Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal : Live-Dare to Fail

This is a long winding post with no picture, not for the faint of heart. Aha :D

Previously, i had no intention of participating in this "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" Contest. This "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" which simply translates to " Live : Dare to Fail", is a contest organized by DenaiHati, . The prizes are quite tempting if you ask me, if and only if your blog ends up among the first top 10 ranks at Google.com under the "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" keywords. Hope on to "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" contest for rules and regulations. Thanks to these sponsors : DSGClicks, Berani Gagal Network, One Malaysia Blogshops, Anisha Online Mall & Saudacare the "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" is finally out there alive and kicking among 114 brave blogs .

So hows my chance Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal? Pretty much slim. Question is.. why am i doing this? I am not doing this for the money, though i cannot say that winning it would not make me happy. I am a happy person when it comes to money, much like most people are, i guess. I am jumping into the pool since i wasnt in a good mood last week, and second, this will serve as an update entry for RestNrilekS.

You see, last week i was feeling a bit down due to one major project. It was a project that had taken almost 4 years to prepare with constant changing and refining . At the end, I passed or should i say fail on 60% score-mark. . I didnt get it. We all had the same contents with the same strategies. It wasnt my fault. Yeah blame on other things instead on yourself Rizal. The rest of my peers all score 90% on crafts projects which representing the heart, passion and love of hundreds of craft people in Malaysia. Darn! i felt like a crap! Big Time! My second boss did try to comfort me by saying it was out of my hand (true is it has nothing to do with me), but i still felt like a crap! It felt like a thousand needles stuck in my heart . Trying to look cool, i laughed my way into it for the next few days. It turned out, one of the panels had given a not so nice feedback while he was here in school few months back. Ohh! i remembered him alright, of all the panels, he was the most critical of them all. Owh, he had his ways with words to us all. I ended up having him as my assessor for that day.

Why was i feeling like a crap? Perhaps i am such a competitive person. You see, over the period of 4 years, i have managed to get things done (with Wow-factor results) by being the first compared to all of my peers. Yeah , i had had pretty much things under control, the way i wanted them to be : The first in passing both exams in one take. The first in passing PTK3 and above for both papers in one take. The first being awarded APC after filling my new post. The First in bringing experts from out of Malaysia for IKN PnP. The first in successfully managing a big event. The first in presenting papers on Malaysia Basketry to Asean delegates in Laos. The first in these and those bla.. bla.. bla...?

Now it seems the first of everything doesnt even matter anymore. Sigh...

If this is a typical "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal"entry, I can go on and quote many advisable phrases like " When things get though, the tough gets going.." or "Belajarlah dari kesilapan.." or "Life is full of wonderful things" and on and on. The truth is, seldom do people tell you how hard-wrecking you will be . People dont tell you how crappy and useless you will feel in the faces of failures.

Frankly, i would have traded all my first of everything for this one particular major project. The first of everything is all about ME! ME! and ME!, when the proposed project was about the hopes of us ; the rattan people. That explained my major crappy feeling.

Put aside, I moved on. During my "feeling-down" week, i browsed the internet like i would normally do on one weekend. Suddenly, i had a sms from one of my student. . "Encik Rizal, have you seen the papers!" " Nope. Why?" I replied. Quickly then, i opened Berita Harian, Utusan and Metro Online scanning for some weird news. I had no idea what i was looking for.. Then, there was it...

"PADANG BESAR 11 Dis. – Ajal maut dan jodoh pertemuan di tangan tuhan. Itu hakikat yang berlaku kepada seorang pengantin lelaki, Mohd. Ariff Ab. Kadir, 23, yang maut dalam kemalangan jalan raya selepas empat jam bernikah.

Dalam kejadian di Kilometer 7, Jalan Kangar-Padang Besar itu, turut terbunuh ialah bapanya Ab. Kadir Awang, 55, dan ibunya, Apsah Othman, 59, serta jurugambar, Mohd. Farhan Musa, 18, yang juga rakan Mohd. Ariff.."

Yaya, the student, smsed me again "She was my aunt.." I sat there in silence. My thought s were on how i felt when i lost my mother to a colon cancer years back. Quickly, i smsed her back saying how sorry i was and wished may all the souls rest in peace and blessed by ALLAH.

