Salam and Aloha Friends.

Last week, i had a lunch with a friend (my colleague to be exact). She ate something that she bought for lunch, while i was happily munching my own home-cooked meals. Then, she went on saying (sighing) how she spend a lot of money from buying food instead of cooking. Then i asked " Why dont you cook?". She looked at me, and replied " I dont have time. I am just busy, and by the time i get home, i am already too tired.."
"Ahhh..." i said, and i happily continued eating my food.:sweaty:

My lunch box and counting my depleted money. Aha
Most people seems dont get the idea that in order to save money, you need to change your living lifestyles. People are so afraid thinking that changing will make them miserable or uncomfortable. The truth is, you still can be happy. You dont have to completely change your lifestyle. Best is to do it gradually. Later, pick them up as you go along until you are comfortable with it.

Here are few things that i have done in order to save money.

1. I cook, because buying food is no longer an option. It puts a strain on my wallet.

2. Less trips to Starbuck Coffee. Aha, i just drink the local "Kopi Hang Tuah" and it doesnt hurt my pride. I am still the same Mr.RestNrilekS. Ahaha.

3. I dont often go to cinema nowadays unless for social reasons. I dont have the urge to watch every new blockbuster movies coming out. I just wait until movies are out for renting. I feel much better watching in my home sipping hot coffee whoaho!!. Great things is, for the price of one movie ticket, i can get 3 rented movies. Yess!!!

4. Go to work early to avoid that morning traffic jam. Save you time, gas and your well-being. Walk instead of taking your cars or bikes. I used to take my bike for a 5-7 minute walk to a nearby shop - now, i get the benefit of walking and i enjoy my mini walking moment.

5. Do research before buying or subscribing something. See what on sales are and when the offers are. For instance, i have many friends who complain after subscribing internet services. Unfortunately, they are already on a year contract (at least). Such headaches can be avoided if people just do some simple research comparing promotions, discounts and coupons offered among telco and ISP providers. Hey Uverse is offering a great deal too.

6. Do not go shopping on empty stomach. Trust me on this : ) And owh, use coupons for that extra savings, especially when buying groceries or cooking utensils. Big hyper markets always have coupons too. I ve got my eyes on coupons for my next cooking ware purchase. Now, if you have to shop online, check out Target for some great deals and promotions too.

7. Most important is to have a monthly budget. Jot down everything you spend to the last cent (this is nothing new). Plan where you ll be shopping for this month. Consider savings as a lifestyle, if you want to save money.

To some people, i may look like being stingy. No, i am not. I am just being frugal. I am not rich and money is so hard to come by these days. I still enjoy good things in life. Great thing is, since you dont experience them often, you will appreciate the moment you experience good things in life.

And i still believe that, simple things are often life best pleasures :)

Now... now, where is that promotions on Nokia N900.. ahaks

Happy Blogging and have a great day everyday ya .

Till next time.
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56 ulasan:

  1. yeay... Chop!!!???

  2. Love your tips Rizal.. All make sense.. and I'm pretty much practising what you suggest you.. except the cooking part... lol!!

  3. PB? great post.. tak rasa baca PB.. hehe...!

  4. i kalau nak minum starbucks.. i balik sg.. rasa macam murah sikit.. tak sampai 10bucks.. hahaha

  5. i like your lunch box
    masak sendiri lagi puas daripada beli. 
    sokong masak sendiri. yeaah!
    alasan tak ada masa memag tak boleh terima
    selagi ada usaha, semua boleh buat. 

  6. frugal life :)  

    " Consider saving as a life style"  - I likeee.. 

  7. Bella Enveeus3 Mei 2010 1:46 PTG

    rizal, kita ada "Target" ke sini? hehehe..

  8. Bella Enveeus3 Mei 2010 1:46 PTG

    oh ya, i notice i had been collecting coupons nowadays too.. dulu bila mama abah yg byr, sume kita hentam ambik je.. now, have to save.. i see something i want but dont need, i'll pass it for another day.. wow! i just realize i'm a grown up! HAHAHA

  9. Nice tips! I agree with everyting you wrote here.  its not being stingy, its being practical! you can still enjoy life without spending more. have a nice week ahead. ;)

  10. Nice tips!! and its practical way since we are crisis now :)

  11. : )... Jangan Senyum... malu laaa... kekeke.. :-D :-D :-D

  12. yeahhh.. syabas.. alamak.. ni nanti kena buat himpunan semua di bawah entri bukan lol

  13. Terima Kasih LJ.. wah syabas - Go Go Chayuk.. High 5.. Cooking Part?  hehe.  I cant afford to buy breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Can afford but i would rather save the money on gadgets.  LoL  : D

  14. Aha, terima kasih2.  Kira nak buat serampang dua mata.  Ada lagi dua PB ni.. adoiiiii.. tak larat..

    Bayar ciput.. ehhh Alhamdulilah.. syukur nikmat.  : )

  15. haha.. Tu la.. come to think of it.  I ve only drunk Star Buck 1 time.  Haha.  I think Star Buck is not my cup of tea laa..  : )

  16. I like my lunch box too.  Costed me around rm50.  Ahaks, but in the long run.. i ll save.  and it can keep my food warm for almost 4 hours. hehe

    Masak sendiri memang lagi puas dari membeli.  Wah betul tuu ada usaha, InsyaALLAH semuanya boleh jadi  : D

  17. Aha.. i likeee too. 

    Tu la, kadang2 buat benda yang kecil2 ajer boleh jimat duit  : )

  18. Ahaks ahaks.. Target apa tuu Bella? hehe

  19. "Grown Up" is okay... As long not the "old" word.  Hahaha  : D

    Yea agree.  Right now i have to decide which one is "need" and which one is "want"

    Once in a while, i enjoy to have my "want". :-D :-D

  20. Olla Elai..

    Happy Monday elai.  Yup, you ve nailed it.  The exact word i was trying to find was practical.

