if they can draw well.

Well, sketches do come in various styles - the quirk and murky, the jagged, the rough and quick or the clean cut rigid - still with one thing shared similiar - should be able to communicate to the intended readers.

So, pics above are my sketches - the clean cut rigid style.
While below, are sketches that fall on the rough and quick, with a sense of final design in my preliminary sketches - hence, no development of ideas. I just post few sketches and the final products.

Happy browsing : )

RATTAN CRAFT - Rattan Swing

Another rattan craft is making its way out of restnrileks. This is a rattan swing made by my third year students. There are 9 of these. IKN (Institut Kraf Negara) is going to have its Convo-Day somewhere on November, and i might release (sell actually - cheap) few rattan items - from basketry to furniture. I havent decided yet which products will be on sale. Every year, we are on sale as to clear some spaces, giving way to new semester products - (IKN staffs are eagerly waiting) - cash and carry - prices are fixed or you might be able to bargain, if you can get a hold of me. Haha. On Convo-Day, not only rattan's are on sale, but 5 others too - Batik, Fine Metal, Ceramics, Weaving, and Wood Carvings. Last year, we did our stock clearance selling rattan products ranging from rm10 (normal price would be rm 60 above) to rm30 for a piece of furniture. Restnrileks would put a post of items for sale when the time comes. I really like this rattan swing, but thinking of transporting it, errr has made my interest quickly vaporated. Hehe.


I did this last saturday but having a second thought of submitting it to IF. I ve been postponing it up to this post. Like design sketch, this is just a rough outline work, so I am hesitating to submit. Well, at least i manage to do at least an illo for this week. : )

String - have you ver come across something that says "No Strings Attached?" Poor My Imaginary Rizallians, being caught up and hung as prizes. Hihi.

Alrighty then, I just like to wish Happy Friday. Whoaho!! Happy Blogging and Have a great day.

p/s : i ll put a linky love at the end of this post for my 1st commentator :)

And the lucky commentator is Mariuca. Do check her awesome blog ya. Please Click the Pix. : )
Congrats Mariuca.

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  1. Yeeha!!! Ikut tactic Rizal dapat jadi first commenter ha ha ha!! :):):)

  2. Congrats Rizal on all those lovely awards, RnR memang best! GP laik! :):):)

  3. Wah wah pandainye students u buat rattan swing! Tgk la sape instructor dia! Clap clap! :)

  4. LOL!! Apasal imaginary pulak ur Rizallians tu! I'm a Rizallian and proud to be one! :):):)

  5. Rizal, dropped both ECs here oredi, happy weekend to u! :)

  6. test? heehhehe..

    Syabas Marzie, i ve added your link at the end of the post.. hehehe

    Thanks.. i like GP too (alamak since i am a bit late in following your blog - mana datangnya nama GP ni?)

  7. Marzie Congrats...You really restnrileksing here ...heee

  8. Thank you Thank you for great awards...I'll put this at my new project.

  9. nanti rizal bagitau students GP suka, students nya pandai.. tapi che'gu kat restnrileks ni tak pandai. Pandai ngarah-ngarah aja.. ahak ahak ahak

  10. Rizal, congrats on the awards!!! aha, you're a designer, huh? ;-)

  11. Imaginary Rizallians - maksudnya semua watak2 imaginasi yang dicipta untuk restnrileks, kira illo laah tu. hehe

    Rizallians - untuk rakan-rakan bloggers.. hehehe

  12. Marzie udah install twitterfox..kalau belum ayo join ..memang seru deh!!!

  13. Congrats Pak bOno for being 2nd ..

    Congrats Monica for being 3rd too..


  14. Rizal Mantap all the design nya

  15. Pak bOno, thanks for keep supporting restnrileks..


  16. Monica, thank you..

    Designer.. blush blush.. no la.. biasa aja.. cuma cikgu.. huhuhu

  17. Pak bOno, twitterfox memang mantap deh - light, easy and fast. i like it very much. :)

  18. Design Mantap? - Terima Kasih Pak bOno

  19. Wah.. dah buat first commenter gak. Hehe.. Bes2.. I will try to win a spot after this. Although I think Bono deserves a better chance than me. Hehehe *tweet tweet* and *wink wink*

  20. Lupa plak. Thank you for the award :D

  21. Blue - for his witty, fun, pleasant and great posts

    Thank you so much! I love it! Hehe.. I need to find a space to put this kind words in my blog! Biar semua orang jealous! Haha

  22. huhuh good job.. suka sgt tengok sktches a.rizal... cecantik belaka... huhuhuuuu ... sapela yg merileks kan diri tu kat kerusi rotan tu.... hehehhehehe

  23. Salam Blue,

    sebenarnya dapat inspirasi dari blog hang la.. Nampak cool tuu yang dok buat kat restnrileks ni..

