Since, i am sure most muslim bloggers would be updating their blogs with glorious joyful Hari Raya Celebration pics and stos (stories), i ve decided to update my blog with something... err.. typical. :)

I ve to admit. It is not my habit to drink 8 glasses of plain water. But then, I am taking back control (whoaho!!). I must, should, or at least could try to drink the required minimum of 8 glasses. Indulging myself with these last few days with all the sinfully yumilicious food and cookies, has somewhat made me feel.... err bloated . Hey, it was Hari Raya.. : ) and I am sure, the celebration will run up to a month. The last few days, I have been occupying myself gulping (gulp! gulp! gulp!) just about as much plain water as I can. I can see some benefits - One thing for sure is my skin completion (yes my face skin, mind you) is somehow more radiant, though not even close to the extent of those beautiful looking women modeling for Total Olay Effects. Sigh. The benefits of drinking plain water among them are, Healthy Skin, Fluch Toxins (yeah, i need this), Cushion and Lubricate your joints and muscles, Be Energized and Be Alert, Regulate Body Temperature and Burn More Fat & Build More Muscles (Whoaho!!). I am a smoker and coffee lover too, and thus, these habits explain such dull face complexion. So, thanks to that awesome glass (which i bought a year ago), i am now more motivated to keep on gulping plain water, as a cheap and easy way of maintaining my health. I like there are printed words to remind me to take my daily intake. So, do you keep up with the suggested requirement? Water Anyone? (gulping...)

Point 2. Watching movie is one of my idea of restnrileksing. And the type of movies I watch - Almost everything from Sci-Fi, Horror to Drama, as long the storyline is good. And i believe, it has been ages since i last stepped foot in a cinema. My practice nowadays would be grabbing movies from err... You-Know-Where-Places or simply drop by to my favourite Speedy Video at Kg. Pandan. It does offer rented movies, though mostly VCD titles (occassionaly DVD on some titles). Good enough for me. My ideal time of watching, would be 11pm onwards. Huhu. And when i watch, i really watch, oblivious to anything that happens around me. On the 1st day of Hari Raya, I ended up watching Dr.Seus Horton Hears Who (at 1 am - that would make it on the 2nd day of Raya right!) and 2nd day of Hari Raya, Ayat-ayat Cinta (at 11.45pm). The verdict? Both are good movies. As for Dr. Seus - I hate the first one - The Grinch, but love the Cat in the Hat and the animated Horton. Ayat-ayat Cinta? I think it is a refreshing take on the subject, and thus that would explain why i fall in love with the movie (err not fall in love with the whole love situation thing.) I love movies that challenge and stimulate my mind. Pak Bono recommends me to get and read the book, and i think i will. But, i am having a second thought, i hope the language barrier would not deter me from doing so. So, what kind of movies invoke you?

Point 3. These are blakie kids, born in middle of Ramadhan. Initally, there were four, but four has become three. One died. Mom was eating and chewing it when my bro took notice, (oh! cannabalism). I guess, that's pretty normal in animal kingdom (thanks to Astro Animal Planet!). So far, those three kids are healthy and fluffy. Mom gets good food too, so, in return, kids are healthy. I havent named any of them yet. Right now, they don't venture much. But, I am sure, in few weeks time, everything will be Kaput. I just hope that they wont venture too far - falling down the stairs. Oh! Tidak! Pasti Haru. Last but not least, I did my own name card by having my own illo on one side and My restnrileks dolly on the other side. Whoaho! Now, I have 10 different illos on the front side. And, i can start giving them together with my official name card. Glad that i asked Kak Emila to create a dolly for restnrileks.

Well, i am still on a holiday mood. Wont be back in the office till next monday. So in the meantime, i am just going to savour every sweet moment of just restnrileksing. ahhhhhhhh..syioknya,

Happy blogging and have a great day everyday ya.
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  1. wow.. sound awesome! hehehe.. and considering I have to seat for test this Thursday makes it awesome even more. Hahaha

    Point 1: I drink 1.5L of water per day (not sure whether it equal to 8 glasses of water or not) Oh, and isn't that Kak Emila's blog on your screen computer? hehe

    Point 2: I still haven't managed to force myself to watch Ayat2 Cinta. I heard much about it and already downloaded it though. I also heard that the book speaks better words compared to the movie

    Point 3: Love your RSS feed. I have mine too. But I made it specific for my now close for the time being blog (My Little Black Pot). I want to see your name card clearly! It's certainly looks nice from here!