    You have a nice week ahead too ya.  Thanks for coming and showing some blogging love.  : )

  21. Olla Silvergilr..

    Indeed, living expanses nowadays are just a mean of survival.

    Thanks for dropping by on RestNrilekS.  Hope you come here again.  Wish you had dropped your id so i could visit you back.

    You have a great day ya  : )

  22. Testing..testing one two three four : D
    On Mon, May 3, 2010 at 6:49 PM, Echo <

  23. :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

  24. Hi Rizal, great saving tips here and I don think ur being kedekut, ekonomi pun tak bagus, so why spend more unnecessarily? :-$ :-$ :-$

  25. I wish I could be more like you though, cook more... sigh bawak sini recipe-recipe yg mudah!

  26. Bila nka jadi OKB for real agaknya ye? Tapi kalau OKB pun sure mesti thrifty cause dah biasa... :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$

  27. Hugsie Marzie.. jangan sedih, Terima kasih sebab sudi singgah ke blog hamba yang tak seberapa ni.   : )

  28. Tu la fasal.. but i dont think we should meet especially kalau shopping.. Nanti habis saving tips ke mana sebab dua-dua suka shopping..

    CHANTING : I will save more MOney Oummmm!!! :-D

  29. Semua recipe2 itu semua yang mudah je.  Kalau kari kurma atau sup lagi syiok sebab main campak2 macam super chefs ajer :-D :-D

    Dulu tak reti masak jugak.. tapi dok merantau, tuu yang reti belajar masak.  : ) :-D :-D

    But, i dont think baking is my specialty la.. yang tuu kena buat pengecualian.. Kedai kek juga terpaksa cari  : D

  30. Aha.. InsyaALLAH sesama la kita berdoa agar jadi orang kaya.  Tak Kaya janji bebas hutang pun okay.

    Ni tengah praktise dalam minda, wang besar2x! - Apa the power of unconscious mind.. Ho ho ho..

  31. That's true, changing lifestyle to save money is indeed the way....and actually makes me more happy . My husband used to buy coffee but now I make him his coffee to take to work every morning. I also pack him lunch. We love eating outside almost all the time before , but now we lessen it to just once a month. I never buy anything at regular prices----I either buy at sale or discount or with a coupon.

  32. Rizal! now i get what u mean - <span>Recession ... Savings.... hahahahha!!</span> :-D :-D :-D

  33. wuahhh <span>great post!! </span> :) ;)

  34. i dont have time to cook and .. :-[ :-[

  35. sometimes I'll buy something and feel guilty abt spending that much :-P :-P

  36. of course u're not being stingy la! u're being practical :)

  37. love your frugal tips, Rizal! :-D :-D

    cute la lunch box itu... rm50 u say.... pricey but really nice. where u buy ah??

    i'm not a cinema person too... tunggu Astro je... will take 2-3 years but tak kisah la.. hehe

    another great PB post! 5 bintangs! :-$ :-$

  38. :) Dont be sad Mon O:-) O:-)

  39. Now you understand..  we have the same entry, at least in the same category  : ) :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  40. Thank You Mon (Bow - Like A David Beckham Gentlemen - Aha)

  41. hehehe
    mcm setting komen blog kak jie dulu2 tu
    setting eldest dok atas ke
    yg tulis dulu dok bawah
    uikk....komen box ni lain mcm je

    tapi selalu juga terbabas
    hari2 beringat, cuba control

  42. It is great to hear that "savings" has made you happy.  I am trying to bring lunch to work, not everyday but at least most of the days.

    Nowadays, when thinking about eating outside we always think twice.

    Happy Wednesday ya :-D

  43. Ha ah lunch box tu memang mahal.  Yang murah2 biasa ada tapi rizal memang nak tahan lama.  Lagi satu sebab ada 3 bekas dan boleh masuk dalam beg dia.  Siap ada insulated macam aluminium foil sebelah dalam dia - macam baju space suit angkasawan. Haha.  Boleh la tahan 3-4 jam panas.  : )

    Masa beli jenama nissan.. tu pun macam imported japang.

    Ada satu lagi beli dalam rm40 - yang tuu syiok macam thermos kecik ada 3 compartment..

    macam nessa gak - so pweety.. hehe :-D :-D :-D

  44. Salam Kak Jie,

    aha kak je, yang eldest kat atas, so kalau nak komen boleh la scroll dulu baca yang lain.

    Komen box ni Echo - bukan Disquss dan Intense Debate.  GB tak ramai yang pakai.

    Kalau nak letak gambar pun boleh. hehe

    Tuu la kadang2 terbabas jugak.  Ni pun tengah control jugak ni : )

  45. <span>What's on your mind...</span>

  46. Aiyoooo..

    i mean the so pweety - your blog la - kan nessa suka benda2 so pweety mcam dalam blog nessa..

    so macam rizal la.. i think the lunch blog tuu kira so pweety..

    hehehe.. sorry if nessa terfikir bukan-bukan.. :-D :-D my bad tulis ayat tak habis.. hehe

  47. Yep, you are right. I also now can control my desire, not to watch movies in cinema. If I can't rent them, I'll try to download them.

  48. Salam Adlan..

    Thanks for coming to my humble home here.  Hey, you ve got a great site too.

    I agree with you on watching new movies.  Easy way to save money actually.

    Happy Thursday and have a great day ya  : )

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