Tsk! tsk! tsk! Rizal, i am sure you can come up with better Title for your new post. Haha. Well, anyway, it has been a while for restnrileks. In fact, I am getting lazy and lazier these days in updating my blog. Pretty much has been an active silent surfer; hoping from one blog to another. Anyway, last Friday i went to KLCC - Kuala Lumpur Convention Center visiting the Buy Malaysia Products Expo. Since i am not much into cam-whoring (ouchhh! i really hate this word), i wont post pics how the scene was. Got myself some flyers and product infos. I am sure these will come handy in the future. If you are into food tasting, there were bunches of food for you to test, from the frozen ones to biscuits. Alas, since i had already taken my nasi lemak with Rendang chicken (yummy!), I passed.

At the end, i grabbed two promotional bags (biscuits) at rm10 each, and 2 boxes of the now-so-famous Egyption Parfumes at rm33 each. The bags were a great bargain. You get a bag and a variety of biscuits to munch (munching munchys right now. lol!). The egyption parfumes? A great bargain too.. well, my Mont Blanc Individual was running low. Previously, i had tried these parfumes and, i found out they did last long. I have to say the same effect as your branded parfumes. Not like those cheap2 pasar malam rm10 for a small bottle which have a strong smell of alcohol. Since, i have decided that i need to save rm300-rm400 this month, i ll ditch my usual brand of parfumes and go for these awesome great bargain. So, overall, i am having these small bottles of 16 parfumes. Lol! I am on a mission to save as much money and being more frugal in my spending. Wish me luck ya!

Tomorrow, i ll be attending World Industrial Design Day 2009 - Design Discourse organised by National Design Centre. Yayy! And i am happy to know that my idol is going to be there giving a speech. Not Karim Rashid, Not Phillips Starck, Not CobbonPoe, but Dr.Tamyez, my idol who is now on vacation in Malaysia. Dr.Tamyez was actually my lecture, and he is kinda weird in great ways. I thought he was still in Oman until i saw him two days ago online via FB. Hmm.. i am wondering will i see those ppl (Industrial Designers) who have these "holier-than-thou" attitudes, thinking they are so hips n hops. Shame on you ppl! Aha!

On Tuesday evening, IKN will be launching its 7 books too; Crafts on Motifs and Techniques. There 7 books will be on Seni Kraf Logam, Seramik, Batik, Pewarnaan Asli, Ukiran Kayu, Tenunan and Rotan. Oh gosh, finally, i am done with the book. Seni Kraf Rotan : Motif dan Teknik will be printed on paperback and hardcover, and so are the rest. These are all basic books for references. 100% flawless? Nopeeeeee, but we are happy we manage to finish them. We are open to good criticism too. It is our hope that these books would fill the gaps on Malaysia Craft Books. Most Malaysia Crafts Books are on philosophies, histories, trends but not much on basic infos on what Crafts are all about. I am sure there will be some ppl who would look down on our efforts. We are prepared. :) Even, while making the books, we heard talks@cakap2 saying we werent fit n qualified to make ones, how we were not bright enough, and were doing something out of our league. Luckily, we ignored them :). Sigh!!.., and all these PHDs were coming from cough.. coughh.. Kraf..coughh.. coughh tangan... itself. Outsiders, however, were very much supportive from day one. Well, we are all prepared. Bring them down. Yee Haaaa..

Oh, the so ever-changing Bem69 ( he s like a camelion with his Tweeter thematic avatar..haha) has tagged me in Bahasa Malaysia. Darn you. lol! I will do it Bem. Yeah i will do it. Bring it on. Lol!

Last but not least, i ll put links for my first three commentators. Oh sorry, if i wont be replying ur comments tomorrow since i ll be off to Widd. In the meantime, Happy blogging n have a great day.

Till next time.


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Congrats LJ. Woot! woot!!. She is an awesome blogger. Armed with a cup of coffee, she does awesome makeover too. She did mine and I am a happier person now. lol. Hope on to her blog will yer (click the pix). Whoaho!!

Congrats Monica . Woot! woot!!. I think first time ever here ya?. Yayy Hope on to her blog will yer (click the pix). Lots of nice pictures to see in her blog. Whoaho!!

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