    Mummy cat ate her own child? I heard it happen quite often. If I am not mistaken, the mother usually eats the weakest of all. In some point of view, perhaps she doesn't think that kitty will survive. Hurm... Sad story there..

    Anyhow, happy holiday! Enjoy it while it last! Cheers~

  2. YEAAHHH!!! I am the first commenter!

  3. Rizal thank you for the link. I'm really recommend to read the novel Ayat-ayat Cinta. The story bit different from the movie...bahasa nya pun simple aja bisa di fahami..Love Allah is everything.

  4. Rizal are using twitterfeed?

  5. Rizal thank you for your comment. We are learning and sharing. Using twitterfeed will publish our posting automatic at our twitter and facebook. For facebook we have to put our twitter 1st. Open twitter then go to setting and choice add link(facebook) below add url...good luck.

  6. Syabas Blue,

    You are the first comentor. Whoaho!
    Somebody seems in a jovial mood. :)
    Point 1 - 1.5L probably gets you around 6-7 glasses of water. Yup you are right, you spot Kak Emila's. It was intentional. hehe

    Point 2 - Movies based on books. I am sure the books are more fun to read. Harry Potter for instance.. hehe Pages and pages of detailed descriptions on books can turn out to be like a 2-3 minutes of movie rendering.

    Point 3 - Thanks,Just click the pic. Hopefully that will help. The official name card, hehe.. to far i guess.

    Point 4 - Survival of the fittest. At least, the mom can nourish herself back again. That would explain why the three others are fat and healthy since less competition.

    I will, i will, i will enjoy every moment of just restnrileksing.. hehehe..

    Another movie watching again 20-minutes time :)

  7. Pak bono, No problem about that linky love. It is my pleasure. :)

    Love ALLAH is everything. I very much agree.
    I am sure the book will have more detailed stories inside. The same goes with all movies based on books

    InsyaALLAH, i will get my hand on that book.

    Thanks for explaining to me about twitterfeed. :)

  8. Wah! Awesome namecard! Nak satu!!!! Glad you make use of the dolly!

    Eh macam familiar je blog kat screen tu hehe

  9. Rizal, duduk kat Kg Pandan kat mana? Dulu Kak emila duduk kat Kg Pandan Dalam!

  10. Kak emila, nanti rizal bagi sekali la masa hantar ATC. hihi. Kak Emila pun patut buat guna dolly kak emila. Memang syiok. hehe sebab spesel. Ni baru namanya alah membeli, menang memakai kan? huhuhu

    Tu la, memang macam biasa nampak blog kat skrin tu.. hehehe. Kak emila kenal ker?

    Oh ye ka? Bukan duduk Kg.Pandan, duduk Taman Maluri, tapi, Kg.Pandan, Desa Pandan tuu memang tempat pusing kawasan yang seangkatan dengannya. :)

  11. di malaysia diputar movie ayat-ayat cinta jugak?? bagus kan?? di Indonesia film ini menjadi sukses looh

  12. Hi Rizal, I love cats especially cute kittens! geram sbb sangat chomelzzz!

    And your namecard with the illos look great! :) Happy Wednesday ya..:)

  13. Oh ya, nak komen pasal points tu.

    Point 1 - I always drink 2L of water every day. It's a habit! Kalau tak, rasa dahaga semacam.

    Point 2 - I love watching movies, want to watch Eagle Eye because Shia LeBeouf is awesome! Tak suka DL movies, take such a long time. I watch everything but horror. Dulu minat horror, but lepas tengok Dark Water versi Jepun, terus jadi penakut! hehe..

    Point 3 - Great great artwork, what else can I say? Mcm biasa, saya sangat jeles.

    Point 4 - I've heard of the cat or dog moms eating their babies right after giving birth. Sbb penat melahirkan, jadi ibu2 tu lapar, so sbb tak larat nak cari makanan, dia ngap anak sendiri. Poor babies! Tapi itulah lumrah kehidupan.

    Okay Rizal, I'm out of here! :):)

  14. Town,

    ayat-ayat cinta tayang di tv Malaysia, kalau tak silap malam hari raya ke 3 atau 4. Tapi tak ingat sangat pula tarikh sebenarnya. :)

  15. Thanks debbie,

    haaa, apa lagi, boleh la buat name card guna illo pakai dolly customized Kak Emi.

