Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal
diteruskan dengan edisi ke 2 berkaitan dengan Kraftangan Malaysia. Kalau Kraftangan Malaysia sudah disebut, jawabnya, tidak lain dan tidak bukan berkaitan dengan Kraf Anyaman Rotan. Aha, Incik RestNrileks, pembuka bicara dalam BM taktik SEO ka? Memang jawabnya BERANI GAGAL lah untuk HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL.


Alright!! This is actually an extended post of Incik DenaiHati "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" keyword contest which is getting "Hot sampai merecik-recik." Currently, there are 126 blogs participating in this awesome contest. Winning it will be great, and if not, well, at least i ve managed to make new friends. And that is priceless. Whoaho!!

You can read my first lengthy "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" post here. Mind you, it is really a looooong entry with no pixs: 1st time ever a post with no pixs from Incik RestNrileks. Aha!!

The last 2 weeks, i was feeling down. Last week, however, i was feeling a bit nervous. Talk about emotional roller-coaster ride. Phew!! I had my reasons for feeling a bit nervous. First was the NSTP (News Straits Time Press Educational Program) and second was an hour talk in front of single mums for the I-KIT Closing Ceremony Program.

Inspite of having done a number of rattan interactive program, NSTP Rattan Weaving Program had me worried the most; for two simple reasons. Kids of 9-12 of ages would be joining, and English would be the medium. Great !! (not in a positive tone). Though we previously did an interactive with Alice Smith School before, that was different, since those kids were there with their parents and teachers. Few things did come to my mind. How would these non-BM speaking kids take it? Could my staffs be able to converse fluently in English (yeah they had no problem communicating in BM but English! that would be another story.) Well, it seemed there was only one thing left to do. "Just do it!!" i said to myself. Hey!! moreover as the Head of my department, i should remain cool. Ha!ha! . Thus, being true to "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" the only sensible thing to do was to go with it; leaving my comfort zone behind and embracing the uncertainties (of course with preparations : D)

Now, i am not going to bored you to death..
Let the pictures do the talking.

In the beginning, we started slow. Incik Razali was doing all the nice, smooth sweet talk to these kids. LoL!! Incik Razali, i didnt know that you could be such a caring person ( You are now being awarded the anugerah Bapa Penyayang :D), very much different when you were with IKN Students. Those kids finally tamed the tiger in you huh!

and thus, these kids weaved and weaved and weaved....

"Look at my pweety basket. I did it.." Yayy!!

Sabrina was something. She made us laugh with her "kids being kids" attitude. High 5 Sabrina!! Whoaho!!.

Photo Time! Hip2x! Hurrah!!

Closing Ceremony!! "Yay Ma!, we got certs!"

Owh!! Mala of I-KIT single mum program!! You looked "Ceria Merah Membaralah!" Muakss!!

Surprisingly, we had fun. I had fun with the kids and i had a great time giving an hour talk to single mums - (at the end i was taking for 1 and half hours - Owh! i didnt realize how fast time flew). And i am glad i took these two programs. Basically, those were my "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" - Leaving my comfort zone breaking from my routine. Sometimes, small things do make a different. As they say, small opportunities often lead to bigger opportunities. There are nothing wrong in thinking big, but i believe too that there are many hidden opportunities in small and simple tasks. Collectively, these small tasks are big as one unit.

Speaking of HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL.. hehe.

Anyway, i also like to say Happy New Year and thanks to all my readers for keep supporting RestNrileks. May all the best be with you always. And may all our blogs keep going great and going and going...

First three commentators are :

The New Revamp DenaiHati

Till next time.

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  2. InsyaALLAH bro.. semoga semuanya akan semakin baik bagi tahun 2010.

    Selamat Tahun Baru juga : )

  3. I love dis post Rizal... Sabrina is so cute! I oso wan to hi-five her! :* :* :* :*

  4. It's great to see u taking the step out of ur comfort zone to brave the hurdle, sometimes that is the only way for us to get over our fear or shortcomings. Thanks for sharing! :* :* :*

  5. Happy 2010! Kamon luck come to me, no more mess-ups this year!! :* :* :* :*

  6. YAY WOAFS is on ur EC on the first day of 2010! Satu petanda baik tu! :* :* :* :* :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$

  7. Olla Marzie,

    Selamat Menyambut Tahun Baru 2010. May all great things come to us this year. :)

  8. Thanks Marzie,

    Aha, tu la, budak2 tu semua baik2 ajer, tapi bila time rehat, adusss semua berlari sana-sini main kejar-kejar hiruk pikuk belaka.

    Sabrina tu memang petah : )

  9. Marzie, i was glad i took them. Such a great experience. Now i think i can take a whole lot of kids. Yaaa bring em on to Incik RestNrilekS.

    I was worried that doing small basket would bore them since these kids were the PSP gens. Aha, but things proved to be otherwise. :-D :-D

    Thanks for reading. I hope B is getting okay Marzie.