I was feeling down, sort of a whiner for my major project, which was nothing compared to what those people had to encounter. For no reason, that major project didnt seem MAJOR anymore.. See, sometimes, when you feel that things that you value are being ripped apart from you, just remember that in some other parts of the world, there are other less fortunate people. You should be grateful then.

So.. my so-called-MAJOR failure. Yeah so i failed for the first time. So what? You cant win all the time. And if you win all the time, you will never learn anything. Success is gained after going thru all the bumpy roads. Success isnt an easy grasp but it is not imposible. Sure you ll get this crappy feeling inside. Sure you will feel sad. Sure, at times you feel like you need to be alone. My advise. Take your time. Take a rest , take a deep breath, and then just get on with it.

In fact, I am glad that i didnt pass it for the first time. Failing that major project has been such a humble experience. Makes me sit back and think all over again. It is an ilusion in life if you expect things will act according to your expectation. Life sometimes surprises you in mysterious ways for sure. And if things dont go according to what you expect, just smile and, as a muslim "Redha". Let us give our best and let ALLAH do the rest.

So, with "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" @ Live : Dare to Fail, it doesnt simply mean that you should take up any challenge wrecklessly without weighing the risks involved. That is just plain stupid. "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" is also about you leaving out your comfort zone and taking up a whole new path . And that takes a whole lot of guts to embrace the uncertainty. While others like to look at "Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal" as Dare to Fail ?, my real take on this issue is, Do Your Dare To Change? Are you willing to leave your comfort zone should you fail in something or aim for something better? To change is never easy. It is hard to change people or environment. The best is to adapt.

That is pretty much my story on HIDUP BERANI UNTUK GAGAL.

I wish i can go on, but I think i ve written long enough. Maybe, i ll save some for second part. In the Wish me the best of luck in my 2nd attempt again for that thingy (the-so-called-major project) on February .

Owh, i ve updated my liveblog as well, hope you visit my LiveMoBo ya : )

In the meantime, i wish you Happy days, Happy Blogging and Have Great Days always.

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Lady Java.

Till next time.

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  1. Oh hooo ... so u r in! Good luck!

  2. Yeah i am in. Good Luck to us all.

    Thanks for dropping by Kak Precious. : ) ;)

  3. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

  4. Slownye screamyx mlm ni aiyooooooo >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

  5. I read abt the accident Rizal, I think Denaihati tweet...tak tahu pulak ur student punya Aunt...al-fatihah... :'( :'(

  6. I understand ur feeling down Rizal... kalau I pun tak dapat good score after selalu dapat good score, sure down... you just can't help it. But I'm glad u bounced back quickly. Sometimes it does take other greater tragedies to make us realize that we should always bersyukur for what we have... :* :*

  7. Good luck in this contest, susah betul contest ni.... :-E :-E :-E :-E

  8. Al-fatihah jugak untuk roh-roh mereka.

    Yup kesian sebab kenduri kawin bertukar jadi kenduri arwah. 3 sekeluarga meninggal.


  9. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

    Syabas, eh cermin mata jenama apa tu ? Chanel. Yang Rizal pakai ni murah jer, jenama tikam. Hehehe.

    Dah lama tak main permainan tikam. kekeke

  10. Internet kalau slow memang boleh kena darah tinggi. Tak pe, pekena kopi dulu. Ni tengah minum Kopi Habbatus Sauda. Not bad. Kopi dan susu dikena. bila letak air panas, berbuih ajer.. Syiok. :-D

  11. Thanks Marzie.


    Tu la, memang betul. Makes me humble so as to keep my head low. Tak syioknya, tadi semua gembira raikan keseronokan setelah dapat keputusan dengan rasminya petang tadi. Jadi yang 90% dah tukar ke 100%.

    Tak pe la. This is my dugaan. I think a long the way, i might have forget my true self.

    Thanks Marzie, for reading the whole post. Such a long post tu, and i really appreciate you read em :)

  12. Marzie, kalau masuk, mungkin ada peluang if you have submitted ur blog to google.com directory before this. Sajer letak post ni, tetiba, dah masuk list. Tak masuk list kalau kat google.com.my, tapi kat google.com dah masuk. Tolak yang imcurtain dig tuu semua la.

    I love google. But i dont put my hopes too high. : )

  13. Cermin Mata Chanel ke Gucci ni? :-D :-D :-D

    Tahniah jadi yang ke tiga : D

  14. Rizal.. hope you are feeling better and better luck next time around ya!!

  15. Thanks LJ.

    Yeah I am better now. Hope things will be better.

    Terima Kasih LJ

  16. Hi Rizal! I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling down.. You've just got to believe you can do it, I have total faith you'll do fine! Good luck on your next try :* :*

  17. failure is nothing but a way to success...so I hope you get through this 'catastrophic failure' :) :)

  18. Thanks Mon.

    Thanks for believing in me. Thanks too for your wish.

    Happy Tuesday. I am off to NSTP today for rattan interactive. Ee Haaa :-D

  19. Yeah Mon.

    Failure is actually an opportunity. Ohh! Gosh! i feel like shopping to lift up my spirit. Aha. : )

  20. Salam sejahtera :-)

    Masih belum dapat pengesahan dari denaihati ye?
    Coz page ini dah rank 2nd dari top 10 hari ini di carian Google. :-)

  21. Tootttt ... toooottttt! Ke tepi ke tepi! Gimme some space kat google tu! Hih hi hiiii. Tahniah ... rank tinggi woooo!

  22. Bro terima kasih sudi join contest dan sudi berkongsi ILMU. Kegagalan orang Melayu sekarang kerana mereka takut GAGAL sehingaga mereka tak buat apa-apa. Insyallah aku akan cuba menjadikan Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal sebagai landas blogging next year jika kita tak mampu menggubah minda orang setidak-tidaknya dapat menggubah minda sendiri pun dah syukur alhamdulillah. Blog ni tersenarai peserta ke 116. Ada ke lagi yang nak penyumbangkan ILMU untuk merangsang minda rakyat Malaysia dan Dunia mungkin.

  23. Salam Sejahtera AminJohar of Wawwi.

    Aha, dah dapat pengesahan dari DenaiHati. Aha, ranking tu memang asyik lari-lari jer. Nasib baik yang atas tu kira social networking sites.

    Selamat bertandang ke RestNrilekS : ) :)

  24. Toot! Toot!..

    Alamak terkejut den. Sila-silakan ambil, banyak lagi space tu kat google.

    Terima Kasih sudi tandang ke sini : )

  25. Salam Bro.

    116 pun 116 le. Tak sangka pula boleh turut serta. walhal asalnya, memang tak da rancang nak masuk.

    Alih-alih masuk, alhamdulilah pulak carta di google. Sekarang ni nampaknya kena la usaha kekalkan carta dalam 10 tangga.

    Selalu gagal memang tak seronok sebab nampak sangat kita ni tak efektif dan efisien, tapi gagal sekali - sekala ni memang syiok sebab sebenarnya dia membakar semangat dan bagi masa atau ruang untuk buat muhasabah diri sebenarnya : )

  26. I am sorry to hear about your student's auntie. I saw the news while i was having dinner with my friends and we still talked about it for couple of weeks after that. It's true. Sometimes, you need a wake up call to make you feel gracious with what you have. Unfortunately, the calls are rare and without it, most of the times, we're too caught up with our daily works.

    Have a wonderful year Rizal. May your work went well ;)

  27. Salam Blue,

    yer moga roh mereka semua dicucuri rahmat.

    Agree, on the wake-up calls.

    Thanks for the wish. The same goes to you. May your work go well too (Which i have a feeling that pretty much is going great with you)

    Looking forward to see you more on your HSFT : D

  28. i can't believe on what i saw bila sampai dekat kereta yang dah remuk with those 4 dead body in the car and with blood yang gelap and the smell...
    yesssss....i used to see blood tapi different....family...the are my family and it is so....out of words....i'm not denying but it is hard to believe.... confuse... >:o

    yes...dare to fail...fail to fight the reality when it rip out our heart...mesti berani to accept and go on...that's the best

  29. Yaya, i am sorry to hear about your loss.

    May all the souls rest peacefully and be blessed with ALLAH.

    Alfatihah -

    Speaking of Hidup Berani Untuk Gagal, hmmm we ve got lots of work to do la this year. :-D


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