Salam and i wish you all a very great day everyday. Great to be able to write something again, though that "something" may just be a rambling of some sort of mumbling. Aha.

Thought of trying to do a rambling post after seeing one on Zul's Blog. I think a rambling post is a great way when you are out of ideas or time isnt on your side. Aha : D

0. I have changed to Intense Debate commenting system after much frustration with Echo that keeps messing with my blogger-synchronization. ID gives you Comment-Luv, so comment away my friends. Yes!! Problem is, in order to comment, you have to click the entry title, otherwise, on homepage, it will show zero comment. Ouch!!

0.5 I ve made changes to RestNrilekS Blogging Community. No more the Kontac form. From now on, i ll manually list the 7-list of my blogging friends. How long they will be up there? Cant be sure for now. 2 days will be the minimum.

1. I have been thinking about getting PR and Alexa Ranking out of my system (my mind actually) so that i can have a blogging conscious free feeling. Can i really? Ouch!! These few days i felt great when i didnt think much about blogging. I am trying to blog free of these 2, sort of being a smoke free person. Oooohhh!!

2. I am going to watch POP tonite at 9.50 Kuala Lumpur time, Whoaho!! and currently i am listening to Avatar end-credit soundtrack.

3. I am exhausted emotionally but at the same time feels rejuvenated physically. Office life isnt doing that great at the moment but offline life is somehow getting better. Yes!!

4. My colleague came to me yesterday and poured her heart out about her marriage life. All i could do was just listen and comfort her.

5. Lately, i have been staring at my board here (in my office room) aimlessly. Maybe i need to change the whole contents to new ones to feel inspired. Aha!!

6. My brother did this after watching "So you think you can dance" on Monday Night. I believe he has so much potential in drawing. Mind you, he does not take art as a subject in school, a self-thought person. Even, i cant draw such figure. Now, after seeing his and Kak Emila works, i believe that everyone can be what he or she wants to be as long you put your heart into it.
7. Another doodle done by me during of of those office meetings. Aha.

8. Here is another doodle done by me in one of those long-hour of meetings. My bosses are cool seeing me doodling as long i pay attention to all the details. No problem doing that, just turn my left and right brain simultaneously. Whoaho!!

9. Rattan Class of 2010 is finally over. It is indeed a great pleasure to have them as my students. Hopefully, i ll be able to post more pictures of their products in the next entry. Meanwhile, i ll just post random pics of their rattan sketches and furniture in the making. I dont expect them to know everything in the design world, especially when Handmade Rattan Crafts is considered crafts not design, but i am just happy that design awareness does take place in learning. Teaching them has been a wonderful awesome experience since i ve learned much from them. Thank you all and i wish you all the best in your future-undertakings.

"Anyaman Perabot Produk Kraf Rotan Datang lagi dengan lakaran rekaannya" . Okay, dont ask me, why out of a sudden there is a BM sentence in this entry. Haha.

Some of the rattan furniture sketches in random, not by progress.

Handmade Rattan Furniture in the Making.

10. There was a commotion among students while staying up late to finish their rattan projects. Some of them were going back as late as 4-5am in the morning trying to finish the last major projects. Do your eyes see what you mind wants you to see? Owh Nooo!! Boo Hoo ho...


That is all for now. Thans for reading RestNrilekS. Care to share any of your life stories with me. I like to know what is going on in your life too. I wish you a great day everyday, and dont forget to subscribe me, well, that is of course if you find RestNrilekS interesting.

p/s : if you like to comment, please click the entry. Comments wont show unless entry is clicked. heheee

Later Peeps!!.

Till next time.
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  1. Menarik blog ni, since I also enjoy art, perhaps I can stick more to this blog.

    1. Terima kasih. Hari tu pasang ID, lepas tu tukar layout, ID ada problem. Semua komen kira hilang. Hehe.

      Perasan juga Incik Samdaddy ke arah seni. : )


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