    Semua lepas ni memang kena berjaga-jaga pasang mata tgk twitterfox nampaknya.. huhu..

  24. Sama-sama..

    hehe.. jangan tak letak.. letak jgn tak letak kasi depa semua cemburu.. huhu

  25. Salam eida,

    jgn lupa ambil award uber tu ya..

    hang memang uber.. hehe..

    Nanti abang rizal tgk2 kalau ader perabot rotan kerusi santai yang ida nak tu.. Tapi kena sesama pergi stor jugak la..

    Yang depan bilik tu tak nak ka? Abang rizal tadi duduk macam syiok laa pulak.. kekeke

  26. Oh my Rizal,
    I am truly honored. Your words brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

    I too am so glad that we have found each other in the blogging world. You have become a treasured friend.

    And I am thrilled to see your design work. Oh you are so good. I love the room lay outs and I would simply love to have that book case.

    And the swings are fabulous as well. I want one of those too.

    And I love your doodle project this week. It reminds me of all of us. A group of friends each their own canvases yet still connected in fun, joy and sharing.

    Oh my I don't know what else.

    Terima kasih dan salam my treasured friend!

  27. Oh I saved the awards too. I forgot to tell you.

    I am on the photo memes through Monday. I'll get to these as soon as possible.

    Thanks again and I'm so glad you had a good birthday:-)

  28. You have some great artistic skillz Rizal. :)

    I'm impressed!

    Congrats on your award.

  29. fliffy here n saying thanks for the thought n award..

    wah bestnye kalau dpt beli produk rotan tuh...

    nanti kalau jadik kasi info ye rizal mana tau kebetulan jln2 di sana...

    tcre !!

  30. Happy saturday...Email subscriber include in RSS count.

  31. Rizal I think you just stay with your concept..your already have your follower. They really like your do I.

  32. I just suggest if ok you should upgrade you template look more artistic ...heeeee

  33. OMG!!! clap! clap! rizal. teruja sungguh tengok sketch2 itu!!

    thanks so much untuk uber award! u are so kind for the elaboration of each or us.

    rattan swing? gila deh...kalau nak tahu...memiliki sebiji swing d rumah merupakan impian saya. entah kenapa saya sangat suka swing! dan rattan swing dalam gambar itu nampak sungguh...mmmmmmmmm....

    string? bila punya tema IF ni? memang kelas lah ur style ni rizal. makin hari makin menyengat! dan RnR juga semakin mantap (bak kata bono)...ooh...syioknya!

  34. dropping EC here & have a nice weekend Rizal!!! cikgu!!! :-D

  35. Fulamak!!! My banner is here gitu, so pretty la Mariuca kat sini! Yeeha!!! :):):)

  36. Rizal!! GP=Genie Princess la! Ha ha ha, u can join the genie meme! ;)

  37. Ohhhhh Haaziq tweet tweet and wink wink lagi ye? I pun dah pandai Tweet tweet Rizal, sikit-sikit je la ha ha! :)

  38. He he, tenkiu Bono and Monica! It feels great to be first commenter at RnR! Kopi secawan pls Rizal! :)

  39. mana eid yg masih berbaki?

  40. Rizal I already addicted with Twitterfox...heee

  41. So what are doing today...sure restnrileksing...

  42. Oh lamanya tunggu box u keluar Rizal! Saje drop by cakap hola! Kat sini hujan, kat sana? ;)

  43. U dah makanke Rizal? I brought u some coffee special for u to mengomen the night away, enjoy! :)

  44. LOL! Rizal, I can see u and Debbs mengomen kat Mariuca, kirim salam sikit kat Debbie ye! Ha ha!! :)

  45. Congrats to you and the recipients Rizal...

    Dah tidor ke tu?? Senyop jer...