  10. Wah, i thought you had great luck in 2009 compared 2008 as a blogger.

    Yeah, i need to be more focus too in 2010. Most important, not to be dragged in office politics, =-O =-O which is an energy stealer. :) :)

  11. I hope so, aha, kira petanda. Ehh , kl boleh tgk ke Gerhana bulan. Indonesia ajer boleh nampak : )

  12. morning Rizal! :* :* :*

  13. Glad you had so much fun with the lovely kids! woot bapa penyayang!! 8-) 8-) 8-)

  14. Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year!! :)

  15. Selamat Petang Mon :) ;) :-D

  16. Thanks.

    Yeah i did have fun. Aha! even i was surprised on how Incik Razali acted that day. Hehe. :-D :-D :-D

  17. Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous New Year too Mon.

    May all the best of life be with you always!! :)

  18. Dropping by with some 2010 cheer RIzal... cheerrrr!!! lol! :* :* :*

  19. Eeee Haaaa! yeah 2010. Hope all the best be with us this year.

    Ehhh no more CL for Echo. hehe.

  20. Single moms, Incik RnR? Way 2 go, sir!

  21. ekekeee ... tak kuar nama aku pulak kat komen atas tu. (Tak taip, camner nak kuar, kan)
    Weh, itu sesi belajar anyam bakul makan berapa RM? Aku terasa macam nak belajar ler ... ihiks! ngada2

  22. Aha.. :-D :-D :-D

    Thanks for dropping by.

  23. Precious, selamat datang ke sini. Aha lama tak nampak singgah.

    Tuu laa tak letak nama macam mana nak nampak keke.

    Sessi belajar lain. KAdang2 ada ajer buat program interaktif percuma, kadang2 berbayar. Ahaha.

    Sessi tuu program NSTP. IKN kadang2 ada buat program dia sendiri. : ) :)

  24. Oh i am sure the kids were enjoying the activity. This is surely good idea. :-D

  25. salam bro.. memang best nampaknya buat anyaman ni.. btw, nampak gaya button retweet tu function lah? takleh nak retweet..

  26. Rupanya aku penGOMEL pertama...so macam ttahun baru ni???

  27. Olla Pupu,

    Lama Tak nampak. Terima Kasih sebab bertandang ke sini : ) :-D

  28. Salam bro!

    Eh retweet tak berfungsi ka? Nampak boleh ajer retweet sebelum ni.

    Hmmmm.. heran jugak ni =-X

  29. Happy New Year to you Incik Rizal :) Semoga hidup berani berani selalu.. be it to berjaya or gagal :D May the new year bring you lotta good luck and many more golden opportunities :-P

  30. Olla Anny..

    How s your holiday? I hope it was great. Yeah Incik RestNrilekS misses you in blogsphere.

    Thanks for the wish. I hope we all have a great 2010. May lots of golden opportunities show themselves.

    :-D :-D

    Eee haaa, wang besar wang besar saya putar lagi! hehe =-O :-D :-D

  31. gud luck bro utk contest ni..hehe

  32. kak jie tak pernah gagal untuk datang sini

  33. kt page ni niada from : kujie
    to : this page saja...

    bawah box ni ada add images, folloe cancel post

    itu saja - internet slow kot

  34. AHa, Kak Jie, ni saya buatkan contoh untuk Kak Jie.

    Konon2 saya jadi Kak Jie kejap saya jawab bagi pihak Kak jie.

    Untuk Gambar : pilih gravatar jadi gravatar saya yang keluar sebab masukkan emel saya.

    From : lepas taip letak "Contoh Kak Jie", butang 'from' tu boleh tekan untuk dapat drop down menu pilih add site Kak Jie

    To " boleh ke page ni dan pilih ajer ke twitter atau FB kalau kak Jie nak maklumkan komen Kak Jie kat sini .

    Sistem echo ni sama aje. sekali nak isi akan sama juga kat mana2 sistem melainkan computer dibuat clean : )

    Jadi ni :)

  35. TARAAAAA... dah jadi... saya klik nama kak jie aje dia bawak ke laman web kak jie.

    Cuma yang kurang dah tak dak CL. Dulu ada, Andy of CL dah tak link dengan Echo la =-O =-O =-X

  36. Terima Kasih Kak Jie sebab tak pernah gagal datang ke sini. :) :)


  37. Sama-sama Bro.

    Sama2 lah kita tunggu keputusannya nanti :)

  38. Kak Jie Aha, yang ni pula saya komen guna akaun twitter, tapi letak twitter atau Js-kit, tetap boleh paut ke site yang memberi komen. Dengan syarat pengomen letak.

    Gerak "cursor" ke profile, tunjuk tuu laman web profile : )

    Harap ni dapat membantu Kak Jie

  39. i miss the chance!

  40. Yeah, you missed it.

    Dont tell me i didnt ask you. Aha. Frankly, it was downright fun. And I am glad that i did go there. Owh! you should have seen Incik Razali @ Bapa penyayang yang VOWKKKKK!! Lol! Lol! lol! :-D :-D

  41. Hola Rizal! Selamat tahun baru 2010... maap ye lambat sket ... ketinggalan bas... :-[ :-[

    Lovely kids. You make a great 'sifu'.. hehe. Da ada pemenang ke contest ni?

    ps. kiut la your emoticons tuuu...