    Point 1. wah, i think you ll be my motivator juga lahh.. huhu. kena minum banyak air ni.

    Point 2. Horror pun antara yang rizal suka tgk, tapi yang leceh nya, susah nak dapat yang betul2 bagus.. banyak crap aja.

    Point 3. Terima Kasih Terima Kasih

    Point 4. Rasanya, anak kucing yang ke empat tu, dah mati, tu yang emaknya makan. But, first time pulak rasanya jadi (walaupun tahu wujud.) Geli seh, tgk tali perut semua terkeluar lepas tuu mak dia macam nyum nyum nyum chew chew.. errkk.. But emak kucing ni so far sayang yang lagi tiga.. Ni pun ada tgk manjekan anak2 dia.. huhu

  16. Rizal you are totally right..semenjak add RSS dolly my subscriber really touching 3 digit figure...waiting for 4 digit..heee

  17. Hi Rizal...
    I tried to watch "Ayat-ayat Cinta" on TV.
    But fell a sleep on the first 30 mins.
    totaly not my cup of tea :)
    too bad...

  18. Pak Bono,

    Syabas, wah banyak tuuu subscribers. Moga terus maju dan maju ya. :)

  19. Hi Leet,

    hihi.. Yaa, that happens to me too when it comes to movies that are not my cup of tea.

    Tak pa..

    I am sure different people have different taste. and that what makes us unique. : )
    Any recommendations - good movies?

  20. Raya is a month time. Never mind that you have extra rest & still in holiday mood.
    We need to have enough rest for the better to come.

  21. Another links for you...heee

  22. LOL! I pun bloated ni Rizal, but takpe la kan sebab Raya punya pasal! :) So mlm ni menu u apa pulak ye? i makan curry laksa chinese style, extra sambal extra fucuk yum! :):):)

  23. Makaseh for the golden top dropper award...yesterday I saw it at LJ site.

  24. Hello yoon see,

    I agree - i need to have a good rest, but then again, i ve been having fun just blog hoping and commenting lately. hihi.

    Thanks for dropping by.. do come again ya. :)

  25. Pak Bono, thanks for that linky love.

    Speaking of that golden top dropper award, it is my pleasure..

    It is a secret society (sort of the Da Vinci Code) - haha

  26. Olla Mariuca,

    Ha ah.. tak per sekali sekala bloated - hihi.. macam lagu raya jugak..

    "Setahun..hanya sekali.. merayakan hari yang mulia ini.. " hihihi..

    Malam ni, makan nasi campur aja.. plus dengan dessertnya cookies lagi..ahak ahak ahak..

  27. Yes, Illustration Friday has been missing you!

  28. Oh boy good for you on the water. when I devote myself to that practice all the above things you mentioned do happen.

    Plus you lose weight. it is a good thing. And I haven't passed around my DaVinci code yet..I hope that is okay.

    I have been trying to get drops done. I am running slow today. and my medicine has made me some what removed from reality.

    Well at least more than normel...hee hee!!

    And yes I hope you will get some illustrations up soon!! I always love seeing them:-))

  29. hello there Connie,

    oh my my.. it is indeed has been a while. thanks for keep supporting me when i was with IF.

    I think i may give it a shot since today is Friday.. and new theme will be out tonite (malaysia time)

    have a great day everyday ya.

  30. Olla Shinade,

    harap semakin sihat,
    I am trying to be a good devotee.. hehe.. yup, it s true, i can see some good benefits are here with me already..

    Just have a good rest shinade... so later, you can drop back.

    Thanks, i hope i ll be back on my feet, since new theme will be out tonite. :)

    happy blogging.. :)

  31. Hi Rizal,
    I have something for you. I'm sorry I can't give you the direct link. it's a bug I will have to discuss with Ana in the morning.

    But you may come and get it at

  32. Rizal!!! Hari tu tak keluar la gambar meow meow u!! Baru nampak ni! Lain kali letak la yg besar sikit, ni kena squint to see gambar anak-anak Blakie! :)

  33. He he mcm panda bear la black n white gitu! Kesian satu kena makan ye? Hmmmm bapak kucingnya mana? ;)

  34. Wah wah cantiknya gold medal u kat sini Rizal, semakin berseri la RnR! :)

  35. olla Mariuca,

    hehe.. sajer letak sket2.. cam kalau sket2 lebih seksi kan..

    satu tu kena makan sebab dah mati.. dah mati rasanya baru kena makan.. tak pasti yang tahu balik rumah, mak dia tgh nyum nyum chew chew anak dia. huhu..

    huhuhu.. gold medal tuuu ada satu power blogger yang bagi.. hehehe... :)

  36. Shinade,

    Thanks.. I am honored to have received such a unique award.