  46. Hi Rizal,
    Just dropping in to say hello and send happy wishes.:-)

  47. Wah!! It's raining awards here... hehe. Tahniah!

    I love rattan furniture. Can't wait to see those designs! :)

  48. I'm sure you are busy now but thanks for your continues comment at bonoriau.

  49. Come join Blogcatalog Emila RSS Dolly Club..

  50. Hola Rizal! I'm here....busy kerja ke tu? Ni baru nak buat MPG round, be back later with Mariuca okay? :)

  51. ohhh shinade, it is my pleasure to know you as blogger friend..

    Thank you for all ya :)

    I think you ve put down some great comments so dont worry abaout not knowing what else to say..

    it is always a pleasure to have cave comments from by great Rizallians :)

    Have a great photo hunt ya

    Happy tuesday :)

  52. oh Grandy!

    thank you..

    i see.. your a peddling hard now at GP.. congrats ya..

    right now i think i am just going to restnrileks ..errr worknplay.. :)

  53. Selamat Hari Selasa Fliffy..

    Nanti rizal maklumkan juga. Kalau rizal buat makluman, rizal tinggal komen kat blog Fliffy ye :)

  54. Pak bOno,

    thanks for the answers..

    I agree with you too about having a new artistic layout. I need tabs too, otherwise my blog will be too log having too many widgets..

    The main question is ? Siapa ya yang harus dicari untuk membuat benda ni semua..

    Frankly, i am too lazy to do all those transferring, saving, codes n such. Probably, i will need to commission someone.

    Maybe, now is a good time to change to .com and have a new hosting :)

  55. Mnago,

    Rizal pun nak join clap!clap! jugak.. heheeh..sebab cam syiok jer tgk semua pun clap!clap jugak.. hehe

    New style, Mango, rasanya masih kekalkan stail yang sama, tak berubah pun.. aikkk semakin mantap.. hehe.. heran tang mana pulak tu :)

  56. Marzie,

    sorry baru nak menjawab.. terlewat sedikit.. hehe

    memang blue tuu nampak tgh suka tuu..

    Memang laa banner tu pretty sebab owner dia pretty on the outside and inside jugak kan ? :)

    I think, i dah join GP meme tuuu, tuuu punca yang buatkan restnrileks melonjak ke ratus-ratus ni (technorati) hehe,

    Tapi masih tak boleh chelen technorati GP la.. ahak ahak ahak

  57. Pak bOno,

    U yang sarankan guna twitterfox, pak bOno pula yang lambat guna.. hehe.. twitterfox memang syiok..

    lately, resnrileksing dan selang-seli dengan

    worknwork.. ahak ahak :)

  58. Arsaili,

    Baki Eid alhamdulilah. Macam mana kat sana? Ni masih kat Perth lagi ?

  59. Marzie, box tuu nasib2.. kadang2 jadi lama sebab tgh sangkut connection kan?

    kalau sangkut tu, terus jerr tekan refresh.. shoutmix, dulu advertlets semua suka buat sangkut.. tension.. tu yang dok buang tuu semua...


  60. mekasih marzie bagi kopi.. ni pun tgh minum kopi.. ehhh kopi bandung ada tak? hehehe :)

  61. Lj,

    mekasih.. haaa ahhh dah tidur..kalau senyap sama ada dah mem"blind - ing" akak membuta

    atau dok tgh movie kat lappie.. hehehe

    tuu yang senyap aja

  62. Nessa,

    mekasih mekasih...

    nanti kalau ada yang baru rizal tunjuk lagi yaa..


  63. Ha ah Pak bOno, agak sibuk laa ni..

    Wahhh,, ada club kat blogcatalog ka..

    nanti rizal pergi lihat2..