  42. perfumeries.shop11 Januari 2010 4:12 PTG

    art is peaceful.....

  43. mesti sibuk betul ni sehingga no masa update blog atau memang strategi

  44. Hola Nessa,

    Selamat datang kembali. Lama betul tak nampak. Musti cuti-cuti sakan tu. :-D

    Kontes ni masih berlangsung tapi akan ditutup dalam bila-bila masa sahaja. Harap2 RnR dapat kekalkan dalam tangga 1-5 untuk wang besar wang besar! :-D

  45. aha nessa, blogger emoticons tu boleh sahaja pasang kalau gunakan monyet yang berminyak aka "grease monkey" :-D :-D

  46. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you come again here.

    Have a great Monday ya : )

  47. Salam bro,

    sebenarnya dua dua pun bukan. Ehh! sibuk tuu seperti biasa je, sampai "sibuk" tuu malas nak fikir dah.

    Punca utama, kemalasan melanda. Ni tgh cari aura ni nak aktif balik. Haha :)

  48. perfumeries.shop12 Januari 2010 10:29 PG

    iam being looking idea 4 my sister...
    about rattan.....
    hope u d'nt mind???? 8-)

  49. no. no. i dont mind at all.

    Thanks for coming here again. Happy wednesday ya : ) :)

  50. perfumeries.shop13 Januari 2010 3:37 PTG

    try to addopt idea from ur gallery to implement to shop decoration...
    azreen kraf......... ;)

  51. Princess @ Katak Hijau,

    Sila tinggalkan nama sebenar bukan selindung di bawah "anonymous" ya :)

    Sebab walaupun ruang komen RestNrilekS terbuka untuk "anon", tetapi kebiasaannya, hanya satu atau dua komen di bawah "anon" sahaja diterima di dalam dunia blogging, bukan berderet-deret :)

    Dan peraturan penerimaan mengomen di bawah nama "anon" ini diguna pakai hampir semua empunya blog dan ke semua empunya blog memang berhak untuk "moderate" setiap komen.

    Jadi, harap maklum ya. Sila tinggalkan komen jika berminat tanpa menggunakan nama "anonymous"

    Yela kan, bila bertandang ke rumah orang, wajar lah kita perkenalkan diri dahulu, bukan lebih indah begitu? :)

    Ruangan komen ini masih terbuka dengan "moderate" setelah dikomen jika dirasakan perlu.

    P/s : Saya "moderate" komen anda dulu.

    Sila komen lagi tanpa "anonymous", seperti entri di atas juga : Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal. :-D

  52. hai lah rizal...i taip komen sampai dua kali ni, coz mula2 publish sampai dua, bila delete satu dua2 hilang.

    apapun mango ucapkan syabas! it's a good experience dan pastinya motivating untuk permulaan 2010 kan. I love and support aktiviti2 sebegini.

    frankly speaking, mango pun bermasalah apabila communicating in english. tapi terus terang, sejak berblogging sedikit sebanyak keyakinan meningkat. apatah lagi mango mmg kurang membaca dan selalu terperuk kat ofis/home office sorang2. :-[

    soal anon tu...hihi mango pun rasa mmg sepatutnya kalau kita ikhlas nak berkawan tak payah guna2 anon. sometimes i do receive komen drpd anon yg bertanyakan cara2 nak buat itu, ini, begitu, begini. kalau rizal...rizal rasa nak jawap/ajar tak?

  53. Aha, no problem.

    Glad those pixs can be a help to you. Hope you share em with us after having done with the decoration.

    Happy decorating ya :)

  54. Salam Khamis Manggo.

    Echo ni kadang-kadang buat perangai. Ada terseu-sedan sedikit. :)

    Terima Kasih. Yer, satu pengalaman yang menarik juga buat Rizal.

    High 5 Manggo, sama lah kita. Tu yang entri berbahasa Inggeris dan komen dijawab dalam BM. Rizal suka guna dua-dua bahasa. Terperuk kat "home office" tapi hasil karya semakin mantap. Ho Ho Ho.

    Aha, tang "anon' tu memang adat la risiko bila berblogging. Satu cara ialah dengan membuat "premoderation" dahulu.

    Owh! macam tu ka? Hmmm mungkin manggo boleh minta "anon" perkenalkan nama dulu dari mana dan sebagainya : )

    Kalau tak kena cara mintanya, payah juga nak jawab tu : )

  55. anon=risiko...hahaha...entahlah, mungkin sebenarnya mereka2 ini malu, atau nak keep low profile.

    Aha, blog cocktail. mix BM & BI. hihi.

  56. Aha yang tuu mungkin juga.

    Aha ni kira blog "coctail", dan mungkin juga kira fusian food, east meets west. :-D

  57. try to be the best..15 Januari 2010 10:11 PG

    En.Rizal how can i improve more in my design???
    i try to draw but i cannot get more than i want...
    can you give me a technic to draw with the right way.. :-[

  58. Waalaikummusalam.

    Patience is the key. Practice is the key too.

    I am sure you ll do fine.

    p/s : Masih tak nak guna nama betul ka? :-D :-D


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