    *Hugs Hugs*

  37. Rizal the world economic is so bad..I'm belief we will really feel the impact next few months..people will lose job..and they will flooding online biz...what do you think?

  38. I agree Pak Bono. Now is the time to be frugal with our hard earned money.

    People may and will flood online biz, but with online biz, one thing still remains - doing biz (online or physical) does require great hard works - great PR and strategies, nothing much different that those offline bizs.

    Are u going to expand ur online biz Pak Bono?

  39. oh! restnrileks telah kembali dengar semangat berkobar2!!


    saya memang selalu kurang minum air. payah jugak nak paksa minum kalau tak rasa haus. mungkin saya tersangat dehydrated, tapak tangan boleh berkedut dan kecut kalau duduk lama sangat dalam aircond!

    sebelum ni saya dah pernah baca novel ayat2 cinta itu. sekarang nak cari peluang tengok movienya pulak. ooo...kalau rizal yang cool ni pun boleh fall in yang buat saya semakin terpanggil ni.

    pasal kucing...ambooiiiii comelnyaaa....seumur hidup tahun ini kali pertama saya memiliki kucing sendiri (er..berkongsi dengan hubby). Punyalah syok!!! Menjadi penyeri rumahtangga! Jelesnya tengok anak2 c blakie yang cute. you know what, my kucing also a blacky. kalau dia nyorok blakang almari atau meja atau dalam gelap memang susah nak carik. hehe.

  40. yer, restnrileks is back in the house..

    yea yeaayy,

    Manggo, sama laaa, selalu kulit kering bila duduk dalam aircond, tu memang dehydrated tu.. ni paksa minum juga walaupun tak haus..

    Kalau dah baca novel, seperti juga filem yang berdasarkan novel, memang akan terasa kurang, sebab novel selalunya lebih mendalam dan lebih terperinci kan..? :)

    Oh, ni kucing rizal yang ke 2 ( second batch) - Pertama Comel ngan Didi - yang hidup sampai 17 dan 18 tahun. Lepas dua-dua tak da, oh! terharu nak bela yang baru. Tapi blakie ni asalnya kucing luar, mak dia lahir anak kat rumah ni :) Haha, kucing2 hitam ni kalau nyorok memang payah..

  41. Rizal I 100% agree with you. Beside online business I think they also will try MLM industry.

  42. We really have to work hard work smart to earn GOOD income.

  43. Lagu tema Ayat2 Cinta pun sedap! Rossa yg nyanyi kan?

    Iye ke today bday u, Rizal?

    Happy besday!!! Semoga pjg umur, murah rezeki!

  44. Ya...semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki!! Selamat Hari Lahir, Rizal!!

  45. I totally agree with you Pak Bono. :)

  46. Mekasih untuk ucapan tu..

    Haa ah, lagu tu memang catchy.. nak2 bila dengar masa advert kat TV3 kan?

  47. Terima Kasih Kak Emi,


    Ya semoga Selamat Berkarya juga. :)

  48. I takde tv la Rizal..dengar lagu tu kat radio jer. :)

  49. Movie Ayat2 Cinta mmg power...I watched it that night and cried sbb..somehow..I started to learn more about Islam...yeah!!!

  50. Saya suka Rossa, suara dia sedap!

  51. marvic!!! you're here! lama menghilang, busy ke?

  52. Hola Rizal, ni baru bangun dari catnap pukul 12 tadi he he! Yelah bangun awal kena catnap sat! :)

  53. Blakie tu dah balik ke belum ni? ;0

  54. Saja mengecheck if I'm still ur TC here he he! :)

  55. OK, dah drop MPG kat sini, be back later with Mariuca! Happy Thursday Rizal and geng! :)

  56. Oh lupa naka cakap Tweet tweet u pun dah naik cepat tu Rizal, clap clap! :)

  57. Rizal, am back with Mariuca now! Jgn lupa bawak kopi byk-byk malam ni, u sekarang dah nombor 2, but very unstable, Di depan u Emila, di belakang u LJ he he! ;)

  58. wahhh buku ayat-ayat cinta yerrrr... eeeeeeeee comelnyerr anak2 kucing tu... geram tp takut nak pegang


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