  64. Olla shinade,

    thanks for dropping by.. and the well wishes :)

  65. Olla Marzie,

    tgh ngerah idea nak cuba datang konsep.. ni yang terbantut tak leh komen2 sgt ni.. :)

    Happy tuesday :)

  66. I'm sure you have good voice....nyanyi pasti mantap deh!!!

  67. Rizal, I have a tag for u, have fun! :)

  68. Bila nak ada post baru ni, nak jadi first lagi kat RnR! :)

  69. Happy Birthday birthday boy!!!
    Another Great Entry for sure Rizal.
    Wow! You have so many awards.
    Last week 1, these week two awards.
    I think you wish that those awards are gold.Kayalah..dengan awards.
    (He..He...just kidding)
    I love your design sketches and the finished porducts too.
    Your IF-strings is so funny. I did these installation while I worked as ID last time.
    What's an inspiration and sweet revisited for me. Thanks Rizal.
    Continue your great effort OK Rizal!
    Go Go Go...

  70. Hi Rizal,
    Just dropping by to tag you.

    have fun...crazy morning...gotaa'dash!:-)

  71. Hi Rizal, thanks so much for the Uber award and linky loves! I really appreciate it. :):) Best bijaksana kalau dpt duduk berhayun kat rattan swing tu..:):)

  72. I'm out from top 10 commenter at Mariuca...emmmmm

  73. Lucky I'm still top 10 here....waiting for your latest posting...heee ...sure you are busy with your job.

  74. woo-hoo! I'm one of your top 10 commenters here ;-)

  75. Apa kata kita upkan sikit komen kat sini? ;)

  76. Here with MPG tonight, how are u Rizal? :)

  77. Have a good day at work tomorrow? I tak tidur mlm ni, besok pagi baru tidur he he! :)

  78. Thanks for dropping by my blog today Rizal, nite nite and sweet dreams! :):):)

  79. Takde pun rumah terbuka this morning ha ha ha!!

  80. Hi Rizal,
    I am sorry that it has been so long since I dropped in.

    No excuses...well maybe..yesterday as really hectic and today our weather has been bad.

    So I am shutting down yet once again for the night.

    My hubby and I are going to have dinner together and watch a movie.

    I finished all of the medicine yesterday and today I am feeling really really weak.

    Those steroids kept me from sleeping for 3 I am very weak and tired from sheer exhaustion.

    Walter my husband has ordered me off for the night.

    I am looking forward to your doodles...did you doodle this week?
    Gotta' go drop in on Bono right quick and then off to get some rest!

    Happy day for you I hope:-)

  81. bit busy this few days but still will drop by here

  82. Thank you for you Dangdut song at my blog..heee

  83. Rizal, amboi bersihnya rumah u ni. Nak duduk kat rattan swing jap..woohoo!! sejuk berangin..

    Laju, laju, buaiku laju..hehehe

  84. I have got an award for you, pls. drop by. Thanks Rizal:)

  85. Hi Rizal! Tenkiu for ur lovely comments at my blog, they did help to cheer me up and I will not forget ur kindness in my time of depressi! Love RnR and HEART Rizal! *HUGS*

  86. Hi Rizal...just dropping in to say that!:-)

  87. selamat bersinggah pak bOno..

    dangdut ala sengol-sengolan atau gerudi inul? hehehe

    Happy friday ya pak bono. Thanks for keep coming here.. :)

  88. Monica, happy friday too.. have a great day ya.. :)

  89. Marzie, thank you sebab selalu datang dan singgah bersihkan sawang2 kat rnr ni..

    post baru tgh carik idea ni.. hehe :)

  90. yoon see, terima kasih..

    Ahak ahak, if only i could sell this awards - then i am sure i going to hear some "kaching!! kaching!!"

    Thanks for liking my sketches..

    I like yours too - and i am glad i ve found another artistic malaysian blogger here on the net.

    Happy friday ya and have a great day everyday :)

  91. Shinade.. olla.. another tag for moi?

    i am speechless.. thanks for thinking of me too..

    Shinade, do have a good rest ya.. so that you can blog again later.

    I am sure hate to miss you on the net.

    I am still lazy - not doing any illo this week..

    boo hoo - shame on me :)

  92. Marzie, box tu kadang2 buat hal..

    kalau advertlets lagik teruk. Tu yang rizal buang terus tuu.. hehe.. senang bagik lancar jer..

    jangan sedih2 yerr..

    happy friday.. nanti kalau you sedih.. rnr bom GP dengan hidrogen bom.. so far laa ni baru bom pakai napalm aja.. hehe

  93. Lj,


    la ni belum la tidur.. semalam dah tidur.. yang ni belum lagi.. hehe :)

  94. Marzie, tersasul laa fasal rumah terbuka.. masa marzie datang kan rizal tengah makan-makan kat tanah jajahan GP tu.. siap senyap-senyap pau kueh raya bawak balik satu balang lagi.. :)

  95. pak bOno..

    huhu.. dont yer worry.. your spot is tightly secured here.. hehehe

    67... hmmmm impressive!! :)

  96. debbie.. syok tak duduk kat buaian rotan tuu..

    huhu.. musti sejuk berangin kan?

  97. thanks Yoon See for that award... i am honored..

  98. Marzie, dont worry..

    as i say, jangan sedih tau, nanti i ll drop hidrogen bomb sana lagi susah..

    I had great time visiting WoaFS!! and still am, nothing will stop me from visiting yours unless kalau sakit, ada hal keluarga, kerja.. pergi bercuti... pergi shopping.. eh eh banyak pulak halangan.. heheeh

    but i think you ll get the idea ya..

    happy friday.. :)

  99. olla shinade...

    you are most welcome even to say a simple word - "hi.."

    for i know, that simple gesture has awesome sincere meanings

    happy friday.. :)

  100. Halo Rizal!

    Tumpang lalu lalang je...

    Selamat hari Jumaat :)

  101. Rizal Congrats being my 1st commenter...don't forget to add your twitter link on next comment ...heee

  102. You also welcome to comment at my site even not related to the topic ...heeee

  103. Rizal, I oso wan to put unrelated comments here, watch me now Rizal he he! ;)

  104. How are u today Rizal? I dgr u nak diet kat Emila's blog he he, u mana gems Rizal! ;)

  105. Oh ye, u kan ada project this month, dah siap ke blm tu?

  106. I tgh cuba DL TFox ni, at Bono's site now! :)

  107. Ok Rizal, nak visit other frens lak, happy weekend to u and Blakie! :):):)

  108. Have a good long break Rizal, see u when u get back! Love and hugs and take care. :):):)

  109. Rizal I know you're on break and I hope you have a glorious holiday.

    I just wanted to drop by and say that I finally got the awards up.

    Thank you so much!!:-)

  110. Rizal still on hiatus ke? :)

    Rizal, love ur profile, mmg u are a regular mat, which is actually the best type of Mats eh? Happy Tuesday! :):):)

  111. olla nessa..

    silakan.. silakan lalu.. huhu.. jgn segan silu nak lalu selalu kat sini.. :)

  112. pak bOno.. all right..

    i ll do that in my next comment at yours..

    Pak bOno, you can always leave anything unrelated to the post too.. hehe

    all rizallians are welcome here.. :)

  113. olla marzie,

    i am watching you.. huhu..

    today penat lah.. bukan penat macam malas.. kerja banyak tapi rasa nak tidur aja.. huhu :)

    nak diet jom diet.. hehe

    take care.. thanks for dropping by..

    huga hugs.. :)

  114. ohh shinade..

    thanks for keep coming here and drop some luv.

    I am not on holiday though.. work actually..

    i hope things will be as usual on november..

    happy blogging and have a great day ya :)

  115. marzie..

    ni tgh malas yang amat.. malas nak update.. malas nak drop.. malas dan malas dan malas..

    ni kemalasan tahap kronik ni.. uhu uhu..

    nak makan pun malas.. tapi tak susut pun.. ahak ahak

  116. Ahaks! Malas rupanya! Baru nak cakap Rizal, come out come out wherever u are! :)

  117. Cikgu Rizal, I baru je promote about ur sales on the rattan product and other items that u mentioned friends are eager to check it dont forget to let us know about the date k...

  118. BOO!!! Happy Halloween Rizal and Blakie! :):):)

  119. Enjoy ur weekend, it's another busy one for me. :)

  120. Ahhhhhh dunno la when I can go for a vakasi ni, somewhere far far away to RnR maksimum! ;)

  121. Hopefully blh jadi OKB soon so can spend away like nobody's business ha ha! :)

  122. Ok Rizal, off to do more drops now, be back later with Mariuca! :)

  123. Hi rizal
    Do you know that I love your blog...
    Check out - I give you an award.Hope you like it :)
    You can take the award from my blog :)



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