Earlier, i was thinking of buying food instead of cooking. Moreover, there will be a Pasar Malam tonite. But, then again, we already bought food for breakfast, and since i am in a mission to save money, nak tak nak kena laa jugak masak. We started seriously cooking on March this year. Even get ourselves A Cornell Induction Cooker. Lol!. Frankly, though a bit tired (since you are now cooking everyday), the money saved is awesome and serves as a motivation. Previously, I would be spending like rm18 per day - rm4, breakfast, rm7 for lunch and dinner (that is a whopping rm540 on food.. yeah i know, to some rm540 maybe aint that much). Now , i am only spending rm150 to buy grocerries plus another rm240 for my daily budget. That rm150 allows me to have a proper home-meal food twice, like rendang, kurma, kari..awesome! whoaho. Plus, i save another rm150. So, any quick recipes to share with me? I love those meals that you can cook under 30-minutes, and love to try your recipes too.

Ohh, btw, check some pics here from my twitpic. These are actually a collection of my twitter using twitpic. Twitpic allows you to twit with pictures. Yeah, this post is actually a bidan terjun post, hence, the not-so-usual-style of Restnrileks posting.

Alrighty then. Happy Blogging.

Dinner is served.  Ahaks.  :) on Twitpic

Few of the final student rattan werks. I am glad everything i... on Twitpic

just ate a rm2 karipap pusing (chicken curry puff). Gosh! it ... on Twitpic

Happy Saturday  :) on Twitpic

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