I am going to make few changes here, while i am on it. You see, instead of having my first three linky love at the end of this post, i will put those first three commentators of my previous post in the beginning of a new entry. So, here they are now. My first three commentators for Restnrileks - Rattan Crafts and My World: Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2010 @ National Craft Day are :

Manggo aka Maisarah of Kulit Manggis.

Marzie of Whishing of Falling Star

and last but not least, Anny of Piper Kingdom.

Congrats to all of you.. Whoohoo!! Thank you for Making RestNrilekS Alive:inlove:


Blogging is URGHHH!!!
On a another note, lately i am having this "Blogging is No Longer Fun" feeling. Oh No! not again, another confused state of a so called Blogger. I know.. i know.. probably some of you will say...

" Hey Rizal..all you need is just to take a break!"
"Owh.. I ve got that feeling sometimes..It will pass"
"I feel you..."

Back in my head, i keep asking myself. Is this really a gut feeling that will pass away, or is it really a time for me to quit blogging and move on to another stage of life? Frankly, the idea of quitting has been lingered for almost 2+ months. Should i stay or should i quit? Even, attempting to write this post seems to be a dragging task. Sigh.. Right now.. i just hate blogging. Blogging is no longer fun (yea yea i hear you thoughts.. how sorry you feel for me thinking in such a way). I miss the year of 2007 and 2008 when the community was nicer to everybody, when people wrote not only with their heads but with their hearts too. I am beginning to ponder on these few things.

I am not into monetizing my blog. I no longer care much about Page Rank or Alexa Ranking. These two things are not my concern. I dont update my blog often. I have no idea where RestNrilekS direction is. I dont express anything here. I feel obligated instead of fun-fun when it comes to blogwalking and dropping. I feel blogging has taken much time of my life. I no longer draw. I no longer weave. I just exhausted and tired with the experiences.

Plus, lately, i come across people who keep repeating on the same thing over and over again. Then they are people who happen to criticize everything they see and hear in the name of freedom of thoughts. Then, they are people who think they are the judges. Then they are people who think curses are the "in-thing.." and above all, then they are people who think they are saviours.

Having life problems right now too make blogging a little less significance.

I feel like i am walking into a thick dense air, suffocating. They say, great bloggers blog not for themselves but for others. I am not blogging for myself, but i dont think i am blogging for others too. I blog aimlessly. Am i seeing a glass half empty or half full?

Maybe, the best thing to do is to get away with such things. QUIT!!

But.. but.. i dont want to quit. Blogging too has opened up good things in life. I know great people like Marzie, Kak Emi, Monica, Denai Hati, Zuls, Debbie, LJ, Pak Bono, Shinade, Shem, Anne, Kak Jie, Haaziq, Anny, Bem, Soulie, Manggo, Nessa and Krueger. Bella, a new found friend too which i hope will grow into a blogger friend. I dont see them as bloggers, i dont see them as my readers but i see them as real persons with distinctive wonderful personalities and great positive traits. I feel like grabbing a pen + paper and make a doodle for each of them, ending with a different awesome doodle. That is how i look at them, as real people not as my readers, or just another twitter followers. And to me, knowing these people is the most precious thing that i ve gained in my course of blogging. And that feeling beats the joy of Google Page Rank, SEO page rank and yada ya da yada..blah blah blah ( you know the things that you must know when it comes to blogging).

Thus, quitting will make me miss these great people (in my book). I dont want to miss them, but i also am weary when it comes to blogging.

Mon and few bloggers did say some words of encouragement, and for that i say Thank You.

At the end, i have to make few changes. I will give myself another month or two to see how things are going. Right now, feeling exhausted and tired, I think i can only write 3 posts in month, more than 3 will be a bonus which i doubt i ll do. I am also going to fix a date from now on. I am going to post on the 10th, 20th and 30th of each coming month starting April, sort of like a publication so that my friends will know. I know it is not conforming to the usual style. But perhaps, this is what i need to do just to stay afloat. I am going to change how i blogwalk. I am looking for quality (according to how i see fit) and not quantity. I guess, i am tired because i was trying to do like everybody else, when in fact i should blog how i see fit. I should do the RestNrilekS style and hopefully, in the near future, i can sing the "I did it My Way"

True as they say, one man's meat is another man's poison.

I just like to say thank you for reading this. Happy Blogging and Have a Great Day Everyday.

Till next